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A. GLANCE AROUND CADOXTON, BARRY, AND BARRY DOCK. IT WILL PAY YOTJ to have your Watch and Clock Repairs done by a practical Watchmaker. Tkis you can do by sending your Watchund Clock Repairs to W. GOOUUS, Market Chambers, Barry, 10 years first-class expedience, late with Mr J. Hettich, 60, Queen-street, Cardiff 30 Nursing mothers should avail themselves of tliaq. renowned tOllic-Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. It strengthens the system and purifies the blood, and thus enriches the milk, and enables the child to thrive more readily. See advt. page. [26 A CHILD POISONED AT BARRY. As two little children, a brother and sister, were playing tog3ther in an empty house in Gueret-street. Barry Dock. on Monday morning, the former, named Ernest Powell, aged four years, discovered a bottle of impure carbolic acid which had been used by the previous occupiers of the house for disinfecting purposes, and before he could be prevented from the rash act he drank the contents of the bottle. The little girl carried the boy to the surgery of Dr. Sixsmith, in Holton- road, who applied the usual remedies, which. after a time, proved successful. On inquiry in the evening the child was in a very weak state, but progressing slowly. COLLISION IN BARRY ROADS. The schooner Anne, of Arendal, from Barry to Rio Grande, has returned to Barry with bul- warks and planks on starboard bow damaged, having collided with an unknown steamer in Barry Roads. OUR WATER SUPPLY. Mr. F. M. Harris, the engineer and secretary of the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company .has stated that, notwithstanding the long- continued drought, the public supply of water in the Barry district has proved ample in every respect. Consumers have not been asked to exercise economy, and Mr. Harris has every reason to believe that the normal yield at the springs will coutinue unabated for months to come, even if no rain falls meanwhile. Up to the present time there has been no falling off in the supply to the well. No doubt, the showers which have fallen during the past week will add materially to the water sheds. NO OPPOSITION TO THE GAS AND WATER BILL. The Bill promoted by the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board for power to acquire the gas and water undertaking of the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company will pass unopposed through its remaining stages in the House of Lords, no petitions having been lodged against it within the time limited by the Standing Orders. The Bill has already been sanctioned by the House of Commons. NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH. On Friday a boy, aged twelve, son of a milk vendor named William Carroll, living at Peny- coitre, Cadoxton-Barry, had a dynamite cap in his hands and was playing with it, when he struck it against a hard substance and the dynamite exploded, blowing the lad's right hand to pieces. Dr. E. Treharne, of Cadoxton, who was passing, dressed the shattered hand, which was bleeding freely, and found the injury sc- great that he was obliged to amputate the thumb and two of the fingers. The lad was in a very exhausted state, but is pro- gressing as well as can be expected. A VESSEL DAMAGED. On Saturday last the steamship Amoor, of London, struck against the quay wall at Barry Dock as she was leaving the basin with a cargo of coal. She damaged several plates on the port bow, and had to return for repairs. HOW IS TRADE > It is stated that at Barry Dock during the past week the coal trade has been fairly brisk, the ship- ments for the six days ended Friday morning being 88,018 tons 10 ewt., and the coke shipments and import trade have been equally proportional. The erection of several new hydraulic cranes along the western side of the dock and basin is being proceeded with. KNOCKED DOWN IN HOLTON-ROAD. Mary Kennard, the three-year-old daughter of Mr. Kennard, of 22, Gueret-street, Barry Dock, was playing in Holton-road with other children, when a passing cart, which was being driven somewhat rapidly, knocked the child down and seriously injured her head. The little girl was carried home in a state of unconsciousness, and Dr. Sixsmith was sent for, and the injuries were attended to. It was found that not only had the child received severe scalp injuries, but that, the brain had also been effected by the accident, so that the little one has continued ever since in a complete state of insensibility. WITH THE BUFFALOES. A select dance, promoted by the members of the Buffalo Institute, situate in Thompson-street, was held on Monday night, when there was an attendance of fully 150 ladies and gentlemen. The proceeds were in aid of thtf widows and orphans of those who met their death through the Great Western Colliery disaster. The proceedings, which were interspersed with songs and a theatrical sketch, performed by the Amateur Dramatic Society, were very enjoyable. Mr. J. Edwards was M.C., and the Buffalo Brass Band discoursed musical selections. THE HORSE AND TRAP DISAPPEARED. A traveller named Posson, in the employ of Mr. John Biggs, of Canton Brewery, reported to the police on Tuesday that while transacting business at the Wenvoe Hotel, he left his horse and trap in charge of a man whose name he did not know. On coming out of the hotel, he found that the horse and trap and man had disappeared, and no trace was left of them. It transpired late on Tuesday evening that the Newport police had found the horse and trap with a man walking in front of it. THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF FORESTERS. Court Barry of the I.O.F. was instituted on Tues- day by Mr. F. H. Thompson, D.S.C.R., of l(i, Windsor-place. Cardiff. The officers elected were -C.R. L. Y. Owen, V.C.R. G. Horlock, R.S. F. C. Milner, F.S. J. S. Rutherford. Treasurer. W. H. Hooper, S.W., W. Evans. J.W. 0. Horton/S.B. S. Davies, J.B. S. A. M. Theaning, Chaplain S. J. Barstow, P.C.R. F. J. Colyer, Physician John Powell; C.D.H.C.R. C. C. Thorne. Meeting to install officers will be held on Friday, May 12th, at the York Coffee-house, when initiates will be accepted as charter members. f SPECIAL OFFER TO READERS OF THIS PAPER. Why go to shops A Single Watch supplied at Manufacturer's Prices. Paxman's celebrated Defy- ance" Watch, Ladies' and Gents' Sizes in heavy Hall-marked Silver Cases, highly finished Jewelled Movements. Warranted for 2 years. Ladies' Size have Handsome Opal Tinted or Plain White Dials. Sold Retail at £ 2 10s. Our Price, 24s. fid. Cheaper Make at 15s., Sold Retail at 30s. Paxman's world- renowned Lever Watches (Ladies' and Gents' sizes), in extra Heavy Hall-marked, Dust-proof Cases. Highly Finished Extra-Jewelled Movements. A Grand Watch. Warranted for & years. Sold Re- tail at £ 4 4s. Our Price, 32s. 6d. The same in Nickel Silver Cases, l4s. gd; "The Workman's Watch," Each Watch is supplied on a Week's Free Trial, and Exchanged if Unsatisfactory. Free at our risk on receipt of Cost of Watch required. The Trade supplied at same prices. F. F. Paxman, Wholesale Watch Manufacturer and Importer, Tewkesbury, Glos. Mention this Paper. AX OMISSION. In our report of the grand concert at the Barry Market-hall we inadvertently omitted to rften-tion the excellent performance of Mr. John Thomas, of Barry. Mr. Thomas, although the only non- professional soloist, acquitted himself remarkably well, his duet with Mr. Hopkin Hill, Excelsior," being much enjoyed, as was also his songs, The Long Shoreman" and "The Storm Fiend." We trust to have the pleasure of again listening to Mr. Thomas at some of the local concerts. SMOKING CONCERT AT BARRY DOCK HOTEL. The third smoking concert was held at the Barry Dock Hotel on Thursday, the 27th ult., when a very select and appreciative number of gentlemen were present. An excellent programme had been provided, which was testified by the numerous encores given. The whistling solo by Mr. R. E.-j Reyd was a treat, and it is to be regretted that this gentleman with his peculiar gift is so very backward in coming forward. Another speciality was the bone solo and step dance, given by Mr. Juner Brooks, which well deserved the applause accorded. Mr. David Culley was in good form, and his two songs, ó. Kiss me (o¡ Princess Ida ") and Lass of Richmond Hill," were well received. The comic songs (in character) were very good, and we doubt very much whether they would' have been gi/en in better style at the Tivoli," which is saying a good deal for amateurs. Mr. Handcock, as chairman, appeared to be very popular, and he performed his duties admirably. The accompanist was Mr. Kelly, of Cardiff and a better musician it would be diffi- cult to find. The following is the programme :— Comic song, "Shop-walker," Mr. T. W. Elliott; song. Lass of Richmond Hill." Mr. D. Culley whistling solo, "Killarney," Mr. R. E. Reyd; comic song, "Pimple," Mr. Harry Smith comic sons, "i know," Mr. Harry Smith duet, The moon has raised her lamp above." Messrs. Brooks and Culley comic songs, Nasty way he said it," and Extra special," Mr. George Brandon comic song, We wore a worried look," Mr. T. W. Elliott comic song, I'll give him Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-aye." Mr. Willie Rednose comic song, I took it," Mr. Harry Smith comic song, English as she is spoken," Mr. George Brandon; song, "Kiss me," Mr. D. Culley song, "Vagabond." Mr. Brooks song, Hunting we will go," Mr. R. E. Reyd f bone solo, and step dance, Mr. Juner Brooks (of Brisbane). BARRY QUOIT CLUB. A friendly match was played on the Barry ground last Saturday afternoon, between a team chosen by the Captain and' one chosen by the Vice- Captain. This match was arranged in order to put the men in some sort of form for next Saturday, when they meet Craddock Wells (Cardiff), which will be the Barry club's first match of the season, and the first for the Associa- tion Cup. The following are the scores :— MR. IMARTIX'S TEAM. Mft WARD'S TEAM. Pt3. Pts. W. Martin (capt.) 11 T. Ward (v.-capt) 21 T. Davies 14 C. Owen 21\ F. Mattravers (» J. Owen 21 L. Williams 14 R. S. Robinson 21 R. F. Illingworth 21 Richard Urvins 13 J. Sainsbury 21 W. Sherwood 13 Total 87 Total 110