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Certain paragraphs appeared in "Round the Towns in our issue of last week referring to a married lady at Barry and a single gentleman. These paragraphs were sent to our office on Thursday afternoon just before we went to press, and owing to the fact that our editor has only been in the district a few weeks, they were allowed to be inserted in our issue. We have been informed that the inser- tion of the paragraphs have caused all the parties concerned considerable pain and annoyance, and we take this first opportunity of expressing our sincere regret. It is not the wish of those who are respon- sible for the Barry Dock Star that anything should ever appear in our columns which would cause annoyance to anyone, and we are very sorry that the paragraphs referred to were allowed to be inserted in last week's issue. I must congratulate the Cadoxton police on their smartness. If anything should happen to be missed, they get on the right track at once. I am told that an old lady who has just died at Barry saw the place developing from a small village of 150 people into a town with a popula- tion of 10.000. Mrs. Anne John was 87 years of age, aad for 63 years lived in the house where she died. The day she died was the thirty-sixth anniversary of her husband s death, and she will be buried on the thirty-sixth anniversary of his burial. Miss Hughes has turned round on the Bangor College Senate over the dispute now raging over there, and her long letter to the Times is sup- ported by Lord Penrhyn, the-Bishop of St. Asaph, and Colonel Sackville West. < I learn that the half-yearly English meeting in connection with the Bethel Calvinistic Methodist .chapel, Court-road. Cadoxton, will be held on the 21st., when the Rev. D. C. Edwards, M.A.. will officiate. A hearty welcome is extended to all. & Many or our public men like to be funuv at times, and it often happens that they succeed. > I am told that several jokes were cracked across the table at the last meeting of the School Board. One gentleman referred to the number of papers he was supplied with by the School Board, and wanted a bag to carry them. Now I have heard the joke about the gentleman who ordered a second-hand coffin, but not until Monday last did I know that there was such a being to be obtained as a second-hand attendance officer. Yes. there is a. Visiting Committee in connec- tion with the Burial Board." said one -of our School Board members but they don't do much visiting." .¡. If that is the case, why did one gentleman suggest that it would be necessary to use disinfec- tants after the Board had met A Barry journalist has a good story to tell. It has reference to the downfall of two of the budding trees at the bottom of Kingsland- cresceat. Who is that young Cadoxton gentleman who delights standing at the gate of the residence of his adored one, and carefully counts the stars. -• Yes it is true that my nate of a few weeks ago has fetched the dustmen around. Jfc I I am told that the recent dry weather has upset the arrangements of some of our horticultural friends. So much so that they must needs get wet. )¡( I welcomed the slight showers which have fallen this last few days. but was it not rather off that the water-carts should carefully water the streets while the dew was falling. si: It is nice to have the station door slammed in your face after you have ran a couple of hundred yards to catch the train. For further particulars ask a bobby. Major-General Lee has been appointed chairman of the Finance Committee of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board- I don't think the rate- payers would have made a better choice had they been consulted. It is said that our local police are determined to get rid of all unlicensed dogs before the fine weather sets in. Take care. Strange are the ways of public bodies. Our local School Board can begin business. with a quorum of three, but the Public libraries Com- mittee have to search for four members before they can do anything. ;f. There is jaothing like punctuality, and so the. gentleman who arrived a couple of minutes late at the last Board meeting found. It is awkward that two public bodies should hold their meetings on the same evening. JfS I learn that things are going on remarkably well in the histrionic line in the district. It is said that the Barry" Garrick" Histrionic Society have nearly sold all their tickets for their performance on Wednesday next, while the Cadoxton-Barry Histrionic Society claim to be in a similar position with regard to their performance on the 17th. I hope that such is the case, and that both parties will have bumping houses. a By the way, do you know that the tickets for both societies were printed at the Star Office. Just both societies were printed at the Star Office. Just take them as a sample of the work that establish- ment is capable of producing. If you want any neatly printed cards just call at the Star Office, and see their latest lines. The Poor Law Conference to be held on Wednes- day next at Barry Dock promises to be a big affair. I shall be there. I am told that the marriageable daughters attending a certain place of worship at Barry Dock are thinking of getting up a presentation to me, in recognition of the decided" lift" I gave them a couple of weeks ago. Is it spring, summer, autumn, or winter? During the past week we have had a sample of each. I think, and judging from the variety of garments worn I believe there are many who agree with me. One day last week I saw a certain gentleman appearing in public in all the glories of a new straw—no not bonnet-hat, a day or so after- wards he was carefully wrapped up in a ulster. A tea and entertainment will be held next Wednesday at the Welsh Calvinistic Sion Church, Pontypridd-street, Cadoxton. An unusually in- teresting programme has been compiled, and it is hoped theie will be a good attendance. The tea commences at three, and the entertainment at 7.30. The adult Welsh class will commence this day week. Have not many of the young gents of this dis- trict spent some of their spare cash this week. You know, there is a regular fair at Barry Dock, and the young ladies have suddenly taken a delight in strolling in the direction of the same. But perhaps they only go to hear the nightin- gales in the Buttrills. J, Just now things are looking up at Cadoxton. Several vacant shops have been let during the past few days. Money is still being lost to the district by the boilermakers'strike at the docks. *!• It is a fact that Mr. S. Cooksley takes the lead for dairy produce in this locality. No, it is not true that one of the strolling band of musicians has secured a recruit from Cadoxton. The Barry District Association of the National Union of teachers propose holding their next meeting to-night (Friday) at the Cadoxton Board School. I am told there is important business on the agenda. Seven p.m. sharp. # Wednesday next—Iddesleigh-hall. Trial Scene from "Merchant of Venience" and "My Wife's Maid." ;'t! Why does not that policeman who rode down Weston Hill one day this week in a milk cart learn to get off in a more dignified manner instead of rolling on his back in the street ? :¡: Who was the young man from this neighbour- hood who not expecting his own darling from Penarth on Thursday last, was going to meet another one, but on going up the street came face to face with the one from Penarth. # Who is the signalman that is seen very often spooning with the nursemaid on Cadoxton Com- mon ? Is the young man thinking about getting married, for I should think so by the way he is seen cuddling the baby. Mr. W. Birchill, of local renown, has a very thrilling story to tell. There is a parrot in it. There seems to be some very great attraction at the Drope, judging by the number of visits one of the Barry blue-coats pay the place. A steam roller-man had better look out. Mr. Oliver Jones has his eye on him. ,I" I am sorry to learn that Mrs. Ton Evans, wife of the late pastor of Mount Pleasant Church, is on her way home from Hayti. The climate does not at all agree with Mrs. Evans, and, acting on medical advice, Mrs. Evans is now returning. It seems that the law in the home of Mr. Ton Evans' adoption is just a little different to that of England. For instance, the rev. gentleman was charged before the judicial authority, a little time since with preaching in the open air. Mr. Evans, however, is not a man to be daunted by any slight obstacles which may be placed in his path. At a local chapel on Sunday last, a rather original sermon was preached. The preacher first expressed the wish that his friends with children should sit near the door, so that they might slip in and out without disturbing the congregation. A very sensible suggestion, which some of my lady friends would do well to observe. Then he told a tale of a married couple who hired a bathing machine on Barry Island, sat on the steps, allowed the water to reach their knees. and then retired and dressed themselves. :I: •fc Don't forget the Garrick Histrionic perform- ance on Wednesday. The performance will undoubtedly be one of the best given in the dis- trict, especially the Trial Scene from The Mer- chant of Venice." :r- :Ie The secretary tells me to advise all my friends to get tickets if they have not already got them. Mr. Oliver Jones is a model chairman, so. at least, one of my nephews says. # A tale has reached me from the neighbourhood of Station-street of a woman who is said to show a very marked preference for one of her tradesmen. Two young ladies of Barry are chuckling over the clever way they dodged the railway company and rode in a second-class carriage with a third- class ticket. The sum handed over to the funds of the St. Mary's Church as the proceeds of the recent per- formance of the Cadoxton-Barry Histrionic Society is said to be £ 5. One of the Barry policeman is said to be very solicitous about my health. He seemed quite relieved the other day when my nephew told him I was in possession of more than robust health. Inspector Leyshon is now the proud possessor of two suits of uniform—a civilian s-uit and a naval suit. I hear he is beco ming a regular longshore- man. & Yes, our noble preservers of the peace arc good. Four of them attended one chapel last Sunday. DINAS POWIS. A letter was received last week in this column from Dinas Powis. The letter was meant to be witty, but instead of that we find it has resulted in hurting the feelings of a gentleman, for whom we have great regard, and who has always been one of the best friends of the Star in Dinas Powis. On our' own behalf and also on behalf of the writer of the letter we wish to state that there was no intention of hurting this gentleman's feelings, and that if we have done so, we are very sorry. # Major-General Lee, J.P., who cycles a good deal, says the best roads he has ever sepn are in Brittany. He adds that there are dirtier places in France than any he has ever seen in this country. Has the Major-General been up Pontypridd way, or did he know Denton-road, Canton, before it was made ? # I went to Dinas Powis last week, but found that they are considerably behind the time. The. Town Clock had stopped. It is not a fact that the young men of the village have all gone nearly off their heads because I was there. Who is the young lady that is very carefully cultivating flowers in order to take a prize for the best button-hole at the next annual ? PEXARTH. The Penarth cuckoo, which has been giving forth its round and mellow notes in the dingle, to the delight of many, was discovered on Thursday evening comfortably sitting in the foliage of a bulky tree. This particular cuckoo was made up of a couple of young fellows, eager for fun.