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BURIAL BOARD ELECT. ON FOR THE BARRY DISTRICT. VICTORY FOR THE LABOUR PARTY. The annual election in connection w'h the Barry. Cadoxton, and Mertbyr Do van United District Burial Board was held on Thursday evening I -if, and proved a c■•nplete victory for the laboii' candidates, f whole of whom, five in number, being return The retiring members were lie following :—Cadoxton—Mr B. G. Davies and .tr Edward Phillips. Merthyr Dovan-Rev J. Price and E. F. Blackmore. Barry-Rev Canon Allen. The election to fill the vacancies was con- ducted simultaneously at each place, the following being the result :-Cadoxton-Mr J. H. Jose and Mr W. Harper (both Labour candidates). Merthyr Dovan—Mr W. P. Clarke (secretary of the Trades' and Labour Council) and Mr James Price, defeating the Rev J. Price. Barry—Mr Morgan Nicholas (of the local branch of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants), the defeated candidate beins: the Rev Canon Allen. The whole of the successful candidates, with the exception of Mr J. Price, were nominees of the Trades' and Labour Council, the supporters of whora- rallied in good numbers. The Burial Board now consists of nine labour members out of a possible fifteen, and Mr John Rees, the labour member of the School and Burial Boards, is spoken of as thet^irobable chairman of the Burial Board for the ensuing year. For Merthyr Dovan parish, the Rev T. P. John and Mr J. A. Manaton were elected over- seers for the coming year and Mr Benjamin Thomas re-appointed auditor. THE CADOXTOX MEETING. The meeting for Cadoxton parish- was held at the Board School, when there was a large atten- dance, amongst those present being Dr O'Donnell. Messrs T. Thomas, C. Howe (assistant overseer), L. Y. Owen, F. Walls, Morris Jones, W. Copp, Bark- way, H. L. Jones, W. Dooley, W. Harper, A. Found, G. H. Spinks, H. Lewis, Rees Evans, J. Meredith, H. Burbidge, J. H. Jose, T. Cockram, H. Fisher, D. Clark, R. Percival. H. Saunders. J. Lovering, J. Saunders, T. Box. R. Williams. W. Dally. F. O'Neill, J. Howarth, J. Wheaton, J. Randall, T. Denning, W. Denning, J. Lee. T. Roberts, T. Logan, &c.-On the motion of Mr H. L. Jones. Mr W. Thomas (auctioneer) was voted to the chair, and Mr C. Howe (assistant overseer) read the notice convening the meeting. Dr O'Donnell and Mr Morris Jones having been appointed scrutineers, Mr W. Dooley proposed, and Mr T. Cockram seconded, that Mr J. H. Jose be elected member of the Burial Board. Mr H. Fisher moved the appointment of Mr W. Harper, and Mr G. H. Curtis seconded. The re-election of Mr B. G. Davies was proposed by Mr L. Y. Owen, and Mr Herbert Lewis seconded.-On a vote being taken, Messrs Jose and Harper were elected by a large majority, and both returned thanks.—The next business was the appointment of an auditor, and on the proposition of Mr Copp, seconded by Mr L. Y. Owen. Mr Thomas Thomas was unanimously re-elected.—Mr Howe considered a vote of thanks should be passed to Mr Thomas for the able manner in which he audited the accounts last year. This was accordingly proposed by Mr Harper, and seconded by Mr J. H. Jose, who said he was glad to see working-men taking such an interest in the accounts of the board. (Hear, hear.) — The vote was heartily received, Mr Thomas returning thanks, and the proceedinsrs closed after passing a similar compliment to the chairman. THE MERTHYR DOVAN MEETING. The meeting for Merthyr Dovan Parish was held at the Barry Board School, when there were pre- sent-Rev T. Pandy John (who was appointed chairman), Messrs William P. Clark, D. Howell, J. A. Manaton, J. Knight, B. Thomas, F. Huelin, Ivor Llewellyn Thomas, T. Henson, T. Griffiths, H. Bilson, W. Sweet, &c. The first business was the appointment of two members to sit on the Burial Board. Mr E. F. Blackmore, being now in-eligible, did not offer himself for re-election. Three can- didates were proposed, the following being the result of the voting :—Mr James Price, 13 Mr W. P. iClark, 12; Rev J. Price, 4. The two former were thereupon declared elected.—Mr J. A. Manaton was re-appointed overseer, his colleague being the Rev T. Pandy John.—Mr Benjamin Thomas was re-appointed auditor. THE BARRY MEETING. For Barry parish the vestry was held at the Church Hall, the Rector (Rev Canon Allen) presiding. For the one vacant seat on the Burial Board, Mr Morgan Nicholas was proposed by Mr M. Shepherd and seconded by Mr W. Hughes and the Rev Canon Allen, the retiring member, was proposed by Captain Murrell, and seconded by Mr T. P. Thomas, the voting, however, showing that Mr Nicholas had been duly elected.



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