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B o P, w 1 BAKIXG POWDER. Pure and Whole- some. BORWICK'S BAKIXG POWDEH. Entirely free from alum. BORWICK'S BAKING POWDKR. Largest Sale in the- world. BoinvrcK's BAKING POWDEK. Best that money I can buy. I °T° FGLLICK. °T° ——— Now has a, Complete Stock of New MOLESKINS AID C0&DUBGYS I SUITABLE FOR ALL CLASSES OP TRADES- MEN AND LABOURERS. Ifollick, 1-143,- HOLTON ROAD. BARRY DOCK, I ALSO 40 & 41, BRIDGE-STREET. CARDIFF. WEDDING RINGS. 5iu, 7?-> fit., 11 s 13; 1* 21 KEEPER 12, I Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. I Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. i E v Bitters. I Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. This preparation is a Purely Vegetable Remedy and is everywhere acknowledged to be the Best Tonic known and a specific for all SPRING AILMENTS, As it invigorates the system by bracing the nerves,, purifying the blood, improving the appetite, ami infusing new life and strength to those parts of the body which have been weakened by disease or any other cause. It is guaranteed to be entirely FREE FROM MERCERY OR IriON, or any poisonous subst-auco. Being entirely vege- table it ca.nnot prove injurious to the most delicate persons, while its remarkable terns- properties com- mend it to all who suffer from any hind of weak- ness. Gwilym Evans' Quinine ] iitters. G wilym Evans' Quinine Bitters.. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Each table-spoonful of these Bitters contains a full dose of Quinine, and a suitable quantity of the active principles of the following well-known medicinal herbs :—tearsaparilhi, Gentian, Burdock, Satrron. Lavender, and Dandelion, combined in most happy proportions, and concentrated in a pure state, as well as being scientifically prepared to be suitable to all ages, at all seasons of the year, and forming a Tonic Bitters positively unequalled. It is unanimously recommended by all who have tried it for aU symptoms of NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, LIVER DISORDERS. CHEST AFFECTIONS,. And all kinds of WEAKNESS. Hundre-'ls- of Testimonials are received* yearly, testifying to its great efficacy iu the above Ailments and its superiority over all other remedies. WEAKNESS.. NERVOUSNESS. GIDDINESS. INDIGESTION, G<\VILYMEYA8:( BITTERS. For all Symptoms of Indigestion, Use G wilyni Evans' Bitters. For Debility in every Form. Use Gwilvm Evans' Quinine Bitters. For Liver Complaints, Use G wilym Evans' Bitters. For Nervoumess and Weakness, Use Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. For Depression of Spirits, Use Gwilym Evans' Bitters. GWILYM EVA^S5 BITTERS. THE BEST REMEDY (}iF THE AGE. FRAUDULENT COUNTER FEITS. We are particularly anxious to cantion the public against the attempts offsome members of the Trade to pass substitutes.. or even- counterfeits, of our preparation. Ask plainly for GWILYM EVAXS' QCININE BITTERS, and. see that the name G WILYM EVANS is on the label, stamp, and bottle. Every bottle sent out of the laboratory i" prepared according to his recipe aad under his direct managemen t. Sold.by all Chsmist in Vs. l id., 2s. \k\ and 4s. Gd. Bottles, or direct from the Proprietors, carriage paid, by Parcels Post. QUININE BITTERS. CO., LLANELLY. American DepotMr. D. R. Wir.r.-i.uis. Pharmacist. Plymouth. Penn. AT ALL LIBRARIES. CURTIS YORKE'S POPULAR HOVELS. NEW tIXtFORM Edition, Now HLillY. Crown Cloth, Sj&eaeh L TTTTSH 5 By Coras YOBEE. 2nd Edition. "A remarkable novo), and from every point of view superior to the carrcnt fiction of the day."—Storning Post. 1 \UDLEY. By Curtis YOKKE. 2nd:Edition. -L' it is soaae time since such a fresh, pleasant boik haa come under crnr EOtice as Dudley.' "—AViiiteliali Review. WILD RUTHYENS. By Coins YOBEE. 2nd Edition. "An enchanting work thu story runs 0110 with happy blithesome tread to the end, 'vrhioii is readied all too S' on."—St. Stephen's Review. rr»HAT LITTLE GIRL. By CUETK YOBKE. 4th I Edition. A very charming and well-^Titten story."— Queen. f THE BROWN PORTMANTEAU, ANI> J OTHER STORIES. By CURTIS YOBSE. The stories are all interesting, and the volume is sura,of a welcomc."— Literary World. ONCE. An entirely New Work. By Cruris O YURKE. A work of uncommon power and interest Distinctly au exceptional ax>vel.—Newcastle Daily Leader. A ROMANCE OF MODERN LONDON. 2nd A and Cheap dition. [Now Beady.l .By CURTIS Y^RE*. "Entertaining and interesting; a book which is a thorough recreation to read."—Manchester Examiner. London JARROLD & SONS, 3, Paternoster Buildings, E.C. S. COOKS-LEY, 31ANOR PARI DAISY," BARRY". AVl}. Thompson Street, BAB EI HOCK. PURVEYOR OF ALL lIIGII- CLASS DAIRY PRODUCE. 'BU" '■ Pi'S&ijX VK«Bi*Bi.Js,l>-tfeet5}- l-ia-rtclMS. W2e»a*d»>ce (rota tw o io>Svc week: !M'.)s ^its ri-iversio) *j[-. j. f by Clwmiste. SK- # Medicira? C 1| .AJES-.KOW Oxford-afreet. J London, W.g. r HABRY WIXSTONE, .T0 I OJ; SILVERSJITH, Dealer in Works of Art, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF OLD G 0 L D A XD S I L V E R BOUGH T 1 am. prepared to y .for < n l; any of tbe fr-llow irj-g Antique Silvar and Plate, Old Cliina, Coins* Cut-(Jlass, Battersea Enamel Boxes, ko.. S c. TTay. insr a large cotmesfcion amongst colle.Mr. See.. 1 am prepared to pay -iae highest price* for the above. LLOYD?, LIMITED. CAKMN\ r2lQ: L +" I BEDSTEADS L MATTRESSES!! BEDDING! fe-pvaatWHOLESALE PRICES direct from tbo Manufacturer. L Gsbx^ips.a.ige Paid. [ iVrttc u.r Tilii&iraic-l L;°i i;) I AKTHgB PALS, 62. Church St.. Birmingham .l.