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A GLANCE AROUND CADOXTON, BARRY, MID BA!tl\Y DOCK. I fear my child will never get well; these March winds have nearly killed her said a fond mother. "Don't be disheartened," replied a neighbour. Try a course of Gwilym Evans' Bitters. It has cured many, when all other means had failed. There is nothing like it for strengthening the weak, and bracing up the system." See advt. page. [19 IT WILL PAY YOU to have your Watch and Clock Repairs done by a practical Watchmaker. This you can do by sending your Watch and Clock Repairs to W. COOMBS, Market Chambers, Barry, 10 years first-class experience, late with Mr J, Hettich 30, Queen-street, Cardiff [60 PRESENTATION. At the last fortnightly meeting of the Sons of Temperance Cadet Section n. presentation was made to Mr. and Mrs. Cooke, confectioners, Cadoxton, on the occasion of their marriage. The presentation took the form of a tea service, which was presented by Mr. Radcliff, the secretary. Mr. Cooke, who is the worthy patron, thanked the members for the kindness they had showa him and his wife. Mr. Radcliff said a few wards, ,and wished Mr. and Mrs. Cooke a happy and prosperous life. The meeting then terminated. ENTERTAINMENT AT THE WESLEYAN CHAPEL, BARRY DOCK. A grand entertainment was held at the Wesleyan Chapel. Barry Dock, on Wednesday night last. The Chapel was filled to its utmost, and Mr. J. Lowdon occupied the chair. When the following excellent programme was gone through :—Piano- forte solo, Caliph de Bagdad," Mr. Rees Jones song, While the silver tints the Mr. E. Thomas quartette, Thou wilt show me the path of life," Mr. J. Davies and party song. Ann.- arm, he brave," Mr. J. Lewis recitation, Woman and work," Miss L. Wilcox ,song,Q-Ií:{rest in the Lord," Mrs. Bumford; part song, Softly falls the shades of evening," Mr. J. Lewis and Party; Chairman's address:5^ recitation, The death bridge of the ^ay," Mr. Clarke quartette, Miss Phillips aitd'party song, Miss Mastersquartette, "Gpd'is a Spirit," Mr. J. Lewis and party duett, -•"Oh, lovely peace," Misses Phillips and Jones; song, Alone on the raft," Miss Clemence reeita- tion, Miss Dunn. Mr. Rees Jones tastefully accompanied.—A vote of thanks was then moved by Mr. Smith-Jones to the chairman, and all who had taken part in the proceedings, which was suitably responded to by Mr. Lowdon.-The meeting then terminated with the singing of the Doxology. TRAIN ALTERATIONS. There will be no alteration in the Barry Com- pany's trains for the ensuing month. STAR OF BARRY LODGE I.O.G.T. The annual weekly session of the above Lodge was held in the Sea View Restaurant, East Barry, on Tuesday evening in last week. Bro. Henry Richards, chief templar, occupied the chair. The Lodge having been opened, five candidates were initiated. Bro.)Robbins read a communication from the district secretary respecting the next meeting of the District Lodge, to be hsld in Cardiff on March 25. Other business was dealt with, after which a most excellent paper, entitled Objections to Prohibition," was read by Bro. Emery, a mem- ber of one of the Cardiff Lodges. Bro. Emery's aim was to answer the most common objections to prohibitory legislation, and he certainly handled his subject in a most able manner. He referred at some length to the Direct Veto Bill recently in- troduced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.— On the motion of Bro. Vaughan, soconded by Bro. Stocker, it was resolved that a hearty vote of thanks be given to Bro. Emery for his admirable paper.—Bro. Emery having- suitably responded, the Lodge was closed. ST. DAVID'S LODGE I.O.G.T. On Thursday last the usual weekly session of the above lodge was held in the Shaftesbury Tempe- rance Hotel, Cadoxton. Bro. W. W. Fookes, C.T., occupied the chair. The item on the programme was Juveniles to entertain the Lodge." A large number of young people consequently attended. In order that the children should not be detained any longer than was necessary, it was decided that the programme should precede the business, and that the latter should be dealt with after the young folks had departed. Songs, recitations, dialogues, etc., were rendered in a most creditable manner. On the motion of Bro. Richards, seconded by Bro. Willey, it was resolved that a hearty vote of thanks be accorded to those children who had taken part. Bro. Hood complimented the Super- intendent of the Temple, Bro. Smith, on the manner in which the members acquitted themselves, and said that it reflected great credit on the Chief. The business was then proceeded with, after which the Lodge was closed in due form by the C.T, RUN IN FOR SLEEPING ✓OUT AT CADOXTON. At the Penarth Police-court on Monday Patrick Ryan, Jacob Royal, Thomas Welsh, Geo. Thomp- son, John Harrison, Thomas Redmond, John White, Edward Cook, John Anderson, and Thomas Powell were charged under the Vagrancy Act with sleeping out and breaking into a shed on the previous night.-Police-sergeant Ben Davies, Cadoxton, said that at 12.30 a.m. that morning he found the defendants sleeping on a lime kiln at Pencoitre-road, Cadoxton. He took them to the Police-station, wheie they had been locked up all night. The shed adjoining the kiln had been broken into, the boards had been taken out of the shed, and prisoners were sleeping on them. A wheelbarrow was on the kiln burning, and a con- siderable amount of damage had been done. There had been a great many complaints of the men sleeping about on the kilns.-The prisoners were cautioned by the Bench and dismissed. ALLEGED THEFT AT BARRY DOCK.—A NARROW ESCAPE. At Penarth Police Court on Monday a German sailor named Jack Pip was charged on remand with stealing two gold rings, four handkerchiefs, and some collars, from the premises of Mary Norman, of 7, Thompson- street, on the 8th Feb.—Mary Norman, wife of William Normaii, said the prisoner had been boarding with them. Ho was with her from Christmas, and stayed until the first week in Feb- ruary, when he left on the 8th, about ten o'clock in the morning. She did not know he was going, as he did not tell her, but after he was gone she searched and found he had taken his clothes, and also some collars and cuffs from her kitchen drawer, amongst them being some lfo. 20 size. Her daughter also missed two gold rings.—Cross- examined, Mrs. Norman said prisoner's collars were similar to those taken by prisoner, and she could not absolutely swear to the collars produced being the ones lost.- Police-constable William Phillips said that on Wednesday, the 15th inst., about two p.m., he re- ceived the prisoner into custody at the Central Police-station, Cardiff. He charged him with stealing two gold rings, six white collars and fronts, and four pocket handkerchiefs, also one sovereign, the property of Mrs. and Annie Norman. -In answer to the charge, prisoner said Miss Norman gave him the sovereign, as he had acted as a runner for three weeks, and received no pay. When he had the money he went to Cardiff and spent it. All the other things in his bag, includ- ing, the collars, were his own. He went to prisoner's lodgings, at the Milton Hotel, Roath, and searched the prisoner's bag, where he found the collars produced. On being cautioned prisoner said I took away the same number of collars as I took there, but they may have been changed in the washing."—He found nothing of the rings or the handkerchiefs.—Miss Annie Norman said on the 6th she gave defendant a sovereign to go and pay Mrs. Cousin of whom she had borrowed it on the Saturday.—The prisoner was lodging at their house, and her mother had told him to do what he could as he had said he could do a lot of things. He was not a servant, and he had not received any pay.-Prisoner denied the charges, and the bench in dismissing the charge, said he had had a narrow escape of imprisonment. Me would have to be more careful in future, and of course would have to refund the sovereiga which had been entrusted to him. — CONVERSAZIONE AT-BARRY DOCK. A conversazione w.t3 held at Harry's Restaurant on Friday night in connection with the St. Mary Church, Barry Dock. The following were present -Mrs. Gunning, Miss Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Powell, Miss Merriman, Mrs. Talbot, Mrs. Tyley, Miss Corbett, Miss Ilallett, Mrs. Heston. Mrs. Rendall, Mrs. Pomeroy, Mrs. Lewis, Miss Parry, Miss Small, Rev. E. Morris, Drs. Livingstone and Siximith, Messrs. Elkins, Molineaux, F. P. Jones-Lloyd, &o. Tea was pre- pared by the Misses Harry in a very creditable manner, tand after the tables had been cleared the Rev. E. Morris explained why the meeting had been called. He said there was a debt of about £ 100 on the Church at Barry Dock, and they wanted to clear this off. They had, therefore, decided to hold a bazaar, which was to be held the first week in June. A committee of all those present was formed, with power to add to their number, and Dr. Livingstone and Mr. F. P. Jones-Lloyd were appointed joint secretaries; and we understand that pinafores, frocks, and all fancy drapery, will be thankfully received by the secretaries. Songs were given during the evening by Messrs. S. Jones and F. P. Jones-Lloyd, a recitation by Dr. Sixsmith, and the meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the Rev. E. Morris for pre- siding. THE INSTITUTE OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS. Mr. E. John and Mr. Richard Evans (general manager of the Barry Company) will be present at the annual banquet of Naval architects at the Holborn Restaurant, London. Lord Brassey will presideattht. dinner. THEFT OF MONEY AT CADOXTON. At the Cardiff Assizes on Monday Edward Riddy, 18, brushmaker, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment with hard labour for feloniously stealing the sum of £5 83., the moneys of Henry E. Denbury, at Cadoxton—Mr. Francis Howell prose cuted, and two previous convictions were proved against prisoner. KNOCKED DOWN AND INJURED BY A CART. On Friday evening, shortly after seven o'clock, a. boy, named Hatherall, living with his parents in Station-street, Barry Dock, was knocked down by a passing cart, belonging to Mr. Bryant, ale and beer merchant, also of Station-street, whereby he sustained scalp injuries of a shocking nature, a piece of the right side of his head, about four or five inches in length, being torn clean off, and the skull rendered quite bare. Dr. Livingstone was sent for, and he put seven stitches in the wound. The young patient is now progressing as well as possible towards recovery. BARRY WESLEYAN GOSPEL TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. On Saturday evening last the platform was occupied by Good Templars of the district, who appeared in regalia. Rev. G. Payn opened with prayer, and then asked Mr. M'Eachram to preside. Very able addresses were delivered by the Chair- man, Bro. Reddaway, P.D.C.T., and Bro. Fellows, district secretary. Solos were rendered by Sisters Attwood, Hooper, Robins, Holloway (jun.), and Gaer. Bro. Fookes gave a recitation and Bro. Cutler a pianoforte solo. Sisters Attwood (jiin.), Robins, and Holloway were the accompanists. -Bro. Reddaway moved the following resolu- tion :— That this meeting rejoices at the advanced movement made in the temperance cause by the introduction of the Local Veto Bill by her Majesty's Government, and earnestly hopes that it will be so improved in Committee as to embody all the good points of the Welsh Direct Veto Bill, and be pressed forward to completion this session. -This was seconded by Bro. Robins, and unani- mously carried. PROPOSED SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION FOR BARRY. On Friday evening a meeting, convened by the Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A., was held at the Bible Christian Chapel, Barry Dock, to consider the ad- visability of forming a Sunday School Union for the district. The Rev. Jabez Honey presided, and amongst those present were :—Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A., Rev. William Williams. Rev. Graham Payn, Rev. J. Matthews, Rev. W. Tibbott, and a number of Sunday School superintendents and teachers. After the object of the meeting had been fully explained, and discussion taken place, it was decided that another meet- ing should be held on Friday night next, at the Bible Christian Chapel, Barry Dock, to which re- presentatives from all Sunday Schools should be invited to further consider the desirability of forming a Sunday School Union, and to consider the advisability of holding a great united de- monstration. As the question of the formation of a Sunday School Union is a most important one it is trusted there will be a large and representa- tive attendance of teachers at the meeting to be held this (Friday) evening. BARRY STILL GOES AHEAD. I We learn that the Customs authorities having regard to the importance of Barry Dock so far as this department is concerned, have marked their appreciation of their principal officer's (Mr. L. Plowman) services by promoting him from second to first-class superintendant. Mr. J. A. Poole, second in command, has been selected for a special appointment in the outdoor department of the district. This is the second time the status of the Customs at Barry Dock has been raised during the past three years. DISCHARGED WITH A CAUTION. At the Glamorgan Assizes on Tuesday Elizabeth RaIl, aged 24, pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to commit suicide by throwing herself into Barry Dock on the 12th inst. The prisoner said she was drunk at the time, or would not have acted so rashly.—Mr. Bond prosecuted.—Dr. Edward Treharne said he knew the woman very well, having seen her in connection with an assault case at Barry. He saw her soon after her attempted suicide. She was then in a semi- copscious state, and was just recovering from the effects of drink. She was a married woman, and her husband went short voyages to sea.—The gaol surgeon stated that he believed the prisoner to be of sound mind, and after a few words of caution from his Lordship, she was discharged. "DEAD MEN'S GOLD." Dead Men's Gold" was the tittle of a play performed at the Cadoxton Theatre Royal on Saturday evening. There was not a large atten- dance. STAR OF BARRY LODGE I.O.G.T. The usual weekly session of the above Lodge was held in the Sea View Restaurant, Barry, on Tuesday last. Bro. Henry Richards, C.T., in the ohair. An initiation ceremony was performed, and a good deal of business done. Bros. Pyle and Vaughan were appointed as representatives to the next District Lodge, which will be held in Cardiff on Saturday next. After the business the follow- ing programme was gone through :—Solo, Sister Twigden; reading, Bro. Ward solo, Bro. Vaughan solo, Sister M. Robins reading, Sister Hope; solo, Bro. Richards melodeon solo, Bro. Hood, jun. Sisters E. Robins and Pearce arranged the programme. The programme next week will be arranged by Bros. Panniers and Robins. Next session, Tuesday, March 28. HE WANTED TO KNOW THE TIME. At the Assizes on Tuesday William John, 40, a fireman, was indicted for breaking and entering the shop of William Hayes and John Hayes, the tvell-known opticians, and stealing a clock, their property, at Cadoxi on-juxta-Barry, in February last.-—Mr. Rhys Williams prosecuted, and pointed out that on the night of the 6th of February the prisoner was found standing in the doorway of the shop, the window of which was broken, and a clock abstracted therefrom.-The jury pronounced the prisoner guilty, and previous convictions having been recorded against him, he was com- mitted to prison with hard lalour for 18 months, and ordered to be subject d to 12 moaths' police supervision afterwards.