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(A NEW LINER IN BAMY j DOGE A MAGNIFICENT VESSEL. During the past few days much interest has been created at Barry Dock by a magnificent newly- built liner. u The Gaul," which was built by Messrs. Harlard, Wolffe and Co., of Belfast, the recognised possessors of the finest shipbuilding business in the, world, for the Union Steamship Company, of Southampton. The vessel, after a very successful run from Belfast put in at Barry on Sunday aft-ernoon and docked the following morning, to take in 2,700 tons of bunker coal. On Tuesday a number of pressmen and a Star man visited the ship, and with great courtesy were shown over, and by the kindly master,. Captain Tyoche. Mr. Lungley (the superintendent oi' the steamship Co.), Mr. DN Santoy (chief engineer), Captain Thompson (the local coaling superintendent of the Company for Cardiff and Barrv), and Mr. Mullan (the representative of Messrs. Harland and Wolffe. In well-fitted captain's cabin on the sun deck, the party were informed that the vessel was 412ft. long, 47ft. ben,iii, and 31ft. deep. THE VESSEL IS FITTED UP WTTI: EVERY MOBLBN IMPHOVEMEXT, replete with every comfort, and every attention has been paid to the ventilation and sanitary condition throughout. The Gaul is fitted right throughout with the electric light, and I;, arranged to accommodate 50 first-elas3 passengers, 00 second-class passengers, and -60 third-class cabin passengc#s, and about a thousand steerage, passengers. Although built with special atten- tion to the conveyance of passengers, the vessel possesses ample. storage holds-, u.nd a special cham- ber has been built to convey,, fruit from South Afri :a to Southampton, between which place;. "The Gaul" will run. The owners have doue'this on account of the growing trade in.colonial fruit, which they naturally think, with most other people, is yet in its infancy, and will increase to a. very large extent. Below. the sun deck, in addition to conjoining fixe captain's quarters. provided ion- for the ten fine boats belonging to, the ship. These boats, by a very ingenious arrangement sanctioned by the Board of Trade, are so fixed that should necessity arise, in a few seconds of time, could be launched at far less danger and trouble than by the old and general praccice. By thus placing the boats on the Sundeck, the whole of tne promenade deck is available for the use of passengers. THE VESSEL 1,3 M'ILT ON THE CELI.tT,A R PRINCIPLE, and is capable of holding, if necessary, a thousand tons of water ballast from end to end. The two engines of 2.500 horse power indicates up to 180 pounds of steam, and by an ingenious arrangement the whole of the ship is heated by steam. On the promenade deck is the entrance oy a very handsomely carved and massive stair- case to the nrstclass dining saloon, capable of seating 50 persons, a very handsome apMtment. The walls are pannelled in light- oak. lighted by a number of windows and from aloft', whilst the ceiling is composed of white traced wood touched with gold, the floor being of raarcueterial wood. A handsome sideboard, with marble top, a fine tone piano, and chairs and table complete the fittings of tie saloon, adjoin;'ng is the first-class bar, and n^ar'at hand is the smoking saloon. The smoking saloon is decorated sirnjiarlv to the dining saloon, and a number of inviting"- looking lounges are placed around.t'je whole length of the room. The first class bedrooms are very convenient, furnished with every requisite, and the bathrooms and lavatories are without doubt unsur- passed by any possessed by other intermediate vessels of the same class. Ranging along are the 2nd and 3rd class rooms, also very, airy and comfor- table, and below are the freezing chambers with a. temperature of 25 degrees before freezing, vegetable room at 40 degrees, and a fruit room ar. 48 degrees. Indeed, right throughout THE SHIP HAS BEEN, FITTED- I7P KEGARDLESS or EXPENSE, and it would not ba at all over-stepping the mark to assert that she is one of the best of her class afloat. The ofBcers of the ship are :—Master, Captain Tyocke chief officer, Mr. Kennedy second officer, Mr. Thacker third, Mr. Butler fourth, Mr. O'Brien; medical officer, Dr. De Burg. Messrs. Harland' and Wolfe are building two other vessels for the Union Steamship Co., one of which will call a.t Barry in a month's time. and another at a later period. Before leaving the vessel Captain Tyocke entertained the Press party at luncheon, there being also present Captain Thompson, Mr. Dn Santoy. Mr. Lungley, and Mr. Milliard. The party afterwards left, much pleased with their visit.