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LOCAL NOTES. THE. ASSAULT ON A BARRY DOCK SCHOOL TEACHER. Parents must understand that they cannot do what they like with school teachers, even though they imagine that their children have been ill- treated. The decision of the magistrates at the Barry Dock Police Court should teach those who think of assaulting teachers a lesson. From the facts brought to light before the magis- trates, it appears that the daughter of a Mrs. Lee left the Holton Schools as usual, but when she reached home it was found that she had a black eye. The mother, in an excited condition, at once proceeded to the schools, and accused Miss Law, one of the teachers, of having assaulted the child. Not content with abusing the teacher, the mother is said to have handled Miss Law somewhat roughly, although the teacher protested that she had not touched the child. The teacher was corroborated in her evidence, and the only excuse the mother of the child oH'brcd was that she was excited, and thought the teacher had assaulted her little girl. We think the magistrates acted very leniently in only fining the defendant 5s. The teachers serving in our public elementary schools have enough to put up with without being assaulted outside the school by angry parents. They are public servants, and must be protected. We should strongly advise all parents who think they have cause for complaint against any teachers to lay their case before the School Board, who, we feel confident, will see that justice is done on every hand. If parents do not desire this course, they should take their case before the magistratesv and on no account take the law into their own hands. We can only add that the School Board are determined that they will protect their teachers, and will also investigate any complaint made by the parents. TUB SCHOOL BOARD RATE. The rate proposed to be levied in this district during the current half-year is a sixpenny one, and when we consider the rapid steps which education has made in our locality we cannot grumble that it is too high. The population of this district has increased so rapidly that it is surprising how the School Board have been able to cope with it from an educational point of view. But they have been able, up to the present, to find accommodation, and there are at the present time a set of schools in the Barry and Cadoxton district that very few Boards can boast of possessing. They are fitted with the latest improvements, and the money expended has been spent in a manner which shows that the School Board has looked well ahead. The only cause for regret is that the endeavour of the School Board to provide education for those who have left school by means of evening classes has not met with the success it deserves. Strange to say, the attendance has been good, but the scholars have failed to qualify them- selves for the examination. That is no fault of the Board, and we hope that should the oppor- tunity again present itself there will be more found ready to appreciate the boon which the representatives of the public are able to place in the hai|d$of all who desire to accept it. That the evening classes in this district should not be a success is something one can scarcely credit. STRAINING AT A GNAT, Most people are aware of the fact that nearly all public bodies have their proceedings governed by a set of Standing Orders, but how far they affect discussions and individual mem- bers no one except those who attend the meetings of the various Boards have any idea. The Yiee-Chairman of the School Board has had a novel experience. He has been ruled out of order because he made an application to the Board instead of its being made by letter. Had he. written a letter and posted it a. few hours previous to the Board meeting it would, no doubt, have been discussed, but he did not do so, and so has to wait one month before he can bring the matter forward, and then only by giving notice. If that is not straining a point we should like to know what it is. The question he desired to raise was that of pro- viding accommodation for the teaching of a class in the Welsh language. Now the School z, Board have decided that it is desirable that Welsh should be taught, and its teachers, accepting what is practically an unwritten command, have set to work to learn the language. But the Board consider the subject of such importance that it calls upon its Vice- Chairman! to give notice of motion of his intention to ask the Board to grant a certtin gentleman the privilege of using the school for that object. Further, the Board have already decided that the schools may be loaned for educational purpose, but, perhaps the Barry United District School Board, judging by their action, do not think the teaching of Welsh comes under that heading.