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VOICES EROI AFAR." [BY THE MAN IN THE MOON.] XEAE THE CEMKTERY CHAPEL. Sage—Well) old chap, of course on such an auspicious occasion, and considering the fact that yon are the Chairman, we shall see you there leading off the singing with a white surplice on i Old Chap—Well, now, I can't be certain now whether or not I shall be there. You may rely on the fact that if I do attend the proceedings will not lose in lustre. 0 AFTERWARDS. Sa,ge- Well, I didn't see him there. I suppose he was away. Passer-by—All, I guess he thought of the collec- tion. HEARD AT PHXARTH ON WEDNESDAY. First One-What do you think of the Local Veto Bill ? Second One—Oh, a very good thing if they would only keep down other forms of drink. HEARD AT PENABTH. } Mable—Is that your young man. Jennie ? Jennie—Yes, Mable. What do you think of him ? Mable—Why my dear, he has not got a moustache. Jemlie-Well, I know that. What does it matter ? Mable—Why iny dear, I think kissing a young man without a moustache is like eating an e,Ttjr without salt. HEARD IX WINDSOR-ROAD. No. 1—The Barry people seem to think a lot of their town, don't they. No. 2—Ah, you are right. As for myself I don't think much of it. I wouldn't live there for a trifle. ON PEXARTH CLIL'V. She—I believe you drink." j He—No I don't. I am a T.T ? A Voice—Perhaps when you are asleep. IN THE DINGLE OX TUESDAY. Young Man (to housemaid}—Is your missus and all the people going away to-morrow Housemaid—Yes. I suppose you will call round every night now, dear. Young Man-Yen bet I shall.