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ALLEGED INDECENT ASSAULT ON CHILDREN. THE ACCUSED COMMITTED FOR TRIAL. At the Barry Dock Police Court on Thursday (before Mr. O. H. Jones and General Lee), William John Hire, a middle-aged seaman, was charged with indeeently assaulting Annie Furiantyne, a little girl aged seven years, the daughter of Samuel Furiantyne, 7, Hunter-street, Cadoxton. Mr. Donald McLean, Cardiff, prosecuted on behalf of the National Vigilance Society. The child's mother, Mary Catherine Furiantyne, deposed that she was the wife of Samuel Furiantyne. On Sunday, the 21st, prisoner came and asked to lodge with them. Her daughter Annie, aged seven years, was playing in the back- yard. Prisoner went out into the backyard. After a time, missing her daughter, she looked about for her. She went into the backyard, and prisoner came out of the w.c. and ran away. Her daughter came out of the w.c. just afterwards crying, and told her of the affair. She cried out, Thomas Burns came over, and she told what had occurred, and he ran after and stopped prisoner. Thomas Laurence Burns, of 29, Holmes-street, Cadoxton, boarding-house keeper, said on Sunday, the 21st inst., at twenty minutes to two, he went into the backyard of his house. From that place he could see the complainant's backyard, and the w.c. He noticed prisoner go in, and he stayed there about twenty-five minutes. When he came out prisoner's clothes were disarranged, and he ran out of the backyard. He saw the little girl come out of the w.c. afterwards crying. He heard the mother cry out, and he then went and asked what was the matter. In consequence of what she told him he ran after prisoner and caught him in Lower Hunter-street. On the way to the Police- station, where witness told him he would have to go on a charge of attempted indecent assault, pri- soner said," The case is bad enough now; don't make it no worse." Dr. Edward Treharne deposed that he examined the child on Sunday at about three o'clock. He could not find traces of any violence, or anything to lead him to think such an assault had been com- mitted. He examined her again on Monday, but could find no traces of violence. Police-sergeant Ben Davies deposed that defen- dant was brought to the Police-station at about two o'clock. At five o'clock he took him to the Central Police-station, and charged him. Defen- dant replied, All right." The little girl, Annie Furiantyne. said on Sun- day afternoon she was playing, when defendant came out into the back yard, and asked her name. She told him, and he told her to come into the w.c. She refused, and he pulled her in, and committed the alleged offence. Prisoner said he had had a large quantity of drink, and would leave the matter in the hands of the Bench. The Bench committed prisoner to take his trial at the next quarter sessions. ANOTHER CASE. Adolf Gable, an Argentine seaman, was charged with indecently assaulting Florence Olive Samuels, aged 8 years, daughter of E. Samuels, gamekeeper, Colcott, Merthyr Dovan, on the 19th inst. Mr. MacLean also prosecuted in this case. Florence Olive Samuels, daughter of Edward Samuels, gamekeeper, of Calcott, Merthyr Dovan, said on Saturday morning last week she was playing with her little brother at the back of her father's house between nine and ten. There was a footpath at the back of the hosue, and she saw prisoner coming near the stile. He spoke to her and patted her under the chin, and acted in- decently. He also kissed her. She told him to let her go, as she wanted to go and have her break- fast. He replied there was plenty of time for her to have her breakfast. He then took her on his lap and held her there. Mr. and Mrs. Samuels, Joseph Gardner, and Inspector Rees gave evidence. Defendant denied the charge. The Bench committed prisoner to take his trial at the next Quarter Sessions.