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.Jr.C'tt PROPOSED TESTIMONIAL TO MR, JOHN ROBINSON. On Friday evening a meeting was convened at Harry's Restaurant to consider what steps should be taken to make a presentation to Mr. John Robinson (late resident engineer to the Barry Company, and chairman of the Barry and Cadox- ton Local Board) on the occasion of his departure from Birry. Owing to other important meetings there was not a large attendance, those present including Canon Allen, Mr. R. P. Cullev. -Ir. F. Brooks, Mr. Edward Hughes, Mr. L. \V. Jones (Metropolitan Bank, Cadoxton), Mr. J. II. Llewellyn, Mr. Newman, Mr. E. O. Evans. Mr. James Price. Mr. Gilead Brock, Mr. C. Howe, &o. The Rev. Canon Allen was voted to the chair, and in a few brief words he expressed a feeling of the greatest regard and esteem in which they all held Mr. Robinson, and their regret at his impera- tive departure from the district. Mr. ,1. R. Llewellyn, the convener of the meet- ing, stated the reason for which the meeting was called. He had done so at the request of several. gentlemen, and he had sent 150 circulars to the leading representative gentlemen of the district. Mr. Edward Hughes thought that it would be advisable that the meeting should be adjourned so as to give other gentlemen who would have been present but for important engagements a chance of being present. Mr. Evans concurred. Mr. Llewellyn pointed out that Mr. Robinson, would b3 leaving in two or three weeks. The movement had been delayed for nearly a month in order that it should not clash with Mr. Robinson's banquet, and it was advisable that action should be taken immediately. Mr. C. Howe proposed the formation of a work- ing committee. The committee to have power to add to their number. Mr. Llewellyn seconded, and this was agreed to. Mr. Culley proposed aa chairman of the com- mittee, Canon Allen. Mr. Howe seconded. On the motion of Mr. Howe, Mr. L. W. Jones, Metropolitan Bank, was appointed treasurer. Mr. J. R. Llewellyn was appointed secretary, on the proposition of Mr. Jones, seconded by Mr. Hughes. On the motion of Mr.E. O. Evans. it was decided that all present should form the committee. Mr. W. L. Jones suggested that all the local banks should have subscription lists sent them, and that the managers be asued to receive subscrip- tions towards the testimonial fund. This was agreed to, and Mr. Jones kindly offered to see to that part of the business. It was decided to hold another meeting in the same room next Monday evening'. A vote for thanks was accorded the Chairman for presiding, on the motion of Mr. L. W. Jones, seconded by Mr. Edward Hughes. About 13 guineas were collected in the room. THE TESTIMONIAL PUSD. A list of the subscriptions to the fund is as follows, and further contributions will be pub- next week :— £ s. d. Rev. Canon Alien 2 2 0 Mr. R. P. Ouliey 2 2 0 Mr. L. W. Joues 2 2 0 Mr. F. C. Brooks 110 Mr. Edward Hughes 110 Mr. C. Howe. l l 0 Mr. J. R. Llewellyn 1 1 Q Mr. E. O. Evans 1 1 0 Mr. Gilead Brook 0 10 8 Mr. Jaiaes Price 0 10 6