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AT VENVOE. ♦ MARRIAGE OF MR. EDWARD WALTER NELL. At the fashionable hour of two o'clock on Thurs- day, in the Parish Church of St. Mellon's, says the Western Mail, was celebrated the marriage of Miss Edith Jane Allen, third daughter of the late Mr. William Allen, of Tir-y-bont, and Mr. Edward Walter Nell, wine merchant, Cardiff. The weather was exquisite the country all around St. Mellon's clad in rich verdure, illuminated by the golden glinting of the sweet spring sunshine. The village itself was gay with bunting, and evergreen arches in which scrolls of kindly greeting were imbedded, spanned the entrances of the church, within whose precincts a large audience had assembled at an early hour, in order to witness the ceremony. To- wards two o'clock, amid clouds of dust, the car- riages containing the guests drove to the church, and the officiating clergyman, the Rev. Thomas Evans, vicar of St. Mellon's, preceded by the sur- pliced choir of the parish, which Mrs. Allen, with great pains, has herself incorporated and trained during her short residence in St. Mellon's formed a procession to the porch to await THE ADVENT OF THE BRIDE. The signal of her arrival having been given, the choir preceded the bride to the altar, rendering A voice that breathed o'er Eden," in the singing of which the congregation joined very fervently. The bride entered the church leaning on the arm of her eldest brother, Mr. William Allen, who afterwards gave her away. She was charmingly attired in a pure white Surah silk, the bodice trimmed richly with white lace ruches arranged in a vandyck, with a thickly folded Watteau train drooping from its back pleat between the shoulders. A tulle veil enshrouded ?her, and a spray of orange blossom nestled in the coils of her dusky hair. She wore no jewellery, but carried a beautiful bouquet of bridal flowers, knotted in white ribbon appen- dages. Her three bridesmaids—Miss Miriam Allen (sister of the bride) and the Misses Ethel and Mabel Nell (sisters of the bridegroom)—fol- lowed her to the chancel steps attired in gowns of soft heliotrope cashmere and silk, an ecru frill adorning the shoulders of the short-waisted bodices and running round the jupe rotonte above a tiny frill of the material. They wore silk heliotrope hats, and the two elder carried large bouquets of Marechal Niel roses, looped in ribbons of a cor- responding shade. Miss Mabel Nell carried a beautifully-arranged basket of similar roses and fern. MR. JAMES POOLE, OF WENVOE, made an admirable ehrralienr (Vhonnear. Mrs. Allen (mother of the bride) was attired in a rich dress of black broche and heliotrope velvet, and bonnet of lighter shade in heliotrope. Mrs. Vivian (sister of the bride) wore shrimp cashmere, trimmed with narrow black jet circlets at the throat and waist, and surmounted by a black butterfly bonnet of velvet and plumes. These ladies also carried exquisite bouquets, which, like the others mentioned, were supplied by Messrs. Phelps. of 108, Queen-street, and harmonising with the style and shade of the gown. Other CHARMING COSTUMES WERE WORN BY THE GUESTS, striking combinations of eau de nil and mahogany brown, pale pink, and Black. The 18BQ period was adopted in the cut, but not one daring spirit had ventured on a crinoline After this ceremony Mrs. Allen, the mother of the bride, held an At Home at her residence of Tir-y-bont. The bridal pair drove away soon after four o'clock, amid the usual showers of rice and good wishes, en route for the Isle of Wight, where the honeymoon will be spent, the bride's costume de voyage- consisting of delicate shades of grey. All the flowers and bouquets, which were of a beautiful description. were supplied by Mr. Phelps, Queen-street, Cardiff. THE LATE HIGHWAY SURVEYOR OF DINAS POWIS. Mr. E. Raymond Lewis, of Wenvoe, late surveyor to the Dinas Powis Highway Board, was summoned to appear at Penarth Police-court on Monday with respect to a judgement order, but in the absence of the defendant, after an explanation to the Bench (which was inaudible to the court) from Mr. J. Morris, clerk to the Board, the case was adjourned.