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THE ANCIENT BENEFIT FRIENDLY SOCIETY. — ANNUAL MEETING OF DELEGATES AT CADOXTON. The annual meeting of the delegates of the above order, representing lodges in South Wales and the West of England, was held at the Royal Hotel. Cadoxton, on Wednesday. The chair was taken by Mr. G. 0. Reed, Grand Master, who was supported by Mr. E. Thomas, D.G,M., and Mr. D. Rowlands, general secretary. THE DELEGATES WERE Bros. B. Maggs, Cardiff L. Huxtable, Maindy; W. Brown, Cogan T. King, Severn W. H. Barri, Cardiff; W. Morrison, Bristol; J. M. Day, Abercarn; J. Kingston, Bristol; R. G. Clark, Bristol; G. Woodlands, Radstock; T. Miles, Pontypool; J. James, Radstock; J. Cullick, Abersychan J. Crowley, Abersychan T. Cleaves, High Littleton: J. W. Maggs, CardiS J. Miles, Cardiff; T. Collins, Cardiff; J. Jenkins, Cardiff G. H. Williams, Monmouth; J. Wookey, Monmouth E. Williams, Monmoutb J. Fowler, Monmouth Challenger, Bristol G. Williams. Dowlais; L. G-. Thomas, Whitchurch; W. Smith, Talywain G. T. Hooper, Pontypridd T. Vaughan, Cardiff; Phillips, Dinas Powis; J. G. Whittle, Cadoxton; Morgan, Cardiff; H. Riggs, Cardiff: W. Morgan, Risca J. H. Davies. Cadoxton and Rhys Williams, Cadoxton. The proceedings opened at 10.30 a.m. by an address from the Grand Master, after which the General Secretary read his annual report and statement of accounts, which showed that there were now in existence 42Lodges of the Society, and there were upwards of 1840 members. The total re- ceipts in the Benefit Fund of the Lodges including that from the Central Fund was £2,083 4s. 7;Jd. The amount in the hands of the Lodge at the 'Central Fund was £1,146 18s. 7d. The society rkad paid out in sick pay during the year £ l,52(i 4s. 3d. funeral claims of members, 4-132 ditto members' wives, £76; and to the general fund £218 Os. ljd., making a total of £ 1,952. The 2 Central Fund had received from the lodges £ 218, and had sent to the lodges no less than £ 480. The total management income was £ 323, and ex- penditure £ 229. THE BALANCE SHEET showed that there was to the credit of the Benefit Fund £ 425. The report of the auditors (Messrs. J. H. Davies, 22, Barry-road, Cadoxton, and Air. G. T. Hooper, Pontypool) stated that the BOOKS HAD BEEN CLEARLY KEPT, and that everything was of a most satisfactory character. The meeting next proceeded to ballot members for the central body, the result being that Messrs. Wookey, Monmouth Town Clark, Bristol Wil- liams, Monmouth Town and Collins, Cardiff, were declared elected. AUDITORS. Messrs. James, Abercarne, and — Williams, Monmouth Town, were elected general-auditors for the ensuing year. THE NEXT ANNUAL MEETING was fixed to be holden at Monmouth Town. THE OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY readily commend themselves to every working man. The funds are under the direct control of the members, and all business is transacted by the lodges through the central office, which is situate in Cardiff. The members pay into the funds according to their age, and in sickness receive 12s. per week. The funeral benefit is £ 12 at the death ,of a member, and L8 at the death of a member's wife. In the past the whole affairs of the society had been conducted upon the amalgamation principle, but at Wednesday's meeting it was decided that each lodge should have a separate fund under its own control, and that no money be paid out by the treasurers, ex- cept upon a written order from the secretary. THE DINNER. was held at five o'clock, at the Royal Hotel, Cadoxton, the catering being carried out in an excellent manner by Mr. Williams, A LETTER OF APOLOGY was read from Dr. Treharne, medical officer of the Cadoxton Royal Lodge, regretting that he was unable to be present. The Grand Master, who occupied the chair, made a brief speech in opening the after dinner meeting; and urged upon the members to do all in their power to further the objects of the Society, which he said readily commended itself to all who had a desire to help themselves. He was pleased to say that the spirit of co-operation was rapidly spreading throughout the land. Mr. D. Rowlands was pleased to see so many delegates attending the annual meeting of the Society, and he was glad to see the course which things had taken. It had been said that there would. have been great alterations, but he con- gratulated them upon the turn things had taken. Although they had held six or seven annual meet- ings he was bound to say that THIS YEAR'S HAD BEEN THE MOST SUCCESSFUL. He hoped that the alteration which had been made would benefit the Society. lie hoped every member would do what he could, and they should all re- member that there was a certain amount of Home Rule with each of their Lodges. They could con- gratulate themselves that they had been able to get rid of a few of the sharks which had devoured the funds of their Society. That certainly did not apply to the Cadoxton Royal Lodge, whose members had done all they could to help the Society, which he trusted, was destined to become a mighty power. (Applause.) CADOXTON ROYAL LODGE. The Grand Master, in giving The Health of the Cadoxton Royal Lodge." wished its members every succes and prosperity. Mr. Davies said they had only done their duty to the brothers who had visited them that day. He was pleased to remind them that the Cadoxton Royal Lodge was the premier Lodge of the whole Unity-(applause)-and he was sure that its mem- bers would be pleased with the report which the delegates would take back. What had been done was for the good of the whole Unity, and also the central body. Although the Cadoxton Royal had paid more into the funds of the central body than any other Lodge he was pleased to say they had drawn less in proportion. In conclusion he hoped that the society would continue to grow amazingly. Mr. Rowlands complimented the secretary of the Cadoxton Lodge upon what he had done in the past. Mr. Rhys Williams said he had got into hot water often, but had always come out of it well. He really believed that their Society was one of the best in the district. Although they had suffered by members leaving the district still he hoped, that they had joined other Lodges. They had a good balance in hand, and their money was well in vested. Mr. Williams concluded by urging upon the members the desirability of locating the annual meeting, considering it an unnecessary expense. Mr. Wittle also returned thanks, and spoke of the excellent way in which things had been conducted. THANKING THE HOST. The Grand Master in moving a hearty vote of thanks co Mr. Williams for the excellent way in which he had catered, Mr. Rowlands endorsed the remarks, and re- ferred to the fact that Mr. Williams had always served them well. Mr, Williams (junior) responded, and assured the Masters that they were always ready to do what they could to please their customers. A VOTE OF THANKS to the Grand Master, moved in a very neat speech by Mr. Thomas, then carried. During the evening a capital programme was contributed by Messrs. Thomas, Vaughan, Wookey, Katherens, S. Jones, Jeremiah, J. Jewel Williams, and F. C. Rees (junior). Mons De Verdi presided at the pianoforte, and gave every satisfaction. The officers of the Cadoxton Royal Lodge are Messrs. Sidney Heskett, noble grand W. Pater man, vice-grand Rhys Williams, secretary; J. H Davies, treasurer.