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BARRY DISTRICT CHAMBER OF TRADE. THE POOR LAW UNION. On Tuesday evening the ordinary meeting of the Barry District Chamber of Trade was held at Harry's Restaurant. Barry Dock, under the presi- dency of Mr. D. T. Alexander. The minutes of the previous meeting and Council meetings were read and confirmed, the Secretary read a number of letters received. RAILWAY RATES. The President intimated that as the correspon- dence which had transpired in connection with the rates had been read, he need not remind them ;that the matter was in the hands of the Council, who were carrying out their wishes. Speaking with reference to the statements made by Mr. Mundella, he hoped the Government would move in the matter. NAVAL RESERVE STATION. With regard to the establishment of a -Royal Naval Reserve Station at Coldknap. or near Barry, an exhaustive and well worded petition was read. It will be forwarded, when filled with signatures, to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. It was resolved, on the motion of the Chairman that the secretary and himself should attach their signatures to the petition on behalf of the Chamber, and that all public bodies in the district be asked to co-operate with the Chamber to try and join this end. MARKETS AND FAIRS. On the motion of the Chairman', it was resolved to delegate the secretary. Mr. L. Lewis, Mr. E. Hughes, and Mr. L. W. Jones to wait ppon the Local Board at their next meeting to express the views of the Chamber that they considered it inadvisable at the present time to established cattle markets and fairs. Mr. B. Lewis remarked it was not the intention of the Board to spend about a £ 1.000 or £1,500 to erect market building, &c., bat, just as an experiment, only to construct an enclosure and a few cattle pens, as they had land for the purpose. PORT SANITARY AUTHORTIY. A conversation having taken place with re- ference to the forthcoming inquiry to be held re the appointment of the Barry district, from Lavernock Point to the Nash, as a Port Sanitary Authority, the President and the medical members of the Chamber were asked to attend the inquiry to give evidence. PROPOSED DIVISION OF THE POOR-LAW .UNION. The question of the advisability of forming a Poor-law Union for the parishes of Barry, Cadox- ton, Merthyrdovan, Sully, and adjacent parishes, distinct from that of Cardiff was the chief item on the agenda, and occupied the attention, of the meet- ing for some considerable time. Mr. G. G-arnett, who has been overseer, and a guardian for many years, was the first to express an opinion on the matter. It was most desirable, he said, to have a separation, a proceeding' which would benefit this district very considerably. He pointed out that the rate in Canton was 4d., next came Leckwith who paid (id., and then St. Andrews paid 5d., but when they came to Cadoxton the rate was 10^d. It seemed particularly strange to him that Canton, being so contiguous to the Union, paid 4d., and only coming to Cadoxton the Union should levy a lOJd rate—a sum which proved a. veritable gold mine for the guardians at Cardiff. The .pbor rate at Cadoxton was Is. 6d., which was most exhorbitant in the present state of trade, but if the parishes he had mentioned could erect a suitable building to house the poor, he thought they could manage almost for a 16th part of what they contribute now to the Union at Cardiff. It was everybody's feeling with whom he had come in contact, and it was certainly his own. that this district could very well manage its own affairs. The rateable value of Cadoxton amounted to £ 78,616, and their contribution t Cardiff Union this year-the most depressed wliioh the district had experienced—was £ 4,281. For this handsome sum the Union had expended in the Cadoxton parish only £300.. th1.1S they had made the authorities a clear present of nearly £ 4000. (Cries of Shame.) Mr. Rees Phillips, overseer for the Cadoxton parish, said the total rateable value "of Cadoxton, Barry. Merthyrdovan, and Sully was £133,833 18s. The calls for the last half-year for the four parishes named amounted ao £ 3,936, but the local expenses under every head were only £1,28317s. 7d., so that they had over-paid £2,652 2s: 5d. Houses for the poor eould be built, fitted out, and offered at a cost of £1,066 a year, so that by having a separate Union, for only these four parishes, they would save £ 1,535. and a rate of 4-21d. in the £ would be sufficient instead of Is. 6 Jd. in the £ as at present. (Hear, hear.) Mr. B. Lewis did not know in the name of com- mon sense why this district should pay £5,000 per annum to keep the poor of Cardiff. There must be some weakness in Cardiff somewhere, for they were not able to compete with infectious diseases when they came. At the present time the Poor Law Authorities were in communication with the Clerk pf the Local Board with reference to the accom- modation of pauper patients at their own local, but small hosital. This fact alone, he considered, was sufficient to justify a separation, or at any rate to have a great reduction in the rates. Mr. W. Miller congratulated the Chairman upon the timely action he had taken in opposing the ex- penditure by the Guardians of £10,000 on proposed new offices, and said the sooner the better the dis- trict would be disconnected from Cardiff, The Chairman having explained his reasons for opposing such an unwarranted expenditure at the present time, remarked that he was glad the scheme had been defeated, as he considered it a scheme which would only benefit the. Cardiff G-uar- dians. He thought the question of separation was one involving very serious considerations from many points of view, and he would suggest that the matter should be left in the hands of certain gentlemen to procure the best information, which would entitle them to be represented, and in the meantime he would try and induce the Deputy- Chairman of the Board of Guardians (Mr. 0. H. Jones), who was an authority on Poor Law matters, and General Lee, to attend a;"special meet- ing of the Chamber, when the facts could be placed before them for consideration. 1,1 Mr. London moved that the President be autho- rised to invite the attendance of Mr. O. H. Jones, General Lee, and representatives of the surround- ing parishes to attend the next meeting. Mr. Jones seconded, and it was carried. J'








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