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LOCAL FINANCE. The first monthly meeting of the members of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board Finance Com- mittee was held at the Board's offices on Tuesday. There were present:—Dr. O'Donnell (chairman of the Board), Mr. Alderman Meggitt, General Lee, Mr. Jones-Lloyd. Mr. Patterson, Inspector Leyshon, the clerk (Mr. Arthur Hughes), the retiring collector (Mr. C. Howe), and the surveyor (Mr. J. C. Pardoe). THE ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. Mr. Aldel man Meggitt proposed that General Lee be re-elected chairman for the ensuing: year. Mr. Patterson seconded, and the motion was carried unanimously. General Lee was much obliged to the committee for re-electing- him. but thought it was time some- one should take the responsibility. BILLS TO BE PAID. The usual monthly bills were examined by the committee, the chairman initialing them. THE ESTIMATE FOR THE ENSUING YEAR. The Clerk presented an estimate of expenditure for the ensuing half-year amounting to £ 6.978. The amount due to the treasurer on the 25th March £ 4.528, outstanding amount due on district rate 25th March £ 3,100, of which only £ 1,883 was collectable, leaving a balance of £2,528 in excess of their general district rate. At the end of the previous half-year there was a deficit of nearly £H,OOO, therefore, adding the different sums together they would have a total of £ 9.404 to provide for. A Is. rate would bring in £5.100 for the half-year, and a Is. 9d. rate £ 8,925, so that they would almost want a rate of Is. lid. It wafi to be remembered that at the end of the year £ 500 could be borrowed. The Chairman inquired what was the rate last year ? The Clerk—Is. 6d. The amount lost through vacancies at the 25th ef March wa.s £ 981 15s. 7}d., and a reduction on appeal of £244 16s. 2d. The heavy rate would be due to the £3,000 deficit from the last half-year. Mr. Meggitt said his opinion was that the district would never stand more than a Is. 6d. rate. If they wanted more money they must reduce their expenditure. The Chairman said that last time when they suggested a Is. 6d. rate they said the district would be in a better position in the future to meet it. In his opinion it was better to face their position, have a higher rate, and put things on a satisfactory footing. Mr. Patterson observed if they increased the rate they would have more empty houses. The Chairman thought they must put a stop to their work. That was the reason why he said last year to face a big rate and get what they could. They really could not go on borrowing. The Clerk said they had borrowed lately for two or three things. Mr. Jones-Lloyd asked what a Is. fid. rate would produce. The Clerk replied £ 5,000. By having a low rate now, it simply meant that if people went away from the district, the people who came in would have to pay their debts. Mr. Patterson asked whether they could not cut down the work. People would never come there whilst such a heavy rate was imposed. It would be better to live at Penarth and pay their railway fare. < Mr. Jones-Lloyd said in nine months they would be taking over the gas and water works and then, they would be able to borrow. The Clerk thought they ought to estimate for the money they had to pay. There ought not to be a. suspension account. Ultimately it was decided that several heavy items should be decreased, the Surveyor being requested to keep his estimate as low as possible, and that another finance meeting should be held previous to the next Board meeting. THE BARRY HARBOUR SEWER. A letter was read from the Local Government Board sanctioning a loan of £ 17,450 for works of sewerage, and allowed the Board 30 years to re-pay the loan. Mr. Meggitt moved that the Local Board ask the Local Government Board to grant them the same bime to re-pay the loan as they allowed for the Cadoxton outfall. EXAMINATION OF BOOKS. The business of the committee terminated with the examination of the various officials' books, Mr. Howe being allowed jElO for collecting in the aid rate.