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BARRY MALE VOICE PARTY. ANNUAL DINNER AT THE BARRY HOTEL. The members of the Barry Male Voice Party, together with a number of invited friends, to the number of about fifty, held their second annual dinner at the Barry Hotel, on Saturday evening last, when one of the most harmonious and success- ful evenings ever spent at that popular hostelry was thoroughly enjoyed, the after dinner proceed- ings taking the form of a brief, but suitable, toast list, freely interspersed with excellent musical selections rendered by the Male Voice Party in their well-known artistic style, in fact, the musical treat afforded to the company on the occasion was an exceedingly rich one for the Barry district- The chair was gracefully occupied by Mr R. Evans, the popular general manager of the Barry Railway Company, one of the patrons of the Male Voice Party, and he was supported by Dr W. Lloyd Edwards and Mr J. H. Hosgood (vice-presidents). Messrs C. Butler, D. Farr (the able conductor of the party), W. T. Llewellyn (accompanist and assistant conductor). Rees Jones, R. W. Dyer, C. Silverthorne, T. Griffiths (secretary of the party), and T. Morris, amongst the general company being Messrs J. Adams, A. J. Medcroft, Inspector Regan, J. Evans, J. T. Rees, C. W. Butler, T. Martin, Dan. Bryant, R. Morgan, J. Howells. J. Cant, J. Rees, T. David, E. Lewis, H. Jones, T. Bowen, T. Bryant, J. Jones, W. Butler, J. Butler, C. Walker, R. Stephenson, W. Durnell, S. Hopkins, S. Martin, E. Pritchard, W. Hinder, T. Morris, J. Evans, J. Hogg, T. Walters, D. Norton, B. Jones. W. Parry. Justin Parry (Penarth), J. Colyer, D. Chubb (Treforest), W. Chubb, &c. A capital dinner, prepared by Mr J. A. Davies, was partaken of by the company, and the repast having been pleasantly enjoyed, the cloth was removed, and a most enjoyable social gathering was entered upon. The Chairman read letters of apology for absence from Mr D. Roberts, the president of the Male Voice Party (who was unable to be present in con- sequence of domestic affliction), Mr D. T. Alexander (Bryneithen), Alderman J. C. Meggitt, and Captain W. B. Whall. The loyal toast having been submitted from the chair and duly honoured, Dr Lloyd Edwards proposed the toast of Success to the Trade of the District," and in doing so he said, although the district seemed at present to be passing under a cloud of depression, he was confident, with the continued development of the resources of the dock, there was still a pros- perous future in store for the Barry district. The population was mainly composed of young people, full of energy and ardent hopes, and there was no reason why Barry should not become the most model town in the United Kingdom. He would couple with the toast the name of Inspector C. Butler. (Cheers.) Song, The village blacksmith," Mr C. Silver- thorne, who also gave in kindly terms the toast of "The Secretary of the Male Voice Party," Mr T. Griffiths, who, he said, possessed the entire con- fidence of the party, and did his utmost to render his duties in a worthy and successful manner, the Chairman also supplementing the toast with the remark that much depended upon the secretary for the success of the party. (Cheers.) Mr T. Griffiths, replying, said any praise due to him was equally due to his able colleague, Mr Durnell. (Hear, hear.) The receipts of the party last year amounted to J620 6s 9d, and the expendi- ture to £20 6s, so that the balance was on the right side. (Cheers.) Song, True till death" (encored), Mr D. Farr. Mr T. Martin proposed The Treasurer (Mr A. A. Sawyer), whose absence,* the Chairman humorously explained was accounted for by the fact that he had married a wife, and therefore, could not come. (Laughter.) Warbling selection, Mr Dyer, who was heartily encored. The Chairman proposed the toast of the evening, Success to the Barry Male Voice Party," ani having indulged in most amusing references to the absence of musical excellence in Glamorgan- shire during his youthful days, Mr Evans gave an interesting account of the remarkable development of music in Great Britain during the past half- century. When he heard the Barry Male Voice Party first he was positively amazed and delighted and he had, therefore, the greatest possible pleasure in proposing a toast to their health. (Loud applause.) Referring to the conductor, Mr D. Farr, Mr Evans said he was entitled to the highest possible commendation, and the district generally owed a debt of deep gratitude to Mr Farr for the degree of talented efficiency to which the party had been brought. (Applause.) THE INFLUENCE OF MUSIC ON WELSH NATIONAL LIFE. Mr D. Farr, who was warmly received, in reply, urged the desirability of regular attendance at the practices. The Barry Male Voice Party was not a child of his, it was true, but when he came to the district it was in a languishing state, and he was asked to accept the conductorship, and, with the assistance and co-operation of the members, the party steadily improved, until by this time it had reached a most satisfactory state of proficiency. (Cheers.) Referring to Wales as a music-loving nation, Mr Farr said the people of the Principality had clung to a life of music of their own composition. They had not depended upon foreign importations, and in this way they had succeeded in preserving a truly national and patriotic character. (Cheers.) Had it not been for the new English operas and other music which continually appeared the national life of the country would, he said, long ago have been in jeopardy, and for this they had largely to thank the national Press for the valuable services rendered in the cause of music in the country, and especially in regard to the encourage- ment and development of congregational singing. In this respect healthy rivalry had been aroused, and the spirit of harmony in church life had been preserved in a state of intensity down to the time of Ieuan Gwyllt and others of the great com- posers who succeeded in thoroughly securing the high tone of congregational singing in Wales of to-day. (Applause.) He (Mr Farr) should like to see a society like the Male Voice party in Barry Dock and Cadoxton as well as Barry, and from these could be formed a good united choral society. (Cheers.) He was sorry to read in the Barry Dock News last week that most of the evening classes in the district had proved a failure especially was he sorry to find out that the music class was not a success, because a careful and com- petent training in music tended so largely to promote the higher and nobler aspects of Sunday services and home life, and was calculated to elevate the individual into a better and more useful member of society. (Loud applause). Part song, Arabella," the Barry Male Voice Party song, Anchored," Mr J. H. Hosgood part song," Haul away," the Male Voice Party song, 14 The Stowaway" (encored), Mr Justin Parry. Mr A. J. Medcroft proposed the toast of the Press, and spoke of the readiness with which the local organ, the Barry Dock News, at all times placed its columns at the disposal of all institu- tions in the district calculated to promote the well-being of the district. (Cheers.) Mr J. R. Llewellyn, editor of the Barry Dock News, in responding, expressed a hope that the Barry Male Voiee Party, although they retained from Caerphilly Eisteddfod last year second victors as The Pilgrims," would this year return with a laurel of complete triumph to Barry. (Applause.) Song, Rocked in the cradle of the deep," Mr J. Evans, who scored most decidedly in this his maiden appearanceasasolosinger; song," Norah, tho village queen," Mr D. Bryant; part song, The martyrs." the Male Voice Party song, Alice Grey," Mr T. Morris comic song, The Showman," Mr J. H. Hosgood piano solo, The Fisherman," Mr W. T. Llewellyn, the accomplished accompanist of the musical selections during the evening. Song, Remember me," Mr J. Hogg song," Kathleen," Mr J. Adams. Mr D. Farr proposed, and Mr C. Silverthorne seconded, a most enthusiastic Ýote of thanks to the chairman for presiding, and the other gentlemen visitors for their presence on the occasion, the vote being received with musical honours, Mr Evans responding in the same harmonious strain which distinguished his conduct in the chair during the evening, adding a hope that the Male Voice Party would be successful in carrying off the prize at the eisteddfod of his native place this year. (Ap- plause.) The gathering then broke up amid the enervating strains of the Cymric national anthem, Hen wlad fy nhadau." SYMPATHY WITH THE PRESIDENT. A vote of warm sympathy with the president of the party, Mr D. Roberts (referred to in another column), was also passed.