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ROUND THE TOW IS. rBY MR. GADABOUT.] r, J am mtormed that three young women in- sulted and used disgusting language towards a young lady near Weston Farm on. Sunday after- noon. If I hear any more complaints I shall have to give greater prominence to the affair, and I have heard a hint dropped that if such conduct is re- peated a little piece of blue paper may be issued. I am informed that the gentleman who was recently elevated by the toe of the boot of someone else for looking into the bedroom window finds it exceedingly uncomfortable to sit down. Poor. fellow, he finds there is nothing like being on the mpve. "The couple of young ladies who find pleasure in perambulating the streets of Barry Dock and pass remarks upon those whom they meet should pur- chase, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest a little book on politeness. s I am told that three young men used disgusting language while walking along Holton-road on Saturday night. If they cannot prevent their dragging-up" from showing itself I should advise them to seek less frequented roads in the future when they have to talk about such things. 3? If a certain gent has a nice little girl at Barry" there is no occasion for his telling everyone about her. o It has been mentioned to me that there is a nurse at Penarth who delights in talking to the postman at the railway station. Those who frequent that neighbourhood think that she knows when he is about to fetch the mails from the down train, and takes the children from an airing just in time to meet him. I wonder whether he kisses the baby for the nurse's sake," as the song says. There is a young gentleman in Penarth also who is sweet on a dressmaker of that town. Last week he went into the room where she was at work, and sat down, but rose quite unexpectedly. He now declares that, while he failed to see where his beautiful girl kept her pins, he had no difficulty in finding them. a I should advise that youthful rider who on Sunday last was galloping a horse to seek more secluded spots than the neighbourhood of Main- street, Cadoxton, especially after dark. II< A stranger wended his was through Penarth last week singing verses from that well-known hymn, Lord I hear the showers of blessing," but when he came to the words Let some droppings fall on me," it began to rain, and he sought the shelter of the nearest doorway. Who is the conductor in this district who finds it necessary to use a cane for a baton. Does he think it reminds the members of his singing class of their school days, and so helps to prevent their raising the roof. ok Can any of my readers oblige me with the names of the couples who were unduly spooney on Barry Island on Sunday last ? H. How those London deputations seem to annoy some of the members of the Local Board. ± It seemed at times as if that internal harmony for which our Local Board; is j ustly famed was rudely to be broken. Jk Members who, as a rule, are noted for, their strong attachment one for the other, gazed sternly and viciously one at another. In fact, it seemed as if, for a time, the Board was to be transferred into a miniature House of Commons. One member threatens that, if the Board wants him to go on a deputation to London another time, he will not be found willing, but # The Cardiff Guardians have received a letter from Miss Jenner, of Wenvoe, kindly offering to place the house, Typica, at the service of the Board for 1 the benefit of those who would avail them- selves of the services of the public vaccinator during the small-pox scare, as she did some years ago under similar circumstances. X I understand that the Rev. J.!Finch, of Swansea, will preach two sermons on Sunday next at the Bible Christian Church, Barry Dock, in connection with the Home and Foreign .Mission. On the following Tuesday the annual missionary meeting will be held when several addresses will be de- livered. If the young lady who sometimes travels from Dinas Powis to Cardiff does not discontinue her flirtation with a porter at Penarth Dock I shall certainly have to call attention to the mater. I notice in the list of successful students at the Cambridge Local Examinations, the names of the following :—Boys T. M. Felton, Cowbridge C. E. Oliver, Trelawn House, Penarth T. A. Hughes, Penarth and T. John, Cowbridge. Girls A. B. Gibson, 14, Westbourne-road, E. A. Taylor, 30, Westbourne-road, B. E. Proctor, 41, Windsor-road, and M. C. Teck, St. Audries, Penarth. The General's suggestion that a central authority for the dealing with the invasion of cholera was a very good one. # General Lee did not relish the idea of being appointed returning officer at the forthcoming Local Board election. However, when he saw that it was his duty he acquiesced without a murmur. An example some other members might with advantage copy. ♦ There will be a grand entertainment at the English Wesleyan Chapel, Cadoxton, on Monday next. I am informed that the teachers of one of our Board Schools took advantage of the fine weather on Wednesday, and had their photograph taken as a group. I hope they will" come out well. Who was the young couple from Barry-road that were walking from the danciug class in Vere- street last Thusday evening in such a peculiar manner. Why don't they walk home in a proper style instead of clasping each other around the waist with both arms and walking sideways. w A certain young man had better behave himself while in a dancing room, and leave off playing so much with the married ladies, or else he might get their husbands after him. I hear that there is likely be ructions at a local society. A young lady and her beau are members and fellow-workers, and whilst their courtship pro- gressed, society matters progressed swimmingly. Now that poor young fellows has had the cold shoulder, and he feels compelled to resign his office. He has my warmest sympathy. Will you have this woman to be your awful wife ?" said a local registrar this week to a would- be husband. He had dropped the 1" in lawful, and made matters somewhat complicated. I learn that Mr. Konrad Leigh- proroses to re- open the Cadoxton Theatre. I wish him success in his venture. A young lady purchased a new jacket on Satur- day, but forgot to take the price ticket off before she wore it. I am told that the fact was noticed in the streets of Cadoxton on Sunday last. A young lady was going over the bridge leading from Windsor-road to West Cottages, Penarth, the other day. It appears the young lady was rather stout, and was waddling up the steps, when some young men said, It's a good job she has no stiff or wooden leg, or she would not be able to cross." She said it took away her her puff (wind). On Sunday last, on going through the dingle, I noticed one of the steps had been broken. It would be a good job if it were mended, as someone might fall down and receive injury. When young men allow their young ladies to keep them out so long on Sunday nights, and lose the last 'bus, they must not swear. It's a bad habit. I have heard that the little ink-slinging concern- ing the ball which took place at the Cardiff fashion- able seaside suburb has caused great commotion and indignation in the hearts of the ladies most particularly interested. They know (in their minds) who contributed the news, but where the joke comes in is they pay the great compliment to the wrong person altogether. I have been told that a young man contemplated returning the compliment, but was known to remark, I shan't have anything to do with it to be made the' victim of those newspaper chaps' chaff." • Great Scot! Is it true the divine creature who was the originator of the ball had actually to be her own M.C., as her particular swain refused to act. Who is the gentleman that takes a leading part in the Barry String Band, who received a leek from his Best Sunday girl on St. David's Day ?






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