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.-* LOCAL NOTES.,j j


LOCAL NOTES., j j "{■HE TELEGRAPH. POSTS IN HOLTON-ROAM. Now that Holton-road is approaching its completion with the fino rows of shops each ■side, we think it is time some steps should be taken to remedy the unsightly appearance caused by the wooden telegraph poles. The pavements are not too wide, ana the large poles take up a considerable portion of space which cannot justifiably be allowed, them. Then, from an artistic point of view, the poles are an eyesore, and contrast very unfavourably with their smart surroundings. We think some representations should be made by our local authorities to the telegraph authorities, whom we feel sure could be brought to listen to any /reasonable complaint. PROPOSED CENTRAL CLASSES. We 'understand that at the next meeting of the Bar y United District School Board to be held on Monday, at least nine additional pupil teachers will be apprenticed. These together with the few ptipil teachers at present under the Board will be sufficient to form a Central Class, and we understand that prompt steps will be taken in this direction. We hope that the Board will f ally realise their responsibility to the young teachers, and do all in their power by means of Central Classes to enable them to successfully compete with their fellows in large towns. It is a matter of impossibility for the pupil teachers in the Barry district to be on a par with those in Cardiff, and as was pointed out at the recent examination the need of •Central Classes is strongly felt. INTERESTING STATISTICS. We learn that the number of children on the registers of the elementary schools in the dis- trict (including the Catholic School) last week was 3,033 against 2,732 in the corresponding week of last year, being an increase of 301. The average attendance was 2,427 a.s against 1,974, an increase of 453. The per centage of attendance was 80 as against 72, being an increase of 8 per cent. over April. 1892. The above figures evidently show that the atten- dance officers have done their work tremarkably well. The result shows that one-fifth' of the .estimated population of this district are attend- ing school, while the Government estimate requirement for school accommodation in one- sixth of the population. GOOD NEWS FOR BARRY. The Barry Company have had an excep- tionally heavy week, the revenue being esti- mated at £7,422, and compared with last year, shows an increase of £2,012. There was a deline of £ 35 in passenger receipts, but under the other headings we find the following in- creases:—Goods, JE201 minerals carried, £820; and dock due, £ 1,026. The decrease of f719 on the first fifteen weeks of this half-year has j now been turned into an increase of £ 1,393. I THE PROPOSED POOR LAW UNION. It is now definitely arranged that the proposed 'conference with regard to the question of estab- lishing a Poor Law Union for the Barry Dis- trict and the surrounding parishes, will be held in May. It is intended to discuss flllly the whole question with representatives from the various parishes. Mr. O. H. Jones and Major-General Lee wiH be among those who will be present, and we are pleased to say that it is expected ;that the Barry Chamber of Trade will be able to make out a very strong case in favour of i Home Rule for this locality in Poor Law matters. At the present time there is very little of the money subscribed by the local j ratepayers to the Cardiff Union spent in this 't district, and one of the great advantage of having .a separate Union will be the fact that all money raised by means of a poor rate will be prac- tically expended in this locality. We under- stand that the committee of gentlemen have very carefully gone into details, and that when the matter is fully explained to the representa- J tives from the various parishes we shall see before us, in all probability a Poor Law Union t >r-Barry. PRINCE LOUIS OF tiATTHNHERG- AT BARRY. His Serene Highness Prince Louis of Batten- berg paid a brief visit to Barry on Saturday ■afternoon, arriving from Cardiff by special train .about one o'clock. At Barry Dock Station the Prince and his attendants were met by Mr. Richard Evans, the general ^manager of the Barry Railway Company, and the party visited the site of the proposed fort on 'Barry Island and the proposed battery at Cold Knap, return- ing to Cardiff by the following train. Prince -Louis expressed himself much pleased with the .Barry district.