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AROlTND PENARTH. I ¡ DEATH OF MES. W. R. PARKER, PENARTH. j We regret to announce the death of Mrs. W. I P.. Parker, wife of Mr. W, R. Packer, contractor. Penarth, which took place on Friday under paiu- tni circumstances. Mrs. Parker had been in ill- health for some time, and had undergone an I operation for cancer in the breast, which, it is stated, was caused by an accidental blow with a tennis ball about two years ago. On Friday morn- ing she drove out to Radyr on a visit to Mrs. H. 0. Fisher, and was taken suddenly ill. Every- thing that was possible was done, but Mrs. Parker became worse and died during-the evening. The body was removed to Plymouth-road, Penarth, on Saturday night. Much sympathy is felt with Mr. Parker in his sad bereavement. The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon at Penarth Churchyard. The funeral cortege left the deceased's residence in Plymouth-road at two o'clock. The coffin, which was of polished oak, with heavy brass mountings,bore the inscription Charlotte Augusta Parker, died April 29. 1893, aged 46 years," and was borne in Messrs. Andrews and Son's Clarence funeral car, and the coffin and and Son's Clarence funeral car, and the coffin and interior of the car were covered with beautiful wreaths ?enb by the following relatives and friends —Mr. and Miss Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Wit- liains, Col. and Mrg. H. 0. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Heywocd, Mrs. Shirley,. Mrs. Whitely, Mr. and Mrs, ..Llewellyn Wood. Dr. and Mrs. Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbert, Mr. T. Young, Captain and t- Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Iiascelles Oétrr, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Ware, Mr. and Mrs..Westyr Evans, Mr. and Mrs. H. G-. Lorange, Mrs. James--Ed wards and family, Mr. and Mrs. D. I, Flack, Mr. and Mrs. Purnell, the Primrose I League, Penarth, the foreman of the Ystrady- i'odwg Main Sawec Works, the staff of the Ystradyfodwg .Main Sewer Works, the Penarth Conservative Association, Mr. and Mrs. King- don, Mr. and Mrs. H. Adye, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cay. The mourners weie Mr. W. R. Parker and Mr. and Miss Baker and friends. Among -tho%e present were — Mr. Adye, Mr. Cachbert Young. Mr. Charles Hey wood,- Mr, Morgan Williams, Mr. II. O. Fisher, Mr. Alfred Taverner, Captain G. Dalziel, Mr. Turberville Jenkyn. Messrs, J. and G. Edwards, Mr. James Court, Mr. Lorasage, and a large number of gentle- men connected with the Primrose League and Conservative Association. The Rev. W. Sweet- Escott, rector of Penarth, conducted the funeral eeremony. The femeral arrangement were carried out by Messrs. S. Andrews and Sons, undertakers, Working-street. Cardiff. THE J. P. JOKES MEMORIAL FUND. A meeting of the memtiers of the committee of the fund which is feeing raised to the memory of the late Mr. J. P. Jones was held in the Grand Jury-room, Town-hall, on Tt-esday night, under the chairmanship of Sir. Jo<#iam. A sum of up- wards of £ 500 was reported;is having been sab- scribed, although a la-rge mi whet of cGlleciirig books had not come to.s.a.o.d. THE BOAT CLUB. Mr. George S. Spray, tfee well- known Cardiff, has consented to join t he Penarth Boat Club and to prominently exert hit wself to promote the success of the organisation during the coming season. Mr. Spray is the helder of' the junior and senior championship in connection with the Lon- don Rowing Club. Tili" is, we understand, a somewhat unique position, hcifrd by no-1 <»fcher gentle- man for a great number of f cars. 08 Saturday afternoon A COAT RACE took place :1t Penarth. the comae sel *oMa being once round the middle pool, west buoy. pud mark boat off the club-house. The following competed Edith (Mr. Ashford), Puffin (Mr. Arthur Sees"), Mab (Captain .T.hcmas), Oofbird- (Mr. H. Batch&Ior), and Yumyuia-.@Mr. Vidlacofct) Mr. II. Mason officiated as umpire, and a capital start was effects. The race was *ery on e-sided. the Edith coming in an easy winner nearly half an hour before the others.. Then the Oofbird, Puffin..Mab, and Yumyum. THE WRECKED YACHT. The yacht hailing if rom Cardiff. which#ande*ed the preceding Saturday off the Ranuey patch, bag not yet been raised, althoug-h severar attempts were made last week. On Saturday was successfully swept. imt the rope broke. Boms of her gear, however, has vlaeti saved. ACTION AGAINST A^ENARTH CHEMIST. At Cardiff County-eourc His Honour Madge Owen gave judgment in the interpleader actions heard by him previously. iihe parties were Messrs. Meggison and Company, chemists, Finsbury Ciro&g. London, and Messrs. Fox and Company, chemists, Bristol, against Mr. W. G. John, chemist, Penartb", and Mr. Ilenry Arkell, boot manufacturer, the claimant. It was stated tlift the plaintiffs had issued executions in respect of -the value of goods supplied to Mi-. John, but Mr. Arkell claimed Mr. John's effects ender a bill of sale.—Mr. Ivor Vachell appeared for the execution creditors, and Mr. Belcher for claimant.—His Honour gave judgment in favour of Mr. Arkell, and directed that the execution creditors shouldf &y the costs of the case. LOCAL BOARD.; This body held an adjourned meeting on Monday night, Mr. T. Bevan presiding. Twenty-four applications were received for the post of steam- roller driver, at a weekly wage of 32s. ed. Mr. .Tames Padfield being ultimately appointed.—-A !etter was read from Mr. Boyer, impugning the honesty of the bakers of Penarth, complaining that the loaves of bread taken round to the in- habitants were so light that they weighed only 14 ounces to the pound. He asked the Board to take measures of prosecuting the offenders.—Mr. Bevan explained it was out of the province to take cognizance of the matter beyond reporting it to Inspector Rutter, which the clerk, Mr. J. W. Morris, promised to do. A HEARTLESS HUSBAND. A woman, named Ellen Annie Buckland, the mother of eight children, living at 6, Morriston, Penarth, on Monday applied for a warrant at Penarth Police-court (before Colonel Guthrie) against her husband, William Henry Buckland, for desertion and cruelty.—Mrs. Buckland said she had seven children dependent upon her for sapport, her husband having deserted her, and left them completely destitute. He also many times abused her.-A warrant was granted. TRADE AT THE DOCKS. At Penarth "the average last week was fully maintained, the quantity of coal placed on board during the six days ended Friday morning being 42.597 tons, and the vessels in dock numbered 15. .Li Lg-l A-I-



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