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A GLANCE AROUND CADOXTOH, BARRY, AND BA^Y DOCK. IT WILL PAY YOU to have your Watch and Clock Repairs clone by a practical Watchmaker. This you can do by sending your Watch and Clock Repairs to W. COOMBS, Market Chambers, Barry, 10 years first-class experience, late with Mr J. Hettich 30, Queen-street, Cardiff [60 Strengthen and renovate the system after the trials of the past winter, by taking a course of Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. It is unanimously admitted by all who have given it a fair trial, that there is no tonic preparation yet discovered so unfailing and 10 1 efficacious. See advt. page. [17 TEMPERANCE COUNCIL. A meeting was held in connection with the above at the Bible Christian Chapel, Barry Dock. The chair being occupied by Mr. J. Flowers. Amongst those present were Mrs. Inglis, Mrs. and Mias Rutter, Rev. J. Honey, Messrs. J. Inglis (secretary), J. Cruise (assistant secretary), Dewar, Smith, J. 0. Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, S. Davies, S. Lewis, J. Marsh, Robbins, Nicholas. &c. Bfter a few remarks from the Rev. Canon Alien who was obliged to leave, the Chairman called upon the Rev. J. Honey to read his paper on the Licensing Laws," which we shall publish in our next issue. A lively discussion afterwards took place, in which several took part, and the following resolution was proposed by Mr. J. Inglis :—" That in the opinion of this meeting the principle of the Local Veto Bill is wprthy of our hearty support, and with the addition of some improvements in committee, we earnestly hope that it will pass successfully through all its stages, and become law in our land. And that this meeting decides that this resolution be forwarded to our representative in Parliament requesting him to give it his hearty support.The resolution was carried unanimously.—A vote of thanks was then passed to the Rev. J. Honey for his excellent paper, and the singing of the doxology terminated the meeting. LENTEN SERVICES. During Lent, services will be held every Wed- nesday at 8 o'clock, either in the Church or Parish- hall, Barry. The preachers will be as follows-On the 15th and 22nd, lay readers of the district; on the 29th, Rev. Mr. Price. PROPOSED BAZAAR AND SALE OF WORK AT BARRY. The sale of work in connection with the Barry Parish Church, which it was proposed to have at Easter has been postponed to the 28th of September. By that time it is hoped to have a grand bazaar. All willing parishoners are wanted to be on the Committee, the first meeting of which has been held. BARRY PARISH CHURCH. The Barry Parish Church Magazine, in its issue for the present month, says In the last number we were able to state that our Men's Bible Class was increasing rapidly. Now, we are very glad to say that an experienced and energetic lady of our Church has undertaken to take charge of a Bible Class for Young Women in the Parish Hall, every Sunday afternoon at half-past two. There are many members of the congregation that have ser- vants. I wonder if they look after their spiritual interests, and see that they also keep the Sunday holy. At any rate, with one or two exceptions, they are seldom seen at public worship. This does not speak too well for the masters. If they let their household see what a great help the teaching of our Scriptural Church is to lead a holy life, their example would be irresistible, and they would inevitably follow it. Every householder should be able to say," Be ye followers of me, even as I am of Christ." Masters are in a way respon- sible to our Creator for their servants. We are commanded to rest in order to keep Sunday holy, and also to see that our servants do likewise. Those who have servants could not do better than advise them to attend the newly-formed Bible Class, where they may be taught carefully the way to Heaven. The Church is the most democratic institution in the world it gathers in of every kind, both bad and good,' and endeavours to make both better. Nobody can complain nowadays of scarcity of good, sound literature. We have now A very nice Parish Library of more than 150 volumes. Subscribers pay Id. a month, and may change their books every Monday from 6 to 7. Any additions made to the library in the way of interesting and useful books will be thankfully re- ceived and acknowledged." PAY UP NOW. Mr. C. Howe, rate-collector, appeared at the Barry Dock Police-court, and prosecuted a number of people in arrears with their rates.-Orders were made. THE CASE WAS ADJOURNED. Mary Jane Cronin. single woman, Graving Dock- street, summoned Edward Hayes at Barry Dock Police-court to show cause why he should not con- tribute towards the support of her illegitimate child, of which he was the father.-Arthur Dickens having proved seeing prosecutrix and defendant together on various occasions, the case was adjourned. HE DID NOT GET THE SHEEP. William Carroll, Pencoitre, was charged at Barry Police-court with keeping a dog which had damaged two sheep, the property of William E. Brock, farmer, of Cadoxton, on the 23rd ult.- Prosecutor proved seeing the dog worrying his sheep on the date mentioned, and damaging two ewes in lamb to the extent of 35s.-Defendant was ordered to pay X2 and costs.-Defendant asked if he was to have the sheep, but he did not get them.. BUSINESS ON THEIR OWN ACCOUNT. John Smith appeared at the Barry Police-court -charged with poaching on lands at the Warren, Pendoylan, belonging to Mr. Insole, in pursuit of game, and with assaulting a gamekeeper, on Mon- day last.-Defendant also pleaded guilty, and was fined 13s. and costs, or 10 days.—Edward DavieS and Edward Williams were summoned for a similar offence at the same time and place.—Police- constable Harris proved the case, and warrants were issued. THEFT OF A COAT AT CADOXTON. At the Penarth Police Court on Monday—before Mr. Howells-Robert Jones, a dissipated-looking old man, was charged with stealing a coat, value 18s. lid., from the premises belonging to Mr, Evan Thomas, outfitter, London House, Cadoxton, on Saturday night last. The following evidence was taken:—Trevor Thomas, apprentice at London House, Cadoxton, ia the employ of Mr. Evan 'Thomas, said he missed the coat on Saturday night last. The coat had been hung up in the doorway and he saw it there at ten. He misscdthe coat at 10.50. A young girl told him the coat had been taken, and in company with Police-constable Phillips, Cadox- ton, he went in search of prisoner and found him in Lower Harvey-street, wearing the stolen coat (produced). The coat was worth 18s. lid. When the constable asked prisoner to come with him he asked him what he wanted of him.-Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was remanded to the Cadoxton Police-court, where on Thursday he was fined 30s. or 14 days. MR. J. ROBINSON'S TESTIMONIAL MOVEMENT. A general meeting of the promoters of the public testimonial to Mr. John Robinson, M.Inst.C.E., chairman of the Barry and Cadoxton Local and Burial Boards, on the occasion of his approaching departure from the district, will be held at Harry's Kestaurant, Barry Dock, on Monday evening next, at eight o'clock, when the presence of all who feel an interest in the movement is respectfully invited. Subscriptions received at all the local banks. DARING THEFT AT CADOXTON. On Friday last a rather darirg thef, took plae from the swaet shop of Mr. Da^ es, Vere-stree;. Some giPSI children stole in, c the :!hoPI war.kg.! around the counter, opened the door of the window partition, and took out a quantity fo toffee, with which they made of. Some persons walking down Vere-street noticed some gipsy girls eating toffee, but by the time Mrs Davies had discovered the theft the thieves had dis- appeared. CONFIRMATION. To-day (Friday) the Bisho-p of Llandaff will hold a confirmation at St. Mary's Church, Holton-road, Barry Dock at 11.30. GAS EXHIBITION. On Tuesday next and the three following days the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company propose holding a gas exhibition at the Market- hall, Barry, when Mrs. Thwaites, of Liverpool, will deliver a course of cookery lectures. We need scarcely inform our readers that Mrs. Thwaite, who visited the district last year, is one of the most popular and instructive demonstrators known. The Gas Company have made very elaborate arrangements for illustrating the great advan- tages to be derived, at little cost, from the use of gas for domestic purposes. By its use hot water can be always obtained for washing, while the gas y 11 fires are essential to comfort both for cooking or other purposes. During- the summer months a great saving of fuel can be effected by their use, where, by the use of cowl, the fire would have to be kept all day. ANCIENT ORDER OF DRUIDS. A smoking concert in connection with the above was held at the Victoria Hotel, Barry Dock, on Tuesday night, when Mr. Harper presided in the absence of Dr. Powell. A very enjoyable evening was spent, and among those who took part were Messrs. R. Jones, W. Lewis, Sainsbury, A. Williams, W. C. Gilbert, R, Bowen, Fitzpatrick, J. Freeman, W. Lewis, E. Earfield, Speck, Jones, Marsh, and W. Burrows. THE" G ARM OK SOCIETY. A meeting of the" Garrick Society was held on Wednesday evening, and another will be held at the Public-hall, Vere-street, on Tuesday evening next, at eight p.m. Amongst the business then to be done is the final selection of works to be performed at the forthcoming performance, Mr. B. G. Davies was elec ed chairman. It is hoped that there will be a large attendance on Tuesday evening of all ladies and gentlemen interested in histrionic matters. VOLUNTEER SUPPER. On Wednesday evening the annual supper in connection with the 11th Company 2nd Glamorgan Volunteer Artillery was held at the Picnic-hall,, Cadoxton, Captain Handcock presided, being supported by Major Fry, Captain Thomas, the Rev. E. Morris, and Sergeant-Major Aitkens, R.A. The catering was excellently carried out by Mr. H. Chappell, of the Wenvoe Hotel, Cadoxton. A full report of the proceedings will appear in the Star next week. STAR OF BARRY LODGE I.O.G.T. A large number of the members of the St. David's Lodge, Cadoxton, paid a. visit to the above lodge on Tuesday last, in response to an invitation sent them. Bro. W. W. Fooke, C.T., of St. David's Lodge, presided, and the room was crowded to excess. Two members were initiated and five pro- posed. At present the names of no less than a dozen candidates are before the lodge for initia- tion. Bro. Robins read a communication from the Benefactor of Mankind Lodge, East Cornwall, which was ef a very encouraging character. Bro. Conniers reported, on behalf of the committee ap- pointed to arrange for the temperance meeting to be held in the Wesleyan Chapel, Barry, on March 18, when the Good Templars of the district will be on the platform, and addresses will be delivered by the Executive officers of this district, and solos rendered by the members of the Star of Barry and" St. David's Lodge. Bro. Robins urged the members to attend in good numbers, so as to make the meeting a grand success. After the business had been disposed of, solos were rendered in a most acceptable manner by Sisters A. Jenkins, Gear, Dure, and E. Jenkins. Bro. Fookes also gave a song, after which Bro. Horsey and Fookes gave excellent and stirring addresses. Sister E. Robins was the accompanist.-An unanimous vote of thanks was then given to the members of the Cadoxton Lodge for the very able manner in which they entertained the Barry Lodge, which was responded to by Bro. Fookes.—The proceed- ings then terminated.-The item on the programme for next week is a paper by Bro. Emery, of Cardiff. BARRY CRICKET CLUB. A general meeting in connection with the above club will be held at the Sea View Restaurant, Barry, on Monday next at 7.30 p.m. All cricket enthusiasts are requested to attend. ST. PATRICK'S DAY CELEBRATION. We have pleasure in drawing particular atten- tion to the annual dinner and dance to be held at the Witchell Hotel, Cadoxton, on the 16th inst. (St. Patrick's Eve) celebration, We are assured that no effort will be spared by the committee to make it a great success. In the past it has been make it a great success. In the past it has been looked upon as one of the events of the year, and we have every reason to believe that on this occa- sion everything will, if not excelled, be equalled. At the conclusion of the dinner there will be dancing, admission to which will be by the dinner tickets. ST. DAVID'S LODGE, LO.G.T. On Thursday last the members of the above lodge held their annual tea and social evening in the Assembly-rooms of the Shaftesbury Temperance Hotel. A very large number were present, among whom were a very fair sprinkling of visitors. The greatest praise is due to Messrs. Lewis and Davies for their admirable catering, which gave great satisfaction. After tea the tables were cleared away, and a variety of parlour games were indulged in, and solos were also rendered as follows— Somebody," Sister Smith Within a mile of Edinbro' town," Sister A. Jenkins "Playmates," Mr. Abel; The little old log eabin," Bro. Henry Richards; Comrades," Bro. Wallace Davies; Bro. Dunn recited Burgen on the Rhine." This concluded one of the most enjoyable evenings ever spent in this lodge, and it is hoped that many will be encouraged to join the Order. PRESBYTERIAN DISCUSSION CLASS. At the weekly meeting of this class on Monday evening Mr. Samuel Griffiths read a very able paper on "Congregational Singing." The paper was of an extremely interesting character, and at the conclusion of the meeting a vote of thanks was unanimously given to the essayist. PLEASANT SUNDAY AFTERNOON SERVICES. On Sunday afternoon the third Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Service in connection with the Men's Bible Class was held at the Congregational Church, Barry. Mr. S. A. Williams, the leader of the class, presided, and the principal item of the programme, the address, was delivered by the Rev. Christmas Lewis to a very good attendance. The members of the class have learned with regret that owing to indisposition, Mr. S. A. Williams is compelled for a time to give up the leadership of the class. It is hoped that Mr. Williams will soon re-gain his wonted health, and be enabled to take an active share in the workings of the class again. NEW CARRIAGES ON THE BARRY RAILWAY. During the last few days several new sets of third-class carriages have been added to those already on the Barry Company's line. They are an advance on those already in use, and quite equal to the present second-class carriages. EXTENSION OF THE BARRY COMPANY'S WORKS. The Barry Company has decided to erect a large smiths'shop, sheds, &c., adjoining the present shops. This addition to the present accommodation, we understand, is on account of the large increase of work. DISESTABLISHMENT. The Cadoxton Wesleyan Mutual Improvement Society on Wednesday eyeaiug dkcusisecl tion of Disestablishment, and unanimously decided hi its favour. MINERVA DANCING CLASS. A very enjoyable and successful fancy dress ball was held at the Barry Hotel on Wednesday, March 8, from 50 to 60 being present. Some of the costumes worn were exceedingly pretty, especially those of the ladies. Miss Mathews, as My Sweet- heart," looked sweetly pretty, as did Miss Paul and Miss Davies (Barry) also Miss Parsons-a Greek girl-was simply charming. Amongst the gentlemen worth special mention was Mr. C. Masters as a Jockey, who called back recollections of Fred Archer. Mr. Jack Adams as a Cricketer, in his coat of many colours," was very conspicuous, and also Mr. Finney as Mephistopheles and Pillar Box combined was very taking." Mr. H. H. Paul was jester sort of man for the character. Amongst others present who deserves mentioning were Miss James, "Daisy"; Mr. Newman, Cricketer; Mr. F. Paul, Spanish prince Mr. A. L. M. Bonn, German onicer Mr. Duffett, Cyclist; Miss Jefferys, Gipsy; Mr. Horsey, Cricketer; Miss Dolly Paul, Tina Miss Merryman, Tennis; Mr. Burnett, Clown; Miss Evans (Cardiff), Flower Girl Mr. A. W. Paul, Cricket; Miss Williams, Welsh girl Mr. Thorpe, Tennis Miss Masters, Sailoress; Mr. James, Tennis; Miss C. Morgan, Knight," and last but not least Mr. W. H. Taylor, as a Life Guardsman. The following ladies and gentlemen were present in the 19th century costume :—Miss Rathbone, Mr. James, Mr. W. Davies. Mrs. Burnett, Mr. Dyer, Mrs. Dyer, Mr. S. Davies, and Miss Davies, Mr. T. C. Thomas, Miss L. Williams, Miss Williams, Mr. Greener, and Miss Morgan. Dancing was kept up to until five a.m. Mr. C. Masters, assisted by Mr. H. H. Paul, very ably acted as M.C's. The band consisted of Mr. W. T. Llewellyn and Mr. Roberts. Secretary, Mr. J. Adams treasurer, Mr. F. W. Paul.-This con- cluded the season's dances in connection with this class. LOOK NEXT WEEK For an Account of Mr. Darlington's Visit to Cadox- ton. Crowded out.



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