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SPECIALEEALTH PRECAUTION AT BARRY AND CADOXTON. In consequence of important business the Health Committee of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board held a special meeting on Friday evening. Dr. O'Donnell occupied the chair, and there were also present Messrs. B. Lewis, W. Thomas (auctioneer), J. A. Hughes (clerk), Dr. Neale (Medical Officer of Health), and Inspector Leyahon (Inspector of Nuisances). PREPARING FOR SMALL-POX. In reply to the Chairman, Mr. Thomas said he had called attention to the question of making provision for small-pox patients at the last meeting of the Board of Guardians. The Chairman stated he had that afternoon spoken to Mr. Harris, clerk to the Board of Guardians, respecting the position of things. He (the chairman) said the Board would have to keep the husband of the caretaker of the hospital home from work. which would make the cases more ex- pensive. Of course if several cases occurred the cost of the first would be the heavier. It had also been pointed out to him that in 1888 arrangements were made with the Cardiff Corporation at 25s. per week for each case. Dr. Neale remarked that if the Local Board had one case themselves the cost would only be about 25s. per week, but if the Board of Guardians brought the first case there the cost would be at least £ 3. The Clerk suggested that the Guardians could be informed that if they sent the first case into the hospital the cost would be £ 3, but if the Local Board had a case there at the time it would only be 30s. The Chairman said he had asked Mr. Harris whether the Guardians proposed sending in other cases from outside the Local Board's area, and that gentleman replied to the effect that it would be left entirely in the hands of the Board. Mr. Lewis would not take outside cases at any price. Dr. Neale agreed, and suggested that if such a course were pursued they might introduce disease into their own district first. The Chairman thought their main difficulty would be to determine who were pauper patients. Dr. Neale was of opinion that every case of small-pox which occurred should be removed at once to the hospital. If necessary a magistrate's order could be procured for the purpose of remov- ing the patients. It was agreed to inform the Cardiff Board of Guardians that pauper patients in the Local Hoard's area could be removed to the hospital, and that the charge would be £ 3 or 30s. per week according to the circumstances as stated above. Dr. Neale pointed out that when the docks were first started there were as many as 20 cases at one time. What would the Locs.1 Board do if within three days they found themselves with 20 cases. The Chairman thought the Board should take an isolated cottage. The Clerk stated that in the event of such an emergency he could give the Medical Officer of Health the necessary authority. >i!r. Lewis remarked that the Board had a tent in its possession, but Dr. Neale reminded that gentleman that the weather was too cold. The Chairman said it was clearly understood that Dr. Neale was authorised to make such arrangements as he thought necessary. z7, Mr. Thomas asked who would have to pay for the eases which were not classified as those of paupers. Dr. Neale replied that the Local Board would have to pay for its own cases unless the patients could pay for themselves. BOOKS FOR OFFICALS. Attention was called to the necessity of the Medical Officer of Health being supplied with the Public Health Acts, and upon the proposition of Mr. Lewis, it was decided to supply him with publi- cations dealing with the public health. CHOLERA PRECAUTIONS. Speaking with reference to the cholera pre- caution. the Chairman said the Local Board had sodaetime ago made application to the Cardiff Corporation respecting the hospital provision on the Flat Holm. After several attempts to come to a definite conclusion, a letter was received from the Town Clerk to the effect that the Corpora- tion could not allow either a separate or joint hospital to exist on the island. They had endeavoured to get an interview with the com- mittee of the Corporation but failed, and now it was promised by several members that if the Local Board desked it the question could be raised at the next Meeting of the Cardiff Corporation. The Clerk having touched upon the question of notice being given for the removal of things from the Flat Holms. The Chairman considered the Cardiff Corpora- tion were adopting a dog-in-the-manger policy. It was ultimately decided to write to the Local Government Board urging forward the holding of the enquiry respecting appointing of a Port Sanitary Authority for Barry. It was also deemed advisable to ask the assistance of the Barry Com- pany in the matter. After dealing with the recommendation of the Cholera Conference in London, It was decided to appoint Dr. Prosser Evans, assistant to Dr. Neale, as an assistant medical officer in the event of a cholera visitation, and the precaution thereby necessary. The question of salary to be hereafter considered by the Finance Committee.