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PENARTH LOCAL BOARD. The monthly meeting of the Penarth Local Board was held on Monday evening last, when there were present-Messrs T. Bevan (chairman), G. Pile. D. Morgan, E. B. Riley, H. Snell; G. Shepherd, J. Y. Strawson, II. Purnell, R. Bevan, Ivor Evans (surveyor), Dr Nell (medical officer), J; W. Morris (clerk), and Inspector Meazey. THE FINANCES OF THE BOARD. The Collector submitted his monthly statement, which showed that of the general district rate £1.103 12s lid had been collected; amount still recoverable, £2,029 17s 9d private improvements, J6244 4s 6d recoverable, £ 2,992 5s lid. MEDICAL OFFICER'S ANNUAL REPORT, The Medical Officer read his annual statement, which stated that there had been 404 births (208 males and 196 females); birth rate, 31'9. The deaths registered during the same period were 179, of these 160 occured in Penarth, 17 in Cogan, and two in Llandough death-rate 14-1. This was a satis- factory state. The zymotic disease death-rate was 2'7, a medium rate. The death-rate of in- fants was 4-0 which was rather high, the causes of death being-7 from scarlet fever, 1 diptheria, 4 enteric fever, 1 membraneous croup, 12 measles, 9 diarrhoea, 1 influenza, 9 consumption, 22 diseases of the respiratory organs, 6 heart disease, 4 accidents, 123 diseases not necessarily notified. He had received 142 Notifications under the Infectious Diseases Act, of which the 10 referred were scarlet fever. 22 enteric fever, 6 erysipelas, 2 diptheria, and 2 small-pox. The house visits paid by the inspector and himself were 125 houses disinfected, 21 notices served to abate nuisances, 38; abated without notice, 92. The inspector had paid 84 visits to sea- men from infected ports, and he had carried out his duties in a satisfactory manner. The sanitary condition of the district depended much upon the houses people lived in. He must, therefore, urge the necessity of seeing that drains to new buildings were properly constructed.—The Chairman thanked the medical officer for his able and elaborate report, which was gratifying to all. -Mr Pile and Mr Shepherd endorsed the remarks of the chairman, who also thanked Inspector Meazey for his assiduity. THE POST OFFICE PLANS. Mr D. Morgan said he had seen Mr Andrews I regarding the proposed new buildings, and told him the Board's suggestion, that he should give a strip of land opposite, so that the road might be widened. He replied that the land would not come into his possession for eighteen months, but when the time came he would consider the matter, and was prepared to meet the Board if possible. The plans for the post office were passed, but the others adjoining were referred back. THE STONE CONTRACTS.. Tenders for supplying stone were received, and ultimately it was decided to have 500 tons Dinas Powia stone, 500 tons Payne's Cornish stone, and 500 tons McKay's Penant stones. THE WINDSOR-ROAD CROSSING. A letter was read from Mr Beasley with regard to the suggestion with reference to the erection of a bridge, asking the reason why the Taff Company should be asked to contribute A500 towards the cost.-The letter was referred to the sub-committee. BARRY AND PENARTH RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ACCOMMODATION. Mr W. Mein, iecretary to the Barry Railway Company, wrote asking why the Barry Railway Company should be asked to make any alteration in the existing system when the passengers on the Barry line numbered twenty thousand per week, and those on the Taff Vale to Cadoxton so few.- It was decided that a case be prepared for the Railway Commissioners. THE TAFF VALE RAILWAY BILL. The Clerk reported that he had seen Mr Brewer with reference to the proposed bill which sought to give the Taff power over a piece of road at the railway station. The Taff Vale Company were willing for him, on behalf of the Board, to amend the clause in any way to protect the rights of the public, and he thought that would be the wisest course to adopt.-Ultimately the matter was referred to the sub-committee appointed. THE BATHS. The Surveyor's report recommending improve- ments at the baths was adopted. A petition from the Penarth Swimming Club for reduced season tickets was referred to the Baths Committee. THE BEACH INSPECTOR. It was decided to advertise for an inspector of pleasure boats and carriages at A15 for the season. —A letter from Mr J. Court, the late surveyor, was read stating that he had acted as pleasure boat inspector for four years, and thought he was entitled to 920 for so doing. (Laughter.) The meeting then terminated.