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BARRY AND DISTRICT TRADES' COUNCIL. SECOND ANNUAL MEETING. STILL PROGRESSING. The second annual meeting of the Barry and District Trades' Council was held at the Victoria Hotel, Holton-road, Barry Dock, on Friday-last. As it was the first meeting of the new delegates the attendance was unusually large, the retiring members being also present. A CREDITABLE RECORD. After the routine business had been disposed of, the attendance of members during the past year was submitted to the meeting, and the record showed, with few exceptions, that the members- had attended in a very creditable manner. EVERYTHING- CORRECT. Messrs. T. S. Thomas and Ivor Thomas (the two auditors) presented their report, and expressed themselves highly pleased with the manner in which the accounts had been kept; in fact they were as explicit as they were exhaustive. Though the secretarial work of the Council had for the past two years been gratuitously performed, no more care and attention could have been bestowed on it had the position of secretary been a most lucrative one. OLD FAMILIAR FACES GONE. Among the retiring members were Mr. J. Bees (secretary). Mr. T. Thomas (assistant secretary). Mr. J. Lovering (tyler), Mr. T. Henson (Plasterers Society), and Mr. R. Dunsford (Carpenters' Society). Universal regret was expressed at the loss the Council would sustain by the withdrawal of two such able and attentive officers as the secretary and his assistant. THE NEW COUNCIL. As no branch meetings had been held, all the new delegates were not able to produce their credentials, but the new Council will be mainly composed of the following :—Carriage Builders' and Wagon Makers', Mt. Griffiths: Plasterers' Messrs. W. Copp and J. Marsh Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, Messrs. T. S. Thomas and F. Walls; Typographical Section, Messrs. Ivor Thomas and W. Clarke General Union of Carpenters and Joiners, Messrs. Joseph Robbins and Thomas Johnson Operative Stone Masons', Messrs. H. S. Rendell and Walter Fookes Seamen and Firemen's', Messrs. J. Harrison and J. H. Morris; and Smiths-Hammermen Society, Mr. Murray. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The election of officers for the ensuing year was next held, the voting- being as follows :—" President—Mr. T. fcj. Thomas, 9 Mr. James Harrison, Vice-president—Mr. F. Wall, S; Mr. J. H. Morris, 5. Secretary—Mr, Ivor Thomas, 9; Mr. James Harrison, 3. The first-named in each case was elected to the office. Mr. Harper and Mr. H. S. Rendell were nomi- nated for the position of assistant-secretary, but as the former expressed a desire to withdraw, Mr. Rendell was declared elected. Tyler—Mr. J. H. Morris. Treasurer—Mr. J. Robbins. Trustees-Messrs. W. Copp and W. Clarke. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. The question of appointing an Executive Council was deferred until the next meeting. ME. REES WISHED TO KNOW. Mr. J. Rees (Vice-chairman of the School Board) having severed his connection with the Council, wished to know whether he would have to continue to bring to that body his report on the work of the School Board. The question was fully discussed, and eventually it was decided that Mr. Rees should attend the Council whenever he deemed it advisable to have the guidance of that body as to how he should vote on matters relating to labour. In the past Mr. Rees has been paid for loss of time in attend- ing the School Board meetings, and while it was considered that he should be paid in the future, it was deemed advisable to defer that question until the next meeting. General satisfaction was expressed at the man- ner with the Labour member on the School Board has carried out his duties. UNITY IS STRENGTH. As the Docker's Society, although not a, branch, would still continue to be a section, the Council instructed the secretary to write to the Dockers advising them to endeavour to continue their representative on the Council. OBSERVER AND TRADE UNIONIST." It was reported that a circular recently dis-' tributed by the Council to the various lodges affiliated to that body had drawn forth replies condemning in the most emphatic manner the sentiments expressed by Observer" respecting the Council. The lodges also declared that none of their members had written "Observer" or "Trade Unionist's notes, and therefore the con- tention of the latter party that he was a member of the Council were considered to be false and groundless. Two members endeavoured to prevail upon the Council to apologise for having accused a certain member of being the writer of ''Observer's" and Trade Unionists notes, but that body took no action in the matter. THE ENGINEERS REFUSE TO COME BACK TO THE FOLD. Some time ago the Council decided to appeal to, amongst others, the engineer's society to again join that body. The following reply was now read :— Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Barry Dock Branch, June 5th, 1893. Dear Sir,- Replying to your favour of the 10th ult., re our branch re-joining the Barry Trades Council, I beg to inform you ithat I. called a special summons meeting on June 5t11, to consider the advisability becoming affiliated with you again, and am sorry to inform you that very few of our members attended, and those who did attend were very much against the way you are carry- ing on the business of your Trades' Council at present, so it was decided not to rajoin the Council at present. I may state that the ques- tion will very likely be discussed again at some future date, and I will notify you if such will be the case. I remain, Yours faithfully, HENRY FOLEY, Mr. J. Rees. Secretary A.S.E. CHEAP WORKMEN'S TICKETS. A report concerning this question will be found in another column.


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