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LOOKING AFTER THE HEALTH OF BARRY AND CADOXTON. The first meeting of the newly appointed Health Committee of the Local Board was held on Friday evening at the Board Offices. There were present Dr. O'Donnell, Mr. J. Jewel Williams, Mr. Wm. Thomas, Dr. Treharne, Mr. Wm. Thomas (The Hayes), Mr. Patterson, Dr. Neale (medical officer), Inspector Leyshon, and Mr. J. Arthur Hughes (clerk). THE NEW CHAIRMAN. The first business that of electing a chairman was proceeded with. Mr. Wm. Thomas, Barry, moved that Dr. O'Donnell be elected Chairman for the ensuing year. It would be a great loss to the committee if they lost his services as chairman. Mr. William Thomas, The Hayes, had great pleasure in seconding the motion. The motion was carried unanimously, and Dr. O'Donnell thanked the committee for re- appointing him chairman for the ensuing year. He must say that he had a hankering after the chairmanship, and would like to be chairman of the committee for that year. THE MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer of Health (Dr. Neale) reported that the number of deaths registered during the 13 weeks ending April 1st, 1893, from all causes was 50, of which 36 were males and 14 females, the 50 deaths corresponding to an annual death rate of 13.8 per 1,000. The number of births registered during the quarter was 195, of these 108 were males and 87 females. The 195 births corresponded to an annual birth rate of 50 per thousand. The 50 deaths from zymotic diseases included one attributed to diarrhoea, two to whoopiag cough, one to scarlet fever, one to typhoid fever, and two to diphtheria. The seven deaths from zymotic diseases corresponded to an annual rate of 1*9 per 1,000. During the quarter just ended 60 cases of infectious diseases were reported to him by medical practitioners under the provisions of the Infectious Diseases Notification Act as follows :—Scarletina, 35 membraneous cramp, 6 diphtheria, 3; erysipelas, 11; typhoid fever, 5 total, 60. He was very pleased to be able to report that the scarlet fever epidemic is gradually dying out. THE CLEANSING OF THE SEWERS. The Medical Officer begged once more to ask their serious attention to the escape of dangerous and infectious sewer gas from the mouths of the manholes throughout the district, of all complaints he had to listen to regarding nuisances, this was certainly the most pressing one. For the remedying of this he suggested three courses that flushing tanks be provided to all closets at once, that ventilating shafts be affixed as soon as possible, and automatic flushing tanks. It was pointed out that the Board had made a bye-law that flushing tanks should be affixed to the closets. As Mr. Walker is preparing a report on the matter it was deferred until that report had been received. THE CADOXTON BROOK. The Medical Officer reported that the brook from Daniel-street to the Three Bells Inn was in a very unsatisfactory sanitary condition. 1 The water is very shallow, and deposits of refuse, and the presence of dead animals putrifying is very obnoxious and injurious to health. The brook should be cleared out before the weather changes. It was decided that the brook should be cleared out, and the Surveyor was instructed accordingly. THE BACK LANES. The Surveyor reported that the back lane be- tween Holton-road and Wood-street remained in a most unhealthy condition. As it was in the centre of a district which required careful sanitary super- vision, he trusted the committee would decide that attention be given to the matter forthwith. STAGNANT WATER IN THOMPSON-STREET The Medical Officer drew attention to the pool of stagnant water in 'ihompson-street. It was decided that the Inspector should, see the Syndicate and explain the matter to them. THE BARRY HARBOUR SEWER. The Medical Officer urged the importance of at once proceeding with the Barry main sewer to Cold Knap to remove the exisiting nuisance in the Harbour. It was mentioned that the advertisements were out for contracts for carrying out the work. THE RESERVOIR. The Medical Officer reported that the reservoir had been inspected'during the quarter and found clean, and no formation of vegetable matter was to be seen. THE COMMON LODGING HOUSES. The public slaughter house, common lodging house, cowsheds, and workshops was reported by the Medical Officer to have been inspected during the quarter and found in a sanitary state. The Chairman asked how many common lodging houses there were. The Medical Officer said one. The Chairman said there was another to his knowledge. Had they no report from Mr. Rees ? The clerk informed the chairman that no report had been received from Mr. Rees. THE CHOLERA EPIDEMIC. The Medical Officer reported that the precautions taken for preventing a possible importation of cholera into the district up to the present time had been to tell off Inspector Leyshon every tide to examine all vessels immediately they entered the dock, and to report to him any unsatisfactory con- ditions, in order that he might further examine such vessels. He pointed out to the committee the advantages to be derived from the hire of a tug in order that vessels might be boarded in the Roads, and he requested the committee to take the matter into consideration. It was decided that the committee recommend the Board to advertise for a tug, the same to be engaged when necessary. Dr. Neale also reported that Mr. Richard Evans, the General Manager of the Barry Company, had decided to erect an office at the entrance for the use of Inspector Leyshon, containing a stove, desk, &c. That would be of great use to the Inspector. It was decided on the application of the Medical Officer, that Inspector Leyshon should be provided with a cheap serge suit to wear when on his naval duties. It was also decided that t500 should be added on to the estimate for the ensuing half-year for cholera contingencies. -,I t, HOtTSE TO HOUSE INSPECTION. The Inspector of Nuisances's report for the month stated that he had made the following house to house ipspection :—' House. Nuisance. Gilbert-street 22 1 Glebe-street 16 3 Vale-street 52 3 Lewis-street 21 1 Castle-street 40 0 Lombard-street 57 20 Evan-street 47 7 Total number of houses visited, 253 nuisances, 35 without water, 199. Number of nuisances inspected during the month, 71; notices served, 71 complied with, 51. The scavenging had been done satisfactorily during the month. The Chairman drew attention to the fact that the refuse from the houses was not always carted away in the early morn. Mr. Jewel Williams corroborated, and stated that in the neighbourhood of Newland-street com- plaints were made by the residents that the scavenger's carts were sometimes there in the middle of the day. The Surveyor stated that there was only one cart to each district, and the men could not do the work quicker. The great necessity for having the refuse carted away early was pointed out, and the Surveyor was instructed to report on the matter. THE PAINTING OF THE LAMP POSTS. The Surveyor reported that during the time the gas lamps were not to be lit the two men would have nothing to do, and he suggested that they might be employed in painting the lamp posts. The same work last year was tendered for. A feeling that by employing the two men at the lamp posts an interference would be made with' the legitimate trade of the district having been expressed, it was decided, on the proposition of Mr. Patterson, seconded by Mr. J. Williams, that the work should be carried out in the same manner as last year. '1111