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BARRY AND DISTRICT TRADES COUNCIL, Under the presidency of Mr. Harper, the fort- nightly meeting of the above council was heftd at the Victoria Hotel, Holton, last Friday evening. In addition to the president, there were present Mr. J. Harrison (vice-president), Mr. J. Rees (secretary), Mr. Thomas (assistant secretary), Messrs. T. Rendell, T. S. Thomas, Thomas Dyke, J. Lovering, R. Davies, W. Copp, T. Henson, Ivor LI. Thomas, J. H. Morris, J. Tutton, and E. Jones. PRIZE DRAWING. The roll having been called, and the minutes of the previous meeting read and confirmed, Mr. Rees stated that the special meeting convened on the previous Monday for furthering Mr. H. Davies' prize drawing was so meagrely attended that nothing of definite nature had been decided upon. Mr. J. Lovering stated that he had seeured an article suitable for a prize, which he had brought to the special meeting referred to. The Council, feeling that the keenest interest ought to be shown in Mr. Davies' welfare, resolved to approach the tradespeople of the district, and urge upon them the desirability and utility of their co-operation in this matter, by contributing of their goods as prizes-for instance, a grocer might offer a ham, or a clothier a suit of clothes, &c. It was deemed expedient to set about the work systematically, and the under-mentioned gentlemen volunteered to canvass the district as follows :—Cadoxton, Messrs. J. Rees and T. S. Thomas; Holton, Messrs. J. Lovering and J. Tutton Barry, Messrs. Burgess and J. Price Local and School Boards, Messrs. W. Copp, T. Thomas, and T. Henson. THE QUESTION OF CENTRAL CLASSES. Mr. Rees reported that the School Board had determined to defer the establishment of central classes for a few months. TEACHING WELSH IN SCHOOLS. Instructions were given to the Board member to vote for Dr. Edwards' motion re the introduction of Welsh into the schools as a specific subject, Mr. Rees having pledged himself to such a course in his election address. A CLERK OF WORKS WANTED. The advisability of appointing a clerk of works for the Barry Infants' Schools about to be erected was considered, and the Council decided, through its representative, to bring the matter before the notice of the Board. The nature of some of the school buildings amply proving the wisdom of p adopting such a course. SEAMEN AND THEIR WAGES. Messrs. Harrison, J. H. Morris, and E. Jones having dealt exhaustively with the hardship sailors underwent at the present time owing to the reduction in their wages, it was pointed out that sailors often had to ship without receiving an advance note, consequently having to leave their families unprovided for, and dependent upon parochial authorities. The following resolution touching the matter was unanimously passed :— That this Councils strongly condems the action of a, section of the shipowning fraternity in seeking for a reduction of seamen's wages from £ 4 5s. per month to £ 3 10s. to Y.3 15s for A.B.'s and firemen respectively, and are of opinion that such action is unjustifiable, considering the dangerous nature of their employment and their condition of life generally, they being unable to provide for those dependent upon them on such paltry pittance, the result being against the interests of the majority of the ratepayers. THE LOCAL BOARD ELECTION. The advisability or otherwise of running a labour candidate at the approaching Local Board election occupied considerable time, some being of opinion that the branches ought to be consulted on the matter, whilst others thought delay was dangerous. Eventually it was unanimously decided to invite Mr. Gilead Brock, the late treasurer of the Council. te contest, under the auspices of the Council, one of the wards-probably the East Ward, which includes -the major part of Cadoxton, of which place Mr. Brock has been a resident nearly all his lifetime. BURIAL BOARD ELECTION. The Secretary was instructed to send to the Echo the names of the candidates the Council intended putting forward for the Burial Board honours, and urge upon the working men rates payers the importance of presenting themselves in order to support the Labour members. The nominees of the Council are as follows :—Cadoxton Parish, Messrs. J. Harrison and T. Thomas, and W. Thomas (auctioneer) Merthyrdoven, F. Burgess and J. C. Prince Barry, W. Thomas. The gratify- ing announcement was made that the Star authorities had vevy generously granted a reduction of 8s. 3d. in the Council's printing bills. Other matters of a private nature were dealt with, and the meeting ter ruinated.

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