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A DOG-IN-THE-MANGER POLICY. CARDIFF evidently is determined to do what it can against the Barry district, and in more than one respect this has showed itself a little too plainly, and by adopting their present dog-in-the-manger policy," as one of the do 11 members of the Local Board remarked at the last meeting of the Health Committee on Friday, they will ultimately find their level, and we firmly believe that the very course which the Cardiff Corporation are now adopting with regard to the Cholera Hospital at the Flat Holms will fall back upon their own heads. Barry is bound to go ahead, and Cardiff or any other rival place might just as Well, to use a well-known phrase, endeavour to stop Niagara Falls with a pitchfork as to try and put effectual stumbling blocks in its way. Once Barry allows the Cardiff Corporation to get a footing here there is no telling where they will stop, and as is at present the case in poor-law matters Barry will have to pay the piper, while someone else enjoys the music. It is plain to all that every endeavour will be made by Cardiff to prevent the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board obtaining, as a Port Sanitary Authority, the control over those matters which the Corporation are anxious to secure for themselves. What representation could this district have upon a governing body which assembles at Clrdiff. It is far better to have a responsible official of the Local Board to deal with the matters appertaining to the health of the district, and we trust that not only will the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board obtain the necessary powers to constitute themselves into a Port Sanitary Authority, but that they will be able to secure some suitable place for the land- ing of cholera patients which will render them entirely independent of the Cardiff Corporation. We are sure that the ratepayers of this district are not prepared to go on their knees and beg favours when at the same time they have to put their hands deep into their pockets to pay for them. Those who have looked closely into the question cannot but admit that Barry finds that it has all to gain and nothing to lose. It is the duty of every one here toldo what he can to further the interests of the place, and it is far better to have Home Rule, so to speak, than to be tried to the neck of a town which has no generosity in its mind for Barry. It stands to reason that Barry has taken much from Cardiff, and in the future will bring trade to itsplf by the mere fact that the Barry Company are prepared to do all in its power to make the docks the success to which they are justly entitled. The more stumblingjblocks which are put in the way of this district the greater will be its triumph in the future.