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DRINK I GALORE IRISH WHISKY. Sold at the Principal Bars in the Town. War- ranted Pare and Wholesome Spirit, a Blend of the Finest Dublin Whiskies. Vide Analytical report. SOLE PROPRIETORS: .J (JAREY AND CO., QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO SOLE AGENTS I?0R- DEUTZ fc GELDERMANN, ERNEST IRROY AND RUINARrs CHAMPAGNE. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S ALES & GUINNESS STOUT. Teiephone 593. Telegraphic Address, Galore.[207 -u. G.H.B. /& GOLDEN nop BITTER (IAGHT DINNER AIIIE IS. PER GALLON. /i/ £ 0 rv_v SunsRTon PALE ALE— Is. 2d. Per Gallen. A MILD ALES— Jtrv m Per Gallon. /cN STOUT— u-2cL per Gallon- IX GALLON CASKS IN GALLON CASKS AND UPWARDS. [285 EL HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BEER. "TIle Fine OM Welsh Drink." HEALTHFUL AND PALATABLE. Mad." Entirely from HERBS, HOPS, & FRUIT. A SIXPENNY BOTTLE WILL MAKE SIX TO EIGHT GALLONS. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS AND STORES. Manufactured by MORGAN W. JAMES. LLANELLY. Agents in Africa, America, and Other Countries. EDWARD REES, AUCTIONEER, Accountant & Auditor. (ESTABLISHED 1877.) MORTGAGE & FINANCE BROKER. HOUSE, LAND & ESTATE AGENT. GENERAL BUSINESS TRANSFER BROKER & VALUER. Apr«nt for all the best Insurance Offiees-Fire, Life. General Accident, Plate Glass, Employers' Liability, Boiler, Engine, and Steam Power, Farm- ing Stocks, Cattle and Horses, and Guarantee Fidelity Offices. VALUATIONS FOR PROBATE, &c., kc., &c. Ov-er 20 Years Experience in the Management of Large and Small Estates. 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street, BARRY DOCK, AND 45, Vere-street, Cadoxton. Barry Dock, Barry, Cadoxton and District Pro- perties Let and Sold. Rente Collected and Pro- perty Managed. Personal attention given. Prompt Settlements. Highest References given. Several Splendid Shops and Premises, suitable for any business, to be Let and for Sale, in best positions in either district; also Villas and Cot- tages. N.B.—Parties desirous of Letting or Selling, their Business Premises, Villas or Cottages, or wishing to dispose of their'business either by auc- "ion er as going concerns, should send particulars to E. Rees. at 5, Tjca vis-street, Thompson-street. Barry Dock. [457 SITUATIONS VACANT. LADYLIKE Home Employment. Good weekly Incomes can be made by the Automatic Knitting Machine, cash or hire terms: work supplied.—S.R. Company, 67. Southwark-street, London, 8.E.; Agency, 33, Oxford-street, Swansea. WANTED. > WANTED, 50 WORKMEN to TIuy 50 Pairs of Real ARMY BLUCHERS, at 4s. lid. per Pair, at Jones's Noted Boot Repairing Shop, Market Buildings, Barry. -l^OREMEN, TIMK-KEEPERS, and others, J? wanted to start BVINSON'S WATCH CLUBS for the supply of good, sound, and reliable Time- Keepers at a moderate price. Terms liberal. Par- « ticulars and pamphlets post free. J. W. BENSON, Originator of the Club System (40 years ago). 62 and 34, LUDGATE HILL, E.C -> TO LET. CIO UN TRY APARTMENTS. — Two Sitting > Rooms with Three or Four Bedrooms.— Apply Hebble H<iuse, Cauoxton.. LTANSANNOR COURT, COWBRIDGE, GLA- MORG ANSIII1? B, to be LXT, Furnished or Unfurcised, for Tc-rizi of Years as may he agreed ulJon, nith or without Exec'lc^t Shooting. There are g >od Golf Link?. Apply Messrs. Stephenson and Alexander, High- street", Cardiff; or Mr. W. V. Huntley, Welsh St. Doa&t's, Caw bridge. MUSIC. -:r- "TjIDR SALE.—Very Good Toned VIOLIN. rrith JL Bow, Case. »r>'l fiKtrnot^ £ 2 5s.-Z, OSi«, Ca iustvn. j | ARTISTIC FUMITTIB.E lAJfTJEACTUREES. TRAPKELL AID G AN E, | THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL I H 0 U S E FURNISHERS IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. ^RTISTIC JpURNITURE. ■' J^CONOMIC JpURNITURE. | ELL-MADE FURNITURE. JNEXPENSIVE JlURNITURE. i -f 1 Jb SHOW ROOMS FOR WALES: I 38 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, i JOINING-ROOM JpURNITURE. JJEDROOM JpURNIT^RE. JQRAWING-ROOM JVjRNITURE. JJOUDOIR JpiIRNITURE. JgREAKF AST-ROOM J^URNITURE. JglLLIARD-ROOM JpURNITURE. ITCII EN JpURNITURE. JJOTEL JU7RNITURE. OUR MUCH RENOWNED '%T 7TT% m COTTAGE FURNITURE DEPARTMENT, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. I TRAPNELL & GANE, Complete House Furnishers, Carpet and Linoleum Warehousemen, 31 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AT COLLEGE GIIEEN, BRTSTOL; COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. CATALOGUES FREE. ESTIMATES FREE. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO THE NEAREST RAILWAY STATION. [239 m -u u WALTER SHOWELL and SON, Ltd., CROSSWELL'S BREWERY, OLDBURY, BIRMINGHAM. CELEBRATED CROSSWELL'S ALES. MAY BE HAD IN BARREL OR BOTTLE FROM THE AGENT— R. O. JONES, ■ V; ■' GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, WESTMINSTER STORES, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. FINE PALE ALE FROM 10D. PER GALLON. > Either 4 £ Gallon 9 Gallon, 18 and upwards. i LOOK! LOOK!! LOOK! Ii WHAT'S COMING. THE RENOWNED 'WORLD'S FAIR,' FR-IM PENARTH ROAD, CARDIFF, Where they have had a very successful stay during this last year. Comprising the Celebrated GALLOPING HORSES. AMERICAN SWINGS and BOATS. ARIEL SWITCHBACK RAILWAY, SHOOTING SALOONS. COCOANUT BOWLING. AUNT SALLIES, FINE ART EXHIBITION, WAXWORK COLLECTION, and BOSTOCR'S FAMOUS MENAGERIE. The whole forming a vast Combination of Amusements, never before see a in this District, will • „ positively commence '■ ON SATURDAY, APRIL 22ND, 1893, FOR THREE WEEKS ONLY. The whole beautifully Illuminated Every Evening with the New Patent Star Light, on the Large Open Ground, OPPOSITE THE GAS WORKS, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. The South Wales and SJoamontlishire School j of Ifusie, Cardiff. Patron—THE MOST NOBLE THE MARQUESS OF BUTE. Principal—JOSEPH PARRY, Esq., Mus. Doc. j MR. MENDELSSOHN PARRY (La.te Professor at the Harrow Music School and Deputy Professor at the Guildhall School of Mysic, London.") has made arrangements to Visit Cardiff and BARRY weekly, to give PIANOFORTE LESSONS in connection with the above Institution. For further particulars apply to, the Secretary, South | Wales and Monmouthshire School of Mus-c. Queen- street, Cardiff, or Mendelssohn Parry, 31, James'- square, Notting Hill. London, W. IDDESLEIGH HALL, LATE THEATRE ROYAL, CADOXTON. T 0 LET FOR DRAMATIC ENTERTAIN- MENTS, CONCERTS, BALLS, BAZAARS, MEETINGS, &c. TERMS MODERATE. Apply, L. BARNETT, G. CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE, 1-) LIMITED. ])A.I'i.Y SET!.TICK CARDIFF and WESTON bv fclM* .SALOON SSeamer D Y IIAILLJ AUET. LK.WK C.VRDI1M- LK.VVK WESTOX. SAT., April 29. — 7.30 u.-rn., SAT., April 20. — BJ0 a.m., 3.0 p.m. 8 40 p.m. MOX., Mav 1. — S.15, a.m., MO.V., May 1. -9.15, a.m., 3.50 5.45 p.m. ¡ 4.50. 7.30 p.in. it: 2.-C.i'5a.:«.. 4.20, TrKS., Way 2. 8.45 a.m., 6.30 i'.1ll. 5.20. 3.0 1'.m. •„ WKJ)., .'[iiy. 3. 9.20,• a.m., VVKD., May 3.-10.15 a.m., 4.30. 8.30 ,p.vu. E 30, 8.0 p.m. THT'RR.. M».y 4.-2.20, 11.15 TUCKS.. M;iy 4.—10.10 a.m., n.m., 5.45 I'ii. 4.45, 7.30 p.m. PRT., May 5. — 9.3C, 11.30 FHL, Miv 5.— 10.30 am., a.m" G 15 p.m. 5.15,7.3.0 p.m. F-vr 1'11;1 !"u-ti".¡)ar3 FTC Rills. KDW AKD ROBESTSOK & CO, Agents, IC5, Bute Dock. Cardiff. NorrICE. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that EDWARD f ADAMS and ROBERT ELLIS, trading as ADAMS & CO., Hauliers, have this day DIS- SOLVED PARTNERSHIP, and that the business will be carried on by EDWARD ADAMS, 16, Quarella-street, Cad oxton. (Signed) EDWARD ADAMS. Dated April 11th. 1893. I CIYIL SERVICE APPOINTMENTS. Age 15 to 25 ladies under 20. Salaries ranging from £ 80 to 4^400. Candidates wanted for Higher and Lower Divisions, Customs, Excise, Telepraph Learners, &c. Preparation by Correspondence conducted by a staff of 20 tutors. Over 11,000 Successes in 7 years. Unexcelled., Reduced Ilces to Students joining Classes now. Prospectus Free from the Secretary, British Correspondence College, Queen's Road, New CW38 Gate, London, S.E. Whenever I have symptoms of Hoarseness coming on, I always fly to my favourite remedy, LEWIS'S PKCTORAL BALSAM, take a dose or two. and am tght Is. lid. and 2s. 3d. per bottle. WHY? WHY? WHY?—Why should peopJe suffer from Liver Complaints? Why complain nf Indiges tion ? Why 'bear the Pains of Disordered Stomach ? Why be wearied with Weak Nerves? Why he dis- tressed with Skin Diseases ? Why endure Hea daehe ? Why be troubled with Bad Blood? Wiiy be tortured with Rheumatism ? Why be a martyr to Fits, Ecs/.ema, Piles ? When Hughes's Blood Pills will Boon relieve yon from every trouble. Sold by every Chemist and dealer in Patent Mecicines at la lkcl., 8d., and 4s. Sd.—Advt. "To follow a good example is praiseworthy, but to offer a serious imitation of a good medicinal prepara- tion, in order to profit thereby and defraud the public, is a mean and despicable act. Avoid imitations of Gwilym Evans' Bitters, many of wrbich arc being palmed upon the public as genuine Quinine Bitters. See advt. page. [25 The rate of Subscription to the SOUTH WALES ST A It; posted to addresses within the United Kingdom, payable in advance, is as follows:- One Year. 6s. ad. Half-year 3e. 3d. One-Quarter is. 3d IDDESLEIGH HALL, i (LATE THEATRE ROYAL, CADOXTON). Proprietors BARNETT&SONS. TIE BAMY &AMICK" I HISTEIOIIO SOCIETY i WILL GIVE THEIR I 0 T FIRST T PERFORMANCE l f ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th, I IN AID OF THE SUFFERERS BY THE RECENT GREAT WESTERN COLLIERY DISASTER 1 ¡ AT PONTYPRIDD. To Commence with the Famous .1 TRIAL SCENE ¡- From the "MERCHANT OF VENICE," Followed by that Screaming Comedy Farce, "MY WIFE'S MAID, j INTERSPERSED WITH VOCAL AND I INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. THE BARRY STRING BAND have kindly con- ¡ sented to render Selections of Music. For Full Casts and Particulars see window bills. Tickets obtainable from the Stage Manager, Hun. Sec. (Star Office), or Mr. L. Thomas, Hon. Treasurer and Acting Manager, Metropolitan and South Wales Bank, Cadoxton. Admission :—Reserved Seats. 2s. 5d, Stalls, 2s.; Pit and Balcony, Is. Gallery, 6d. Stage Manager Mr. W. H. Taylor. Hon. Sec. Mr. F. Cornish. Barry House, Barry, near Cardiff. MESSRS. STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER Jkyi. are instructed by S. H. Romilly. Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel. Cardiff, on SATURDAY, the 6th May, 1893. at Four o'clock in Afternoon, the compact, comfortable, and exceedingly pleasantly situated Residence, known as Barry House," Formerly occupied by the late Colonel Romilly, and containing entrarce-hall, with outside lobby, dininjr, drawing, and mo-ning rooms, kitchen and domestic offices on the first floor, (five bedrooms and w.c. on second floor, four bedrooms and boxroom on the fh rd fo"r, and wine and ale cellars, meat larders, coal cellars, &c. in the basement The outside premises comprise three stall stables and eoaci- iKiu&e, with two living rooms over for groom or coach man; also ash-house, wood house, tool house, and game larder, &c. There is also a, gardener's cottage. The House is near the Parish Church, on the southern slope of the hill, with well-laid-out grounds, and com- manding fine views of the surrounding country, Channel, and English coast, and being within five minutes' walk of the Barry Terminus on the Barry Railway system. The Property which is about three acres in extent is Leasehold, and is held for the residue of a t.-i m of 99 years, from 1st May, 18S3, at a peppercorn rent. Early possession will be given. Particulars. Plans, Conditions, and Orders to view, may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff; R. Forrest, Esq., St. Fagans" near-Cardiff ;• or to W. H. Lewis, Esq., Solicitor, I Cardiff. I BARRY DOCK, BARRY. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. I SALE OF LEASEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCES. MESSRS. STEPHENSON AND ALEXANDER are instructed to SELI^ by AUCTION, at Culley's Hotel, Barry Dock, on THURSDAY, the 1st June next, at 7.30 p.m., Eighteen Substantially Erected Leasehold Villa Residences, f Situate in Kingsland-crescent, Barry Dock, being "within the immediate vicinity of the Railway Station at Barry Dock. pnd also within fifteen minutes' walk of the Dock itself. Further particulars will appear in future advertise- ments. •In the nieautime all particulars may bfi obtained upon application to the Auctioneers, 5 High-street, upon application to the Auctioneers, 5 High-street, Cardiff, or to J. A. Hughes, Esq., 24 "Solicitoi Barry. SAIE 0JF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD j MESSUAGES j ATCADOXTON-JUXTA-BARRY, BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. MR. MORGAN MORGAN ha received instruc- J tions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Wenvoe Arms,1 Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, on FRIDAY, the 5th day of May, 1893, at Seven o'clock p.m. (subject to Conditions to be then and there produced) all that desirable LEASEHOLD VILLA, together with the large Orchard and Garden held therewith, situate at Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, and known as Meadow View. And also all that Cottage at the rear of Meadow View Villa, and known as Moss Cottage. The whole of the above Property is held under lease for a terra of 99 years from the 15th day of May, 1889. at, a yearly ground rent of A:7 14s., and will be offered in One Lot. For Further Particulars apply to JOSEPH HENRY JONES, Esq., I Solicitor, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, Or to the Auctioneer, Albert-chambers, High-street, Cardiff.

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