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PBESENTATION TO THE REV. L. C. WILLIAMS. On Saturday evening an interesting presenta- tion was made to the Rev. L. C. Williams at a com- petitive meeting held at the Salem Welsh Baptist Chapel, BarryDock. Mr. J. E. Rees (Barry) pre- sided over a crowded audience, amongst whom were Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Laugher, the Misses G-. Lewis, TIavard, Thomas, Williams, S. B. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. T. Williams, Miss E. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. T. Harris. Mr. and Mrs. J. Petty, Mrs. Jenkins. Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rees. Dr. W. Lloyd Edwards, Messrs. T. Rees, J. D. Davies, P. Lewis, Mr. J. Lewis, T. Thomas. W. Roberts. J. Roberts. D. Howe, — Gibbon. H. Rees, T. Davies. Sees Tones, D. Farr, Mr. and Mrs.. T. M. Williams, Mr. F. Cornish, &c. Mr. Petty sang the opening song, G-wnech popbeth yn Gymraeg," and the competitions were bhen proceeded with as follows :—To the one under 16 that would recite best Torcha dy lewvs iffwrdd a hi," prize, Is. 6d. Best, Master b. Lougher. Best, Master D. Lougher. To the bass who would sing best Gogoniant y Gymru" prize, 3s. Mr. Silverthorne. For the best essay on Bywyd a Merthyrdod Stephan," prize, 5s. Mr. T. Williams. Barry. To the tenor who would sing Dacw'r Bwthyn gwyn l'm ganwd," prize, 3s.: Mr. Dudley Howe. To the one that would sing a piece given at the time 1st prize, Is. 6s.; 2nd, Is. 1st, Messrs. D. Bryant; 2nd, J. Hicks. To the three that would sing best, Duw bydd drugareg :|prize, 6s.; 1st, Mr. J. Petty and Friends. For the best four verses an Christ yn wylo uwchfJerusalen prize 4s., Mr. T. Williams, Barry. To the boy under 16 that would sing best" Awn a meddianwn y wlad," prize 2s., Master E. David. Barry. Impromptu speech, subject. "Reasons for teaching Welsh in the elementary day school," 1st and 2nd, Messrs. T. Lewis and Howell. To the choir not under 25 in number which should best sing Jerusalen. fy nghartref wiw prize, £ 1 IDs., two choirs competed, viz., Bethel. Barry, and Barry Dock the prive was awarded to the Barry Choir. Mr. Price, Cardiff, performed the duties of adjudicator in an excellent manner, which afforded satisfaction to all the competitors.. Miss S. B. Thomas accom- panied most of the competitions. The presentation was then proceeded with. Mr. D. Gibbon, deacon, said that some time ago Mr. Williams gave notice to the Church of his intention of giving up the pastoral charge for reasons best known to himself. He would not say much, as the address which they intended to pre- sent Mr. Williams with that night fully and clearly represented the feelings and sentiments of the whole Church and congregation. The address was read by Mr. Gibbon, and then he called upon Mr. B. Davies (the secretary of the testimonial fund) to present it to Mr. Williams. Mr. Davies spoke a few appropriate words, to the effect that he felt that he was highly honoured in being asked to be the secretary to the testimonial fund, and to have the pleasure of presenting Mr. Williams with the address. He had been a mem- ber of Mr. Williams' Church for years at Cadoxton before that gentleman came to start the new cause at Barry Dock. Mr. Williams had given up his time and energy to promote the cause there and at Cadoxton. He liked the two pictures very much, but he admired the address most. The con- tents of the address would last longer than the pictures. Every sentence in the address was true. (Hear, hear.) Mr. T, M. Williams, a deacon, said that he was very glad a presentation had been made to Mr. and Mrs. Williams, as they had both earned the respect and esteem of the Church. They had worked at Cadoxton years before Mr. Williams took a branch out of Cadoxton to form a new Baptist Church at Barry Dock. Dr. W. Lloyd Edwards, as treasurer, thanked all the friends for their contributions towards the tes- timonial. Mr. Williams and himself had been friends for years, and he hoped that their friendship would continue. WMr. Rees, the chairman of the meeting, was glad that the Church at Salem showed such love and respect to Mr. Williams (their late minister") and his wife, and he trusted that other churches would follow suit, and he was also glad to find the local press and ministers on such amicable terms. Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Jones then presented the photos, which were excellent life size repro- ductions, and handsomely framed, and Mr. Davies, presented the address, which was in Welsh, and of which the following is a translation :— Presented to the Rev. G. Llechidon Williams by the Salem Baptist Church, Barry Dock. Dear Bro.—On the occasion of your resigning your pastoral charge of our (Jhurch we feel, as a Church that the opportunity should not be allowed to pass by without expressing our esteem and regard for you and our dear sister, Mrs. Williams, and to do so publicly. THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE WELSH BAPTIST CAUSE AT BARRY DOCK. We cannot be otherwise than grateful, and extremely proud to have an opportunity of bearing testimony to the active part you took in the Church in this place jointly with other brethren, but you were the chief mover. You secured ground to erect a chapel, you built a convenient school-room, found money, and the whole was done without help or troubling anyone for assistance. Such are the facts, which are at present, and will be for years to come, a monument of your affection and pious zeal for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your ministry amongst us, your labours as a minister was full of love and peace, and was crowned with fair prosperity. As the foundation was laid through your instrumentality,thelgood seed sown by you will certainly bring forth fruit, and as a consequence, the cause of Jesus Christ amongst the Welsh people will be benefitted—it would be a means of Salvation to many, and a glory to the author of Salvation. The secret of your power and influence in society is to be found in your philanthropic principles-honesty, justness, and kind-heartedness—which are true ele- ments of the best of society, and all who know you are ready to testify to your possession of those qualities. As members of the Church, we can also add our testimony to your brotherly love, and faithfulness, and your readiness to help where help was needed. In conclusion, we wish you a long life to serve Jesus Christ in the future as in the past, and may the sun of prosperity and comfort in this world always shine on you and, finally, may you enter into ever- lasting bliss in the world hereafter. Yours, on behalf of the Church and Committee, W. LLOYD EDWARDS, Chairman. JAMES JONES. Treasurer. BENJAMIN DAVIES, Secretary. March, 1893. /■ Rev. LI. Williams returned thanks for himself and his wife in well-chosen language. At the conclusion of the meeting votes of thanks were accorded to the chairman and adj udi- cator.


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