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COOK BY GAS AND SAVE YOUR POCKET. Of late years the use of gas for all domestic pur- poses has mpde such rapid advances on every hand that one must not be surprised at hearing of any new departure in that direction. But there are very few people who can claim that they understand to its fullest extent the great advan- tage there is by using gas, not only for illuminating and heating, but also for culinary purpose. At tht present time people are so apt to accept what they see in advertisements with li a grain of salt" that when they are told it is possible to grill two chop3 and boil a kettle of water in ten minutes by the aid of gas, and at a total cost of one farthing, they put it down as a sheer impos- sibility. IT IS POSSIBLE. And on Monday morning a Star man journeyed to Barry Dock and there saw the very identical thing. Accepting the courtious invitation of Mr. Harris, secretary and engineer to the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company, he says I was received by that gentleman, and heat once explained that he was desirous of verifying in my presence some of the statements of tests in the leaflets published by the Gas Company, many of which had surprised me and my readers. Mr. Harris had also seen the advertisements issued by the pill and cough mixture manufactures, and knowing a little of the- ways of the world, was, like its people, rather dubious as to their correctness. However, he at once proceeded to business, by stating that he always adhered to the saying that SEEING IS BELIEVING." and forthwith I journyed across the yard from the elaborate offices of the Company to the Test House. There I found a large number of gas fires, stoves, cookers, cooking stoves, meters, &c., &c.. had been arranged, and one could see at a glance the exact quantity of gas consumed. It was first explained to me that those who are ignorant of the use of gas in ranges, &c., are apt to waste a great deal hy lighting the larger rings on top of the cookers if they desire TO BOIL ONLY A PINT OF WATER. Mr. Harris pointed out that it was unnecessary to adopt this course as a pint of water could be boiled on a smaller ring in a very short space of time for the expenditure of one cubit foot of gas, so that 20 SEPARATE PINTS CAN BE BOILED FOR ONE PENNY. Of course, that is taking the gas at 4s. 2d. per 1,000 feet. Then the water was poured from the kettle, and a quart of cold water taken from the mains. This was put on the top of the range and boiled with two feet of gas in about seven minutes. It was also practically demonstrated that it was pos- sible to boil five gallons of water at a cost of three farthings, and that for larger Quantities the cost is practically rcduced by one half. On top of each of the ranges above referred to there is placed a small simmering burner, so that a vessel con- taining five gallons of water can be kept on the boil at a very small cost. It is well that those who use gas or think of doing so should pay a visit to the Gas Company's Test House, and have a few practical lessons. How often do servants whose kitchens are provided with gas cookers make it a rule to place the kettle of water upon one ring and grill the breakfast chop or bacon by means of the griller. That is a decided waste of gas. I saw it practically demonstrated that it is possible to grill two chops and boil three pint's of water in 10 minutes by meahs of the griller alone AT A COST OF ONE FARTHING. Now, how was it done ? Well, in the first place, it was necessary to turn on the gas and light the set of burners on the griller. The small plates on top were then closed, by which means the heat was concentrated on the small points underneath. It is bat natural that some heat will arise to the top, and, in order to utilise that, the kettle of cold water was placed on top of the griller. Not only did this use up the heat, but it also helped to direct the flames underneath. When the small iron points below were red hot the ohops were" placed beneath, and in about eight rmnutes they were beautifully cooked. How do I know ?" you may ask. Well, if I don't know, who should ? Yes, I quite enjoyed that lunch, and can speak from experience that those who have their food cooked by gas in a proper manner will never revert to the OLD-FASHIONED METHOD OF COOKING BY COAL FIRES. In the Test House there were displayed all kinds of eooking ranges, and I learned that the Gas Company have determined to adhere to the principle of having the best and only the best." The cooker which I examined was one of Messrs. Wrights', and was known as No. 407. It was a neat piece of workmanship, and not costly. On top there are two rings, a simmering burner, and a griller, while the oven is fitted with all the latest improvements. It is what is known as the gate range, and admits of the internal arrange- ments being removed for cleansing purposes. Now the question is oftan asked whether it is possible to do away with the ordinary kitchen range, and replace it with a gas cooker. I can assure my readers that it is possible, and net only do the Gas Company guarantee that you can have gas at all hours of the day and night, but I was assured that in the Barry District they have fitted up several kitchens with the gas cookers, taken away the ranges, and have never had a stove or sooker returned through its not giving satisfaction. By the use of gas there is NO LABOUR AND NO MESS. It is always ready, and boiling water can be obtained in about the time it would take to lay an ordinary fire. With regard to the saving of money it is evident to all thati you have only to pay for what you use, and when the breakfast, dinner, or tea is cooked the fire is put out, and there is no waste like with coal. I was particularly struck with the neat appear- ance of the drawing-room and office stoves. The company have a very good assortment, and I was made acquainted with the fact that it is possible to have a drawing-room stove provided with a gas jet at the side so that a small kettle can be boiled for afternoon tea. In another department there was view of the heaters for bath-rooms, and I learned that a cost of Id. it was possible to have 10 GALLONS OF BOILING WATER FOR A BATH. Surely that is cheap enough, and there was no bother in carrying hot water upstairs, &c. The heater is simply placed under the cold water tap, and by using one pennyworth of gas sufficient hot water was obtainable for a good bath. FOR THE WORKING CLASSES the Gas Company are at present catering. They have determined to introduced the penny-in-the slot business. By means of a specially-arranged meter it will be possible for a working man to pay for his gas as he uses it. A penny is placed in a slot, when its value in gas is obtainable. The meter is so arranged that you can put in sufficient pence to purchase 450 feet of gas. This is a great advantage to those in receipt of a weekly wage, and who object to having to meet a gas bill at the end of the quarter. It will also remove the unpleasant system of having to deposit a couple of pounds with the company. You cannot obtain your gas until you have paid for it, and only then by pennies. I firmly believe that such a system will work well in this district, and I hope that the Gas Company or the Local Board will promptly bring it about. Before leaving the Test House I was assured by Mr. Harris that the Company are prepared at all times, by appointment, to practically demonstrate to householders the advantage of using gas, and to show them that not only is there a saving of labour and no dirt but that it is possible to prepare four breakfasts or teas at a cost of one penny, and dinners from one half-penny to three farthings.