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TRADE ADDRESSES. NOTICEF ACCURATE TIME FOR LITTLE MONEY. From 10s. 6d to 75s. TT WAT"BRB u Ry WATCHES. These World-famed Watches are now made in Nickel, Silver, and Gold filled Cases, axe Jewelled, Dust-proof, and are without. doubt the best value ever offered. REPAIRS MODERATELY AND PROMPTLY EXECUTED. j .J; Watches sent Post Free on receipt of Postal Order A. MONTGOMER-Y, THE. WATERBURY WATCH DEPOT. 144, Royal Arcade, CARDIFF. _4 Important Notice. G. OEIVER,I'I TF(E GREAT BOOT SALESMAN, Betrs to Inform his numerous Customers and the Public generally that he has itEMOVED from YERB-STREET, CADOXTON TO 99, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK, Where Business is being carried on under same Management. Our Customers will here find the Largest and Best-selected Stock of BOOTS & SHOES IIJ THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, All Goods marked in Plain Figures, and our Prices here are the same as at our Cardiff Branches. So you can make your Purchases here and Save your Train Fare. MRSTIJJCAS. 46, LOMBARD STREET, BARRY DOCK. Ladies' Sick Nurse. THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED. 4 -n- SMADE TO MEASURE DEPARTMENT. Our New Patterns for the We1 Solicit your GEIUCKS. Fit and Quality Guaranteed at Reasonable Prices. &. G-AUIBTT, TAII.Oll AND Cl-OTHI'ICB WEI.SII FLA^XEI, MAN UFACT CKEE, BARRY ROAD, CADOXTOX MARKET BUILDINGS, BARRY, AXD DINAS POWIS. Fit and Quality Guaranteed at Reasonable Prices. &. G-AUIBTT, !?? TAILOR AND WEI.SII FLA^XEI, MAN UFACT CKEE, BARRY ROAD, !??! CADOXTOX MARKET BUILDINGS, BARRY, AXil DINAS POWIS. W E yAUGHA ajnjj-1. | STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTSI 2. QUEEN-STREET, t CARDIFF. 948 BUTE-STREET. ( fiO WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTII. 53' COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 83 HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR 07'CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. j. Parcels Received and Forwarded Regularly to the Dve-works by District Agents:- Parcels amounting to five shillings sent direct to j works will be returned carriage paid one way. Trade books and price lists sent free on application, w w E VATJGHAN AND c°i M5E CELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, proaucmg S permanent colours, a superior finish, moaerate •charges, and promptness of dispatch. THADE TRADE. ADDRESSES.. | Jotham & Sons, 1 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. JOTHAM & SONS. Spring and Summer Ctaing. • JOTHAM & SONS. J JOTHAM & SONS, The largest Stock JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. And best value ever JOTHAM & SONS. 'J. JOTHAM & SONS. Produced. JOTHAM & SONS.. JOTHAM & SONS. Separate Rooms on Ground Floor JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. For Juvenile Department. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Over 14,000, fourteen thousand square feet of JOTHAM & SONS. Show Rooms. 0- -u. I Woollen Merchants, flatters, Hosiers, and General Outfitters, i. 26 .& 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. O "IT ——— [187 | K Established 1838 (53 years.) CULLERS BARRY DOCK HOTEL, j OPPOSITE RAILWAY STATION AND DOCK OFFICES ), ') SPACIOUS COFFEE-ROOM. PUBLIC RESTAURANT. v ? f ■' SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. r: :V; FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT STORES. #- 7 ADJOINING THE HOTEll (Uf'0 < • CARDIFF ESTABLISHMENTS: )' 'V :s THE EXCHANGE RESTAURANT, CARDIFF DOCKS: | THE PHILHARMONIC RESTAURANT, ST.. MARY STREET. t) TT T T J8r j R. P. CFLLEt & Co., J v T 1 WINE MERCHANTS, č THE EXCHANGE, CARDIFF. [141 I. T. DANDO AND SONS, I Plumbers, Painters, Glaziers, and General Decorators, ELECTRIC BELL FITTERS, j VERE-ST., CADOXTON. I Flush CisternsTHE, H NATIONAL SELF-CLEANSING "WATER EILTER Is Invaluable for Household Use, Schools, Hospitals, Dispensaries,j Asylums, Mineral Water Works Hotels, Laundries, Bakeries, and all Public Institutions. Prices and Patterns can be had on application to I. T. D. AND SONS, -I Prices and Patterns can be had on application to I. T. D. AND SONS, o all the latest Improvements. ■-——i—■ J as above. ■ Coobinir Ranges, Gas Heating Apparatus, and Green-houses Fitted Up by Experienced Hands. GAS FITTINGS IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Electric Appliances for Banks. Hotels, Offices, and Private Houses, Fitted Up with the Latest Inventions, and by Experienced Workmen, at the Cheapest Rates. OH. YES." WILLIAM MUNDAY, ORIGINAL TOWN CRIER & BILL DISTRIBUTOR, 11, IDDESLEIG H-STREET. CADOXTON. (Established 4 Years.) All Order-: Guaranteed to be worked thoroughly on the Shortest Notice. REFERENCES GIVEN, Gave Save the Queen C CHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS.—-Principals oi s Private and other Schools willlio woll to adver- tise in the South Wales Star, which circulates very largely in the South, East, West, and Rhoudda Di- aT'R visioll" ol, Glamorganshire. Quotations for a. series maybe had OMaopHcution to the Manager, at the Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. C. A. WILLIAMS, Chronometer Maker to the Admirality. VIENNA REGULATORS (Imported Direct), and BRACKET CLOCKS from 35s. to £ 3 10s. j WATERBURY AND OTHER WATCHES from 10s. 6d. to 75s. i OPTICIAN AND STATIONER, !&c. DOCK VIEW ROAD, (Opposite the Post Office), BARRY DOCK. DO you desire to realise the best possible prices and secare a numerous company when yon dispose of your Landed Estate, Freehold Property, Stock Merchandise, or Household Furniture ? — See" that your Advertisements are inserted in the South 'Waist '/</<■ TRADE ADDRESSES. ADELIN Å" Pianofortes. !-) .J Cfl c+- t Cí) Ü i'{) cn Cfl s. '5 {j (j) 00 01 a œ ..¡..J< en Edward B. BRADER, 5, Church Street, Cardiff, j FOR GOOD AID CHEAP PIANOS i AND ORGAIS. |i —— Specialite 22 Guinea Piano. | Toning and Repairs of all Instruments carefully | 1 undertaken. » ■■■•■" ——— I I B L, H D 1840. 1 ï1 ftfl SBBBj Baaiw I RAG 8 8 »oil ¡ fi i j. [ h "\rvDh8B THOMPSuK'b PILLS will absolu'.e.y prevent Consntaption if taken early and continued with unti the constitution is thorougly restorcl. Thousand* of young women die annually by l1cg'lætillg this simple, yet the most remarkable, of medicines. Ttie blood becomes impaired, Viencc j decay of the lunffS and other organs naturally follow. "VfuBSK THOMPSON'S I'l'LLS arc specially suited for all j Jj| ladies, regardless of age. The taking of those medicines j advertised for the cure of disorders of both sexes have produced the most alarming results therefore, NX.TISB THOMPSON'S SPILLS should be every ]adv's medieinefor all purposes. SPILLS should be every medieinefor all purposes. Note from a correspondent :—" I nmst thank you, and con gratulate my daiighter, aged 25, upon a marvellous improve- ment in bodily health and personal appearance. I'ive months ago her condition was such as to excite not only pity, but j ¡ alarm, amongst tliose interested in her welfare. We gave Nurse Tfwmpsort's Pills a fair trial; and, from a girl of feeble Ii' strength and sickly complexion, she has developed into a rosy- faced well-developed young woman." The above is an extract of thousands of similar letters re- I' ceived by ns, TRY THEM for Head-Ache, Pains in the Back or Limbs. Faintness, Sickness, Giddiness, Languor.. Constipation, Plush- ings of Heat, Palpitation, Indigestion, Change of Life. Swollen Limbs, and all other IRREGULARITIES. [256 Thorottghgood's x I ALL EMBROCATION: GIVES IMMEDIATE RELIEF FOR ALL ji IJ1IOHT.NESS OF THE CHEST, COUGHS, CHEST COLDS, BRONCHITIS, SORE THROAT, ASTHMA, STIFF NECK, RHEUMATISM, j LITMBAOO. CRAMP, &c.\ <" t To be had of all Chemists and Druggists or Post j Free on receipt of P.O.O., Is. l^d. and 2s. Ed. [ 1 •.• PBEPASED ONLY BY TKOROUGHGOOl) AK1) CO., ( 275, HIGH HOLBORN. LONDON, W.C. j -u, PRINTING of all kinds, LETTERPRESS and LITHOGRAPHIC, done promptly at the "STAR" OFFICE, VKKE-STKEET, CADOXTON.—The Parcels Post affording great facilities for cheap and rapid transmiflsibn of Parcels, the Management will henceforth avail themselves of it to forward small, parcels of circulars, Sac., to their many country custom- ers. Orders executed by return of post when sa | requited. TRADE ADDRESSES. WE HA YE NOW BEEN Before the Public for nearly a quarter of a century, and notliwithstandinf the severe and keen competition in our trade, we are still to the front and the demand for our Goods is increasing daily. WHY IS THIS? Because our Goods have stood the Test, and are found to be what we advertise them to be-viz., "Best and Cheapest." We are now prepared with a SPLENDID NEW STOCK 01' CLOTHING FOR SPRING WEAR For Gentlemen, Youths, and Boys. IX orn BESPOKE DEPABTMENT We hold a Choice Selection of Beautiful Cloths of every kind, and such as will satisfy the most fastidious person. These Cloths cut and made up ui good style and tinish which we turn out our Goods cannot but give complete satisfaction to those friends who will favour us with orders for their requirements for Spring Wear. Masters &' Company, y'sLThe leading Clothiers in South Wales and the West of England, 29 and 30, St. Mary Street, ) 282,. Bute-street, V CARDIFF. 1, St. John's Square, > j r485 (Corner of Queen-street) CARDIFF. CARDIFF. REGISTERED TRADE HARK. JOHN JAMES & CO. ARE NOW SHOWING THE Latest Novelties T FOR SUMMER WEAR IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. 4. The Largest and Choicest Assortment of FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY Out of London. The Latest Models in Mantles, Jackets, Capes, Blonses, &c. We Challenge the Trade in this Department for Value, Fit, Style, and Workmanship. Irish Hand-Made Underclothing. Special Rang? of Irish Hard-made Underclothing in Ladies. Misses, and Children's—all sizes. Special Value in our Talerkut Corsets: 6/11, 7/11. 8/11 per Pair. Full Range of the New Long-waisted Corsets 2;6id.2/11-Jd.. 3;'6:;d.. 3.lljd.. 4?lljd. Our Popular Fancy Dress Department. A Grand Range of the Newest Fabrios. Patterns sent on Application. j Household Linens and Plain Drapery at Manufacturers' List Prices. j Special Line, New Patters, Flannelettes at 2fd. and 3";d. per yard. Prints, Sattens, Delaines, &c. Special Value, New Patterus. Dressmaking on the Premises under Competent Hands Charges strictly in accordance with a High-class Ready Money Trade. -p- j JOHN JAMES & CO., 28, 29, and SO, High-street, and 30, 32 and 34, Castle Arcade, j CARDIFF. RENOWNED FOR FASHIONABLE GOODS. j THE BEST ARTICLE AT THE LOWEST PRICE. I [QJ.7 rp 0 X TIN E ASSURANCE. ril H Egreat obstacle to the universal adoption of Life X Assurance amongst, salaried officials is the fact that in most offices premiums remain payable during the whole period of life, long after the productive years have passed, thus becoming a serious burden, whilst, at the same time, the surrender value are so entirely disproportionate to the amount paid as premium that payment can only be discontinued at very serious loss, For instance, persons who arc entitled to retire with pensions from their employment constantly find them- selves obliged to remain at their posts, being otherwise unable to provide from their lessened income the necessary sum for the maintenance of their whoh life policies. These obstacles are overcome by the Tontine Policies issued at ordinary life rates by the EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES. The Society's Policies, with Twenty Year Tomine Periods now maturing, show (after furnishi116 protec- 'tiOl'l for twenty years) a return in every case of more than the total amount paid in premiums. All Twenty Year Endowments show a return of the premium paid, with interest at rates between 6 and 7 per cent. per annum. SEND FOR PROSPECTUS TO EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, B A N K B U I L D I N G S, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF [174 WM. TRIG OS, MAN AGER. ''LEWIS'S RRCTORAL BALSAM did me a wonder- full atnoKat4ir:good. It relieved my cough instantly j. —Is. Ljil jj«ai»ottle. j CHLOffiQ^LlNSEED Cough Lozenges, post free j 7a. BURGLARY INSURANCE GENER.. L ACCIDENT ASSURANCE :nUPORA TION (LTD). CAPITAL, £100,000, Chief Oificcs- Victoria. Buildings, Perth 4, Abchurcli Y ard, London, B.C. Manager—F. Norie Miller. BURGLARY DEPARTMENT. A 11 Householders should cover this r'sk Country M;: vision House Ss.n.rjEKM Town Residences 5s.er £ l»o' Shops and Warehouses 7 6 per £ 1SQ All loss is-covered np to the amount ot Le insur- ance without, reference to the value of the coutente of the house. Damage to goods and premises also covered. The Corporation also transacts Personal Accident Fidelity Guarantee, Third Party Vehicle or Street Accident and Employers' IjiEibility Assurance Prospectuses and full particulars of all Depart- menta free on application to above Office, or to District Ofhce, 26, Glynrnondda-stieet, Cardiff. N.B — Applications for Agencies invited. Large and yaluaoie agency easily established. Liberal com- allowed f4(^4 E. J. ROBERTS, PLUMBER, GASFIl'TEii. cii(x > wRITFT* HOUSE-DECORATOR. &c. • 81, HIGII STREET, BARRY, Established 1885. Thousands of Pieces of Paper from- 2d. per liece and upwards always in Stock. Largest ?r-r'voT?tl0r^APER GAS and FITTINGS in the District.Iiiiito-uf l6