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GRAND HISTRIONIC PERFORMANCE AT THE CADOXTON THEATRE. On Wednesday evening the Barry Garrick Histrionic Society gave their first performance. Notwithstanding the various other important en- gagements of the evening, including the Chamber of Trade meeting, there was an unusually large and representative gathering. Those present in- cluded the Rev. J. Morris (rector), Mr. Augustus Alderson, Dr. and Mrs. Treharne, Mrs. Richard Robinson, Mrs. Thomas and the Misses Thomas (The Cog), the Rev. LI. and Mrs. Williams, Miss Edmonds, Misses Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, Dr. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Jones (the Bank). Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Johnson, Miss Owen, Captain and Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Dyer, Mrs. C. Lewis, Misses Small (The Court), Miss Williams,. Dr. Sixsmith. Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Willett, Mr. Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Mr. William Thomas (The Hayes), Mr. Solomon Barnett. Mrs. Polkinghorne, Mr. John Jones, Tuff Vale Railway, Miss Holmes, Mr. L. Y. Owen, Mr. Alf Owen, Miss Gregor. Miss Lewis, Miss Summers, Miss Davis, Mrs. and Misses Williams (Tynewydd), Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morgan, the Misses Morris, Mr. Rees Morris, Mr. W. J. Dowding, Mrs. Jones (The Bristol House), Misses Williams (Graving Dock-street), Mr. T. C. Thomas, Mr. Greener, Mr. L. Llewellyn, Miss Llewellyn. Miss Fleming, Miss Morgan, Miss Merriman, Miss Meredith, Mrs. Dickson (the Post-office), Mrs. Capt. Jones, Mr. Chappell, Mr. Fred Chappell, Mr. A. Meredith, Mrs. Dickson (the Post-office), Mrs. Capt. Jones, Mr. Chappell, Mr. Fred Chappell, Mr. A. Chappell, Mr. W. Greenwood, Miss Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. and Miss Dure, Mr. Benjamin Summers, Mr. Cutter, Mr. W. Burroughs (Thomp- son-street), Mr. and Mrs. Spickett, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Davies, Mr. and Miss Lewis (Barry-road), Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. A. Morgan, Mr. Treharne Rees, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Mr. Ewbank, Mr. W. Llewellyn, Mr. and IIirs. Herbert T. Jones. &c. One of the objects of the' formation of the Garrick Society was the per- formance of Shakespearian plays, and the Society wisely commenced with the TRIAL SCESM. THE "MERCHANT OP VENTIOE. It was feared by some persons that- the Society It was feared by some persons that- the Society had been a little too ambitious in attempting such a difficulty piece, bat after the splendid success the Society scored oh Wednesday evening nothing further on that point need be said. Shakespeare's plays are so well known to our reader that it is needless for us to repeat the story of The Trial Scene." Mr. Willett made a taking Shylock. His creation of the usurious old Jew was a most excellent one, his conception of the character rivaling Osmond Tearle's performance at Cardiff. Mrs. Owen Lewis, as Portia, carried the I sympathies-and interest of the audience with her. Her rendition of the young lawyer's part left nothing to be desired, and the Garrick Society are indeed fortunate in possessing a lady member with so much histrionic skill. Of Mr. W. H. Taylor, Antonio, not many words will be needed, as he has already created a name for himself in the district as an actor of more than usual ability, and his playing on this occasion was quite equal to anything he has done in this neighbourhood before. Mr. D. W. Howell through much feelinar into his conception of Bassanio, Antonio's friend, whilst Mr. Owen Lewis, as Gratiano, was indeed excellent. Hi* taunts to Shylock amused the audience exceedingly, and his acting left nothing to be desired. Mr. B. G. Davies made a very dignified Duke, and Miss S. Evans a very demure Nerissa. The costumes, supplied by Mr. F. Burkenshaw, Liver- pool, were very rich ones, and added much colour and gorgeousness to the scene in the Hall of Judg- ment. Very seldom is it that such a good per- formance of Shakespeare's "Trial Scene," is performed by an amateur society,and the Garrick" deserves all credit for being the first local society to produce it here. The full cast was as follows Shylock, the J e'w .Mr. Geo. Willett Antonio, the Merchant Mr. W. Henry Taylor Bassanio. his Friend.Mr. D. W. Howell Gratiano } T? • e .• k Mr. Owen Lewis Salanio 1 1 Mr. F. W. Cornish Salarino f 11 j Mr. B. T. Pomeroy Duke of Venice .Mr. B. G. Davies Nerissa Miss S. Evans Portia Mrs. Owen Lewis After an interlude, the very amusing farcical comedy, MY WIFE'S MAID (by Mr. Thomas J. Williams) was performed. The story of the comedy is briefly :—Mr. Lysimachus Tootles, a sentimental young man, meets Barbara Perkins, a maidservant with feelings above her station, in Battersea Park. Barbara has dressed in her mistress's lavender silk, with 17 flounces, as a r gipsy had told her that she would meet a noble youth, an M.P., whom the fates had declared she should marry, and to be on a par with the youth she calls herself Evelina Mountpaddington, and boasts to Tootles of a long line of Norman ancestors. Tootles, ashamed of his patronymic, passes himself off as De Ravensbourne, Before they part, Tootles steals Miss Barbara's handkerchief, and also a ribbon, which has detached itself from the dress. They part. with an understanding to meet at the the theatre, but on the evening arranged Tootles, senior, another poetical gentleman, writes from Sunhurnham, requesting Tootles to meet at Mrs. Whifiileton's house, at a dinner party, where he would meet his future bride. Tootles, junior, unwillingly com- plies, and at Mrs. Whifiileton's confides the story of his love and disappointment to Captain Crack- thorpe Cruncher, and shows him the handkerchief and ribbon, which the Captain takes from him. Captain Cruncher is the possessor of a handsome wife, of whom he is exceedingly jealous, and he is much put out by her refusal to attend the dinner party. Barbara Perkins, servant to Captain Cruncher, loaned to Mrs. Whiffleton, comes in, and announces dinner, and, with horror and astonish- ment, Tootles. junior, beholds his Evelina Mount- paddington, arrayed in a calico apron. Captain Cruncher, meanwhile, discovers that the hand- herchief and ribbon belong to his wife, and at once comes to the conclusion that his wife has been carrying on a flirtation with Tootles, jun. After a time the party manage to arrive at an understand- ing, and the piece closes happily. The piece is full of amusing situations, and from the commence- ment to the end the audience were kept in continual laughter. Mr. Willett, as Mr. Tootles, senr., out-did himself, never bad he beeu seen in better form, and his comicalities did much to make the success of the piece. His every movement was the signal for renewed merriment, and in the opinion of all he was a perfect embodiment of what Old Tootles should be. His son, Lysimachus. Mr. W. Henry Taylor also was excellent. Miss S. Evans made a model Barbara Perkins. and not a flaw or a single fault coufti be found in her acting. Mrs. Whiffleton, the lady at whose house the dinner took place was well impersonated by Miss Parsons, whilst Miss Edith Thomas very ably acted the part of Lueinda, her daughter, young Tootles' fiancee. Mr. B. T. Pomeroy played the part of Captain Cruncher, the jealous husband, very creditably. Master Bernard Ball caused much amusement as the cheeky page boy. The scene of the piece was laid in Mrs. Whiffleton's drawing-room, a most tastefully got up apartment. The following is the cast:— Mr. Lysimachus Tootles, a Sentiment Young N Man, with Romantic Tendencies, Mr. W. Henry Taylor ,Mr, Tootles, Senior Mr. George Willett Ctpt. Crackthorpe Cruncher Mr. C. T. Pomeroy Master Sprouts, Greengrocer's boy hired out as a Page Master B. W. Ball Mrs. Whiffleton .t.Miss Parsons Lucinda, her daughter Miss Edith Thomas Barbara Perkins, a Maid Servant, with feelings above her station .Miss S. Evans The both pieces were played remarkably well, and much credit must be given to the stage manager, Mr. W. H. Taylor. for the able manner in which he had prapared the players. The Barry String Band, under the conductor- I ship of Mr. Alf Rees. kindly supplied the orchestral music, and the following being the programme :— 1 14 Le Diadem" (Overture) 2 I Nautch Dance" 3 Eldorado Walta 1 Turkish Cavalry March 5 Love's Old Sweet Song "-(Waltz) Cornet solo by Mr. J. Cload. by special request, 6 God Save the Queen." Mr. W. Lewis Thomas, acting manager and treasurer, assisted by Mr. R. Illingworth, Mr. Elias, Mr. Williams, Mr. Morgan, and Mr. Jones ushered the audience to their places, and attended to their comforts, whilst Mr. Tom Ward efficiently managed the pay office. The proceeds, after defraying expenses will be handed over to the fund for the sufFciers by the recent colliery disaster at Pontypridd. The balance-sheet will be audited by several indepen- dent gentlemen, and published shortly.