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| CORRESPONDENCE. I The Editor does not hold himself responsible for | the opinions of his Correspondents. j THE LOCAL HISTRIONIC SOCIETIES: I TO THE EDITOR. SIR.—Will you kindly allow me, through the medium of your valuable paper, to correct an error which appeared in your contemporary's last issue. In that issue he describes the Barry and Cadoxton Histrionic Society as the only local society. This is incorrect, as there are two societies—the Barry and Cadoxton Histrionic Society and the Barry (rarrick Histrionic Society. The" Garrick" Society, which is composed entirely at local people, will give a performance on the 10th, at the Theatre Royah of The Trial Scene from the Merchant of Veincc," und a comedy. My Wife's Maid, and the proceeds of the performance will be giren to the land now being raised for the relief of the sufferers by the l'ecent deplorable col- liery disaster at Pbntypridd. A full house is anticipated, as the performance will certainly be above the average, and its object will meet with the approbation of every kindly-hearted person.— Believe me, yours, Sec., F. W. CORNISH, -Hon. Sec. of the Barry Garrick" Histrionic Society, Cadoxton. SUN DAI SCHOOL UNION FOR THE DISTRICT. TO THE EDITOR. felK, "iome time ago, at the Ministers' Fraternal L nion, the question of establishing the above- named Union was considered also an united demonstration of all Sunday Schools in the dis. trict on August Bank Holiday, and the Rev. J. H. Stowell, hon. secretary, convened a meeting at the Bible Christian Chapel, Barry Dock, inviting re- presentatives from each school in the district, and a large number of Sunday School worKers met, and, after considering the question from its various aspects, it was resolved that each one present be requested to explain to his or her fellow-teachers the nature of the project, and at a subsequent meeting, to-be held at the same place, reports from all schools be griven, and desiring the presence of all teachers to take part in the meeting. At this large meeting several reports were given, which seemed favourable towards the proposed Union, but after a lengthy discussion it was decided to elect twelve teachers (represen- tative) to draw up a scheme and report to a general meeting later on. Now, sir, out of the twelve gentlemen elected at the first committee meeting five were present, together with the secre- tary at the next meeting only three. So the latter gentleman desires me to explain to the public, through the medium of your paper, that for the want of interest the Sunday School Union and united demonstration in the district will fall through. Thanking you in anticipation of your giving insertion to the above.-t am, yours truly „ w- E. CLARKE, Secretary. 30, Robert-street. ■ OH, THAT I WERE DEAF TO THE EDITOR. DEAR SIR,—As a humble ratepayer of Holton, I write to ask how it is that strangers are allowed in this neighbourhood to destroy the peace of mind of the residents. Every evening until a late hour our ears are saluted with a pandemonium uoise, hurled forth from the brazen throats of barrel organs, steam whistles, and-I hardly know what. I have been told that ail this was to be heard just outside a place of worship where, on Saturday night, a competitive meeting mis to have been held. But it did not corne off. Just imagine a young lady endeavouring to sing Sleep. g«ntle lady"; When peace likea river": or even "The lost chord," with all the tumult and discord out- sirte. It would, indeed, have been a case of losing the cord-or temper, and all this at the end of the nineteenth century, with its boasted civilisation. But let me draw the curtain, and only hope that when the competitive meeting is held a fortnight hence quietness will reign supreme.—By giving publicity to these few lines you will win the grati" tude of A HUMBLE RATEPAYER. | Holton, April 25, 1893. [ WAN TEJJ-A CYCLE-REPAIRING ESTABLISH- MENT. TO THE EDITOR. SIR,-Will you allow me through the columns of your widely circulating journal to call atten- tion to the entire absence in the Barry and Cadox- ton district of an establishment where cyclist can have their machines repaired or purchase accessories. Although Barry is ahead in most things I am sorry to say it is sadly lacking in this respect. At the present time there are upwards of 100 cyclists in this locality, and in addition to the two clubs already in existence I understand that another will be started next week. Now, Sir it does seem strange that with so many cyclists in a district—and they will provide a considerable amount of work during the season—it is neeessarv for them to go to Cardiff to have their machines repaired, or if they desire to purchase accessories. Cannot some enterprising nutehauie start a cycle repairing establishment in Barry or Cadoxton. Thinking you in anticipation.—I am, &c., CYCLIST Barry Dock, April 25th, 1893. .-d .!P"


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