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PUBLIC WORKS AT BARRY AND CADOXTON. The first monthly meeting of the newly-con- stituted Public Works Committee of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board was held at the Local Board Offices. on Monday night. There were present Dr. O'Donnell (chairman of the Board), Mr. W. Thomas (Barry), Mr. Alderman Meggitt, Mr. Jones-Ll i/d, Mr. Benjamin Lewis, Mr. J. C. Pardoe (surveyor), and Mr. J. Arthur Hughes (clerk). THE NEW CHAIRMAN. Mr. Meggitt moved that Mr. Wm. Thomas be elected chaiiman of the committee for the year. Dr. O'Donnell seconded, and it was carried unanimously. Mr. Wm. Thomas was much obliged to them. He hoped when he gave up the chair they would have no cause for complaint or cause for regret. THE DATE OF MEETING. Dr. O'Donnell said by the present arrangements that committee would now meet on the first Monday in the month. The night had been appointed for the meeting of the School Board, and there were two members of that committee who were also members of the School Board. Something should be done to alter the arrange- ment, they should go back to the old system of the second Tuesday and last Monday in each month. The Clerk pointed out that it would be necessary to have it on Monday night, or other- wise the meetings would clash with those of the Burial Board. That was the difficulty of altering the meetings of the Board. They must have the Public Works Committee meeting a week before the Board meeting, and it must be held before the Finance Committee meeting. Dr. O'Donnell recommended a return to the old Dr. O'Donnell recommended a return to the old arrangements. The Clerk pointed out that by returning to the old arrangement the last monthly meeting of the Public Works Committee would be held a fortnight before the Board meeting, which would never do. Dr. O'Donnell remarked that the School Board had arranged their meetings long since. Mr. Meggitt thought it was a very awkward position, and the better plan would be to recom- mend the Board to go back to the old arrangement. Ultimately it was decided that the chairman of the committee should give notice that the com- mittee recommend the Board to go back to their old dates of meetings. THE BOARD'S HAULING CONTRACTS. The Surveyor gave notice that the contracts for the haulage expired on the 31st inst., and he re- commended that advertisements be issued inviting tenders for the work for the next six months. The same notice applied to the scavenging. It was decided to recommend that a special meeting should be held at the end of May to decide the matter. PUBLIC ROADS. A letter was read from the surveyor (Mr. C. R. Walker) asking that certain roads on the Barry Estate at Barry be declared public highways. He recommended that this be done, subject to the Estate Company undertaking to lay down the pavement when called upon to do so. It was decided, on the proposition of Dr. O'Donnell, seconded by Mr. Alderman Meggitt, that the roads be taken over subject to the Com- pany entering into an agreement when asked to so to lay the pavements and to put down gravel paths in the meantime. An amendment by. Mr. Jones-Lloyd, that the Board take over the roads as soon as, the pavement was put down was withdrawn. THE ROBIN'S LANE. The Surveyor submitted a letter from Mrs. Cload, agreeing to grant the land for widening and improving Robin's-lane, if the Board would build a new wall and stable and give her d610. A long discussion ensued, the outcome of which was the carrying of a motion, proposed by Alder- man Meggitt and seconded by Dr. O'Donnell, that the Board abide by their former offer. Another discussion was entailed by the offer of Mr. Alexander to give up a piece of land and stable for zCbOL. Mr. Benjamin Lewis queried whether it would be wise to go to any great outlay on the present roid, because if they opened up the contemplated new road by the Wesleyan Chapel there would not be much traffic done over the old road. Mr. Meggitt deprecated the spending of a. large sum of money in improving the present road if a better one was to be opened. Dr. O'Donnell moved, and Mr. Benjamin Lewis seconded, that a culvert be made over the brook, and the road made from the end of Main-street to opposite the boundary of Mrs. Cload's property. Mr. Jones-Lloyd thought that a bridge should be put over the brook, but nothing further be done until the owners had been arranged with. Mr. Meggitt suggested that the road be only made down to the bridge, with the approach to it. There was some force in what Mr. Jones-Lloyd had said. THE BEGGAR'S WELL ROAD. The Surveyor submitted plans and sections of alterations in the line of roadway near Beggar's Well, as suggested at the last meeting. Mr. Jones-Lloyd proposed that the amended plan be accepted. This was agreed to. T,I3 CANXON-STREJST IMPROVEMENT. The Surveyor reported that Mr. Forrest had consented to the improvements in Cannon-st -eet. subject to the consent of the te-nfc of Harbour Cottage. PURCHASE OF MATERIAL. The Surveyor repoi xd that, as instructed at the last meeting, he had bought in a .quantity of material at an auction sale for the use of the road- men. Instead of spending £15, he had spent £ 13 13s. 4d. There were also a lot of sleepers which could be bought cheap. They would be very useful for forming temporary crossings. The Surveyor was granted permission to pur- chase 50 at 8d. each. MISCELLANEOUS. Mr. Willams, Royal Hotel, was reported by the Surveyor to have given his consent for the teles- copic fire escape (the keys of which were at the Cadoxton police station) to remain in his yard. The Surveyor reported that one of the trees opposite the Catholic School had been broken down. A list of requirements from the caretaker of the Slaughter-house was submitted, and referred to the Slaughter-house Committee. The Surveyor put in a claim from the Barry Estate Company for the money expended by them at the request of the Board in carrying out the private improvements at chapel and churches. Mr. Meggitt proposed that it should be paid. Mr. Jones-Lloyd seconded, and it was agreed to. The Surveyor reported on the 29th March damage was done to a stand-pipe on the Moors- road by Mr. Brown. It was decided that the Clerk write and request that he pay for the damage done. Consent was granted Mr. Couzens, Thompson- street, to ereet an iron stand on the kerbing for supporting a sunshade. A letter wss read from Mr. Morris Jones, and several inhabitants of the Moors-road, asking the Board to raise the level of the Moors-road to the Mount Pleasant-road. The Surveyor was instructed to prepare an esti- mate of the cost. The question of the makmg of the footpaths from Aferthyrdovan to Treharne-road and Merthyr- dovan and Chesterfield-street was referred back to the Board, as the cost of the footpaths was esti- mated at £ 80. Plans of the six urinals, at a cost of £ 450 was submitted, and the Surveyor suggested that appli- cation be made to the Local Government Board for a loan to carry out the work. .Plans were submitted by the surveyor of the house in Brock-street for Mr. L. Thomas; the house Colbrook-road for Mr. G. Brock the house and wheelwright's shop in Hilda-street for Mr. David Farrall 2 houses in Flora-street for Mr. J. Hibbert an amended plan of the proposed Baptist Chapel; two villas in Romilly-road for Mr.tGeorge Rutter a stable at 108, Station, Barry Dock, for Mr. Thomas Walliers; seven shops at Holton-road, for Messrs. Lewis Thomas and Syden- ham; and a shop and stable at Market-street, Barry Dock, for Mr. Neale. Certificates were presented by the surveyor od behalf of the contractors amounting to £ 1.463 Is. 7d., and the usual establishment bills signed. A letter from the Electrical Association was allowed to lie on the table, as was also an applica- tion from the steam roller man (Palmer) for an increase of salary. The appointment of a clerk of the works for the new harbour sewer was left to Mr. Walker. On the suggestion of Mr. Jones-Lloyd the sur- veyor was requested to make a list of all the foot- paths. An application was read from Mr. Richard Pardoe for an increase of salary. This was granted.