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BARRY DISTRICT SCHOOL '4 BOARD. MORAL LESSONS AT THE SCHOOLS. The monthly meeting of the Barry U.D. School Board was held on Wednesday evening last at Holton-road School, Barry Dock, present—Mr J. I Lowdon (chairman), Mr J. Rees (deputy-chairman), Dr P. J. O'Donnell, Rev J. Price. Mr B. Lewis, Mr W. H. Lewis (clerk), and Mr R. T. Rees (the clerk's deputy)- The reports of the different committees having been passed, the indentures of Miss Ellen M. Rees, pupil teacher at Barry School, were shamped with the seal of the board, and those of Miss Mary B. Mason were cancelled upon her parents leaving the district. Miss M. J. Rees, teacher at Cadoxton Infants' School, tendered her resignation, and it was understood that Mrs Lewis would continue as temporary teacher at Barry School for three weeks. and then be transferred to Cadoxton Infants' School, pending the filling up of the vacancy, the successor of Miss Rees to be advertised for, as well as applications for the vacaney at Romilly-road School. Mr T. Ewbank applied for an additional teacher for Cadoxton Boy's School, Dr O'Donnell remark- ing that the matter was an urgent one, but it was explained there was no boy in either of the schools who was anxious to become monitor.-It was resolved to provide an additional male teacher for the first standard. The caretaker of Cadoxton School (Sidney Hesk) applied to be relieved of a portion of his duties owing to his wife's breath having broken down, and it was agreed to relieve him of the infant's school work subject to a reduction of his wages by 12s per week. Mr T. Higman's application for a temporary additional teacher for Holton-road Boys' School was referred to the school management committee. TEACHING OF MORAL LESSONS AT THE SCHOOLS. The Rev J. Price introduced a deputation (con- sisting of the Revs J. Honey and T. P. John, on behalf or the Ministers' Fraternal Association. and Messrs F. Inglis and J. Phillips, for the local branch of the National Vigilance Association) which attended to urge upon the Board the desirability of adopting a system of teaching moral lessons to the children of the schools, the deputa- tion, it being pointed out, being chosen by representative meetings in connection with the organisations referred to. The gentlemen named laid before the board arguments in support of the movement, Mr Honey remarking that although the School Board was doing excellent work in the district, still the moral tone of the children was not keeping pace with the intellectual require- ments. Fifteen thousand children died annually from the effects of tight laciag, and this was one of the subjects which required attention, as well as the cruel and obscene practices frequently indulged in by boys on the Sabbath and other times. He hoped, therefore, the board would aid the moralis- ing effect of Sunday School and domestic influence.-Mr John followed in like strain and Mr Inglis observed that if the board could help to remove the disgraceful scenes on the part of children, which shocked the eye and ear of well-ordered people on the public street, they would render good service to the community. Mr Phillips having supported the views expressed, the Chairman said the School Board fully sympathised with the application of the deputation, and said they were anxious to raise as much as possible the tone of morality in the district, and to make the children as pure in thought and action as possible, Mr Lowdon adding that already the teachers, in connection with natural history lessons, impressed the children with the seriousness of cruel habits towards dumb animals. This ooncluded the public business.




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