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AUNT MARIA'S DIARY OF THE DOINGS ROUND THE TOWNS. H'm Good morning, have you ———-————— read the Star ? o S If not, please do so in future, as I have now a few words to say to you. ¡: Of coucse, you know your old friend—and my near relative—Mr. Gadabout? Well, he is no more, poor fellow, and his dear aunt has nosv taken his place. G-ADABGOT.—On March 17th, Mr. Gadabout. Though lost to sight,. To memory ever dear. I wanted to put the above notice under the heading of Eirths, Marriages, and Deaths, but Editor would have none of it. Any little itesn-of news which you have I shall •be pleased to deal with, and now my dear little Misses just look cuit. I am shocked, and well any respectable person might be. Just fancy. I have heard that a number of boys have been bathing already at Sully beach. The water was cold-but if I had my way I would make them warm. Shakespeare says;, I kocw a Bank." Yes, and so do I—Lloyd's new premises at Barry Dock. Quite up to date. 01: Alderman and Mrs. Meggitt and Mrs. Sibbering Jone3 are at present staying at Biaritz. Two young gentlemen who brought their sweet- hearts to Cadoxton for a day's pleasure on Sunday last were placed in an awkward position on Sunday night-the last train went out before :they hacl time to get in. # »: It seemed rather hard lines for the poor fellows especially, as they had taken rat urn half tickets. Messrs. Lewis and Co., of Maia-street, Cadoxton, have a large stock of the necessaries of life. They are family grocers, flour and provision merchants. It is a well-known saying that a city on a hill cannot be hidden. Such is the case with Penarth. It is so elevated that all the doings of the inhabi- tants are known. The latest bit of gossip which has reached my ears concerns a young man who has had the go-by from his lady-love. He is a tall young fellow, and as everyone knows is daddy's boy." But he had not the courage to tell them at home of his affec- tion for a good-looking lady near Cardiff, and when his family came in sight the other day he ran away from her. "The young lady was determined to stick to the old saying that "None but the brave deserve the fair," and she put him on £ iie side. He now moarns his loss, and when his darling was asked about the affair, she replied that there was as good fish in the sea as had ever been caught, even in Penarth muddy waters. I am told that a certain damsel in Penarth, who is very fond of using the expression That is hard pencils her eyebrows. Does she use H. H. or H.B." ? How ungallant. Last week as the Taff Vale train left the Cardiff station for Penarth a young lady was to be seen hurrying along the platform. She jumped into the first carriage, but much to her disgust discovered it to be "a smoker." There were several" toffs" in the carriage smoking "tobacco" in pipes and cigarettes—cigars were out of the question-but neither were gallant -enou.fh to go without their smoke to oblige a lady. # # & A couple of individuals are extremely anxious to ascertain who contributes to the Star from Penarth. Go it, much good may the knowledge do you, my crusty ones. is it true tnat a young man in vugall wjuu been married two years has so improved in his modesty of late that he cannot summon up courage to kiss his better half. It is remarked that in days gone by he did not object to the kissing process for two or three hours at a time. > I am informed that Captain J. J. Handcock and Major Fry have given £ 1 each to the Rector of Cadoxton towards the debt of the St. Mary Church, Barry Dock. # How delightful I am told that on Saturday week last a young gentleman got into a train at Penarth, and there found a lady friend with a baby. He kissed the former, but not the "dear little baby." Was he afraid of being mistaken for the papa ? # Do people generally eat wedding cake hot ? asked a lady at Penarth recently of an assistant at the confectioner's shop. This dear little miss was about to be married, but did not order the wedding oake until the day previous to the long-looked-for event. It is reported that Mr. J. Rees, of Sully, has had a patent granted him for improvements in coal shipping machinery, and that illustrations of his patent have appeared in the Official Journal. v. There is a young man in Penarth whose name begins with a "T." who is in love with a house- maid,, but has not the courage to tell her so. But at the same time, therei is another fellow in the field, and poor T thinks he is out of it. But I am told that Mr.T'is?'first favourite and bound to win if he will but try, although the second one is a fair lady-kilier. The odds are two to one on the first favourite,.and the lady think he will suit her to a T." Rather shame than death" said one of the gentlemen at a recent dinner, but when those around smiled he put it the other way about. I am told, however, that he gave the Welsh of it all right. „ A friend of mine went to Wenvoe on Saturday last—at least that is what he says-and saw a number of persons playing games in a field, and when he got to the village he was given the names of a number of young fellows who were to have been seen on the previous Sunday playing games also. >I: Our Religious 'Editor threatens to go to Vvenvoe and preach to the people there. He believes they are sadly in want of something of that sort. I am told that a well-known house at Wenvoe has lately been broken into—by the wind. At least it is evident that there has been something wrong there, as a, clothes-horse now does service for a gate. ffi Major-Gen I^ee, of Dinas Powis. was one of thg grand j t le Glamorgan Winter Assizes this week. -if It is a pity that the Barry Company caxnot work their tramway by electricity, all because another party object. It will now have to be worked either by steam or horse power. rjt Do you know that Wenvoe Church is one of the prettiest in the -district ? I am assured that such is the case. Jp When at Wen voe last week a friend of mine heard that a young gentleman had been threatened a ducking in the puaid near the Post-office for in- sulting a young from that village. Judging from some of the young fellows my friend met, there are plenty of able chaps about for that sort of work. w Last Thursday nigkt,a young gentleman travel- ling from Cardiff to Ca&axton was so wrapped up' in the Star that he forgot that he had to change at Penarth Dock. and had it not been for a friendly word from a fellow passenger he would have been carried on to Penarth. What a nice walk-he would have had at lO.SÐ:p'.ln, to Cadoxton. But he would have had a guiding Star. ■ In last week's Star I referred to the case of a young man who determined to get married within a few°days after meeting a young lady. I am now told that his intended wife is a widow, and that he determined to marry her because he thought he could not get another chance. However, it is all off now, and on Saturday last he yielded to his friends' persuasion, and wiiaadrew the banns. What price a breach of promise smit? I understand that Mr. and Mrs. John Cory have left Vaindre Hall and are now in residence at Duffryn, St. Nicholas. Do you require a handyman to work for you? If so go to Dinas Powis, where I am told there is a young man who is quite a genius, aadhas a know- ledge of more than one trade. # & Is Dinas Powis Common public property ? Such is the question I am asked, but can only assure those in doubt upon this subject that if they will take the trouble to be present at the next football match they will be able to decide for themselves. • Is it true that an intelligent young man from Dinas Powis exclaimed recently, to the discom- forture of the touch-line umpire, that he has as much right there as the football players. Won't .there be a shindy when they see this in print. I am told that there are some young men from Dinas Powis having such exalted opinions of their family connections that they cannot find young ladies in the neighbourhood good enough to share their high flown notions. But I have been in- formed that one of these YOUélg gents attempted to break the frail construction of maternal influence, and being determined to follow the natural course like other young men, betook himself down to Sully in quest of a young and fair damsel who .resides at that place. Poor fellow He got a snubbing for his pains. # & & Waiting, waiting, waiting What for, you ask ? Why, for another start, to be sure, of the St. Aij-drew's Bellringers. Don't you know that it is getting near Easter-time. No doubt the old hand3 will want a reconstruc- tion. Ah, yes. They will most probably want to ring change this time (Dinas). I thought we lived in an age of freedom, but I am afraid that there are people living in Dinas Powis who think differently. Just now there is a petition going the rounds of parishes for signatures against the Welsh Suspensory Bill. But where do we find them. I am sure I don't know, but I feel we find them. I am sure I don't know, but I feel certain that they are not placed in chapels. « "Just put your name to this paper,, please," said a young lady to a friend of mine hear the Churchyard at Dinas Powis last week. Of course he was anxious to oblige a lady, but although he was taken into a comfortable room and accom- modate with a seat at a table, so that his hand might not shake, he positively refused to sign the document. It was nothing less than the above mentioned petition.. He still goes to Church. No, my friend, I have no grave to decorate in Dinas Powis Churchyard before Palm Sunday. If I bad I don't think any amount of persuasion would get me to sign a petition of any kind while engaged in such a task, even though I were met with one before leaving. 9 I am glad that my Dinas Powis friends are fond of music, but they assure me that they made a decided objection to anything that cannot be classed as quite up to date. They tell me that they have a young man, who dressed in plush breeches and gaters goes each morning with a one- keyflutc to serenade the damsels of the village. Get your hair cut! But where? Why at the best fitted-up and most suitable establishment in the district—Marsh's Hairdressing Saloons, Holton- road, Barry Dock. 110 I am told that my friend, Mr. E. Thomas, of London House, Vere-street, Cadoxton, has some genuine bargains during his great clearance sale which is now proceeding. Go and look for yourself. de I have just paid a visit to Holton-road, Harry Dock, and found that Mr. Radcliffe, the florist., has a beautiful assortment of spring flowers, suitable for Palm and Easter Sunday decorations. o ;;> (j A real treat is in store for the people of the dis- trict. On April 15th, at the Public-hall, Barry Dock, a grand concert will be held, and at which the principle feature will be performances by the Penarth Temperance Handbell Ringers. The proceeds will be handed over to the Cadoxton Recabbites. « o o Advertise in the Star, and then your advertise- ments will get a chance of being seen in the Houses of Parliament. Last week, at one of the Committee-rooms, about a dozen South Wales Stars were in use. I believe some of the lawyers are glad I am in Wales, instead of London. There are four candidates, up to the present, for the position of collector to the Local Board. I wish the promoters of the Sunday School Union scheme every success. A meeting of teachers and representatives will take place at the Bible Christian Chapel on this (Friday) night. A hearty welcome will be given to all the represen- tives of the various sections of the Christian Church. The Secretary of the Garrick Histrionic Society bids me announce that a practice will take place this (Thursday) evening, at 8 o'clock, prompt m Lord and Lady Windsor and suite have gone to St. Pagan's Castle. Over three hundred men at present engaged on the Yalkyrie in the Graving Dock Co.'s Dock. That David Davies ? said a spectator pointing to a statue of the late gentleman, "Well, I wouldn't give much for his clothes." Some people seem born lucky. A short time since a Cadoxton female came in for a good fortune, and has retired to Penarth to enjoy it. This week A Cadoxton navvy has become the possessor of a, fortune of AG a week. He looks splendid, too, in his new clothes. Jfc There was only one really disappointed young man on Thursday last. He was heard to mutter, as he purchased all the papers available, Well, I'm dashed 'Here have I procared two or three chimney cases, and not any name mentioned V Who are the two married ladies who lefi; this morning for Liverpool to spend a little time at the three-legged man. If, so a friend says, you want to hear music rendered (ahem—murdered ?) go to Princess- street, Barry, of an evening. A smoking concert is to be held at tlje Witchill Hotel, Cadoxton, on Saturday evening next, March the 25th, in connection with the local athletic club3. Dr. O'Donnell will preside. To commence at 7.30. The Histrionic Society have arranged for a per- formance at the Theatre Royal, Cadoxton, on Wednesday, April, 19ch. :I: I learn that the Welsh inhabitants of this district are determined to have a pleasant time on Easter Monday. There will be a musical festival in the Tabernacle, Holton, for children in the morning, and for adults at the late Public Hall, Barry, in the afternoon and evening. Who is that young man that got thrown out of his lodgings with his landlady because he stayed out too late at night ? I am told that he was kept outside last week for several hours. V « ok A man old enough to be her father has been seen cuddling a little girl of about fourteen on the Moors. Is it the same individaul who recently made the acquaintance of that big black dog ?


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