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FOOTBALL. Reports for this column must be received not later than Tuesday afternoon to appear in the current week's issue. CANTON 2ND V. BARRY 2ND. On Saturday last the Canton team came down to Barry to play the return match with Barry 2nd. Great interest was manifested in the match, which proved to be of an exciting character throughout. Canton won the toss, and Barry kicked off against a very strong wind and sun, a return being made into the Barrvites' 25. From a line out the Barryites gradually took the oval into Canton territory. From a scrum one of the Canton halves passed the ball out to the centre-man, who, in turn, passed the ball about six yards forward, and the wing man, picking up, ran from his own 25 and scored a try, which was converted. The Barryites objected to the try, claiming that it was from a forward pass, but the referee ruled that it was fair, and the game was resumed, the Barryites went, to iwork with a will, and kept the Canton men penned in their own 25 until half-time. The score reading-Canten 1 goal to nil. On resuming the Canton men tried to dribble off, but the home for- wards checked them, and a scrum wmõ formed in the centro. From the serum Griffiths passed to Tommy Davies who, in turn, passed to Brown, the last-named player mulling. Again Tommy Davies got possession and made off, but was not collared until within an ace of scoring. Play Gf an uninteresting character followed. The ball was next kicked right into Clemence's hand, who made his mark and tried a drop for goal, the ball only falling a few yards the wrong side of the post, a minor resulted. After a drop out the Barry forwards took the ball to the visitors' 25, were a scrum was formed. T. Griffiths passed the ball to J. Dunn, who made a short run, and scored with two men on his back. On the kick for goal the record of the home team defended, Clemence made a good attempt, the ball falling a few inches below the cross bar. Time was called a few minutes after, with play in Canton 25. Final score: Canton 2nd, 1 goal; Barry 2nd, 1 try, 3 minors. This is the first time the Barrvites have been beaten this season, and the first goal that has been scored against them. PENARTH v. PENYGRAIG. A match between these old rivals took place at the Penarth Ground, in splendid weather, before a good number of spectators. The ground was soft and slippery, owing to recent rains. The following were the teams — Penarth Back, J. Tanner three- quarter backs, H. Kirby, R. M. Garrett, H. E. Morgan, und H. G. Alexander; half-backs, W. G. Lambert and G. W. Shepherd; forwards, T. H. Hutshings, L. J. Lawday, G. Brown, G. Matthews, W. Gibbs, Smith, C. B. Stoddart, and P. Jackson, Peny- graig:' Back, J. T. Lloyd; three-quarter backs, Reynolds, Rowlands, J. Morgan, and Spillane half- backs, P. Ryan and Cheetham forwards, Watts, Lewis, George Davies, Moole, Prosser, D. Edwards, and G. Ellis. Referee, Mr. W. E. Jarrnan. Penygraig started the game towards the Nursery end, and Alexander shortly afterwards made a smart run to the centre. Give and take play in neutral territory followed, until the home forwards rushed the bail into touch at the Penygraig 25. From the line out Kirby obtained the leather, and succeeded in obtaining a somewhat easy try. The kick at goal failed. After the drop out the visitors' forwards played up strongly, and placed the home team on the defensive in their own 25. Penarth got the ball away, and Lloyd was tackled in mid-field before he could relieve himself of the leather. Penygraig returned to the attack and after a splendid bit of passing, in which all the three-quarters took part, Spillane landed a try, a goal resulting. Shortly after- wards Morgan picked up and making a smart run over half the field, handed to Shepherd to secure a try behind the posts. Matthews kicked a goal. Penygraig still continued to attack, and Penarth were again defending a few yards from their own goal. The home team relieved wita a free to the 25, where -the game was when half-time was called. The score then read :—Penarth, 1 goal and i try Penygraig, 1 goal. After changing ends Penarth assumed the aggressive, and Garrett, making a short run, looked like scoring. He, however, was brought down 'by Lloyd a few yards from the goal, and the ball went into touch at the 25. Directly afterwards Shepherd got off and handed to Alexander, who, in turn, passed to Garrett, the latter scoring. The kick at goal failed. Two minutes later for a line out in the Penygraig 25, Lambert secured an easy try, the kick at goa.1 being again successful. Penarth seemed to have matters all their own way, repeated attacks being made on the visitors' stronghold. Rowland relieved by a splendid run, but he was tackled at the Penarth 25 by Alexander. Having obtained this ad- vantage the visitors made strenuous efforts to score, but without success, Alexander relieving smartiy by a long kick. From a scrimmage in mid-field. Kirby received the leather from Coles, and passing all his opponents, landed a splendid try. Shepherd failed at goal. Garrett soon afterwards obtained possession, and handing to Kirby, the latter again secured a try, Matthews kicking a goal. Penarth continued to press, but nothing further was scored until the call of time, when the score stoodPenarth, 2 goals, 4 tries Peny- graig, ) goal. PONTYPRIDD V. COGAN. Played on the Pontypridd ground before a. fair gate. Hemsworth kicked off against the wind, and the homesters immediately invaded Cogan' ground after a splendid pass Stead with a rush nearly succeeded in crossing, but the ball was soon returned. Stead and Hemsworth again commenced a dribble, and the latter succeeded in scoring the first try. Owing to off-side play the homesters were twice penalised a.fter the drop-out, no advantage being gained. By some splendid passing on the part of the Pontypridd a deal of ground was gained, and Green, securing, once more crossed the line. The place was again a failure. Immediately afterwards Harry Williams again secured, and passed to A. D. Evans, who crossed. Alun Morgan attempted the place, but once more failed. After the drop out one of the Coganites intercepted a pass mellut for A. D. Evans, and a minor resulted. The homesters again commenced a passing game, and invaded the visitors' territory, and Bryant scored. Half-time score:—Pontypridd, 4 tries; Cogan, one minor. Immediately after play had been resumed Ponty- pridd pressed, and Green securing scored, but Alun Morgan failed to convert. A series of scrums in Cogan territory followed. With a splendid rush through his opponents, Stead again scored, but Gays attem pt at goal was a failure. For the first time in the game Cogan seemed to wake up, and invaded the home territory, but A. B. Evans saved with a flying kick to mid-field, and the ball was soon rushed to the Cogan 25. Here a free kick was given to Cogan, and Green made his mark, and Parkins crossed, scoring right under the posts, but Harry Williams failed to convert. Some brilliant passing was once again witnessed by the home backs, and soon afterwards Gay made his mark, but with no result. Final score :—Pontypridd, 7 tries and 1 minor; Cogan, 1 minor. LLANDAFF V. BRIDGEND. A match between these teams was played on the ground of the former. After Llandaff forwards had twice attacked, Luke dribbled into the home 25. Then the visitors broke through from a scrum, and W. Ash- ton saved, play settling in the home corner. Emery obtained possession and took the oval to touch on the opposite side of the field, A minor was shortly after- wards obtained. At half-time the score stood as fol- lows :—Bridgend, two minors Llandaff, nil. Harding re-started for the homesters, and play settled in the Bridgend quarters. The line out igavo the homesters considerable advantage, and J. Davies collared the visiting full back just outside the posts, and from the scrum Ashton got hold and obtained the first try, which Harris converted. After this the visitors played i up with vigour, and saveral pretty bouts of passing i were witnessed. But they were not able to cope* with the thoroughly good, all-round play of the city bovs. W Ashton scored a fine try from a scrum in uhe visi- 1 tors'territory, which Harris succeeded in'converting. The final score was:—Llandaff, one goal and two tries; Bridgend,two minors. The final score was:—Llandaff, one goal and two tries; Bridgend, two minors. CADOXTON JUNIORS V. PENARTH WINDSORS. This match was played at the Recreation Ground, Cadoxton, on Saturday. W. Lewis kicked off for the Juniors, and the ball was returned to their 25, and Connell mulling, the visitors secured a minor. The drop out brought no relief to the homesters, and a,s the Windsors were a much heavier lot they were rushed down the field, and secured a second minor. Connell and Woodfield followed up the kick-off and knocked the back over before he could reply; a scrum ensued in the Windsors' 25.- The visitors soon rushed down the field, and scored the third minor, followed by another just before half-time. Half-time score :— Windsors, 4 minors Juniors, nil. The Windsors' captain re-started the game, the ball being sent back to half-way. The Juniors now pressed, and had hard lines in not scoring on several occasions, but were only able to score three minors. F. Woodfield securing from a scrum, throw to W. Gore, who ran to within a yard of the line, and then threw to Frampton, who was standing fully two yards back, and scored a. try, the referee refusing to allow the point as he held tha the ball had been thrown forward. Final score:- Penarth Wmclsori, 4 minors; Cadoxton Juniors, 3 minora. PORTHCAWL V. LLANTWIT-MAJOK. Played J.t Porthcawl in splendid football weather before a very large crowd of spectators. The game was a very good one. Score at .close :—Porthcawl 2 goals, 4 tries, 6 minors; Llantwit, 1 dropped goal and 2 minors. Price dropped the goal. SOUTH WALES CUP COMPETITION. PENARTH 2ND V. CARDIFF STAR. This match was played a.t Penarth, before a small number of spectators, in glorious weather. Both teams were fully represented. In the first half the visitors pressed for a considerable time, and Cheetbam obtained a try. The kick at goal was unsuccessful. Following this Penarth played up well, and a strong rush close to the visitors' line enabled Dyer to score, and a goal was obtained by A. Williams. The Stars retaliated, and Gardner scored the second try for the visitors. The kick at goal failed. In the second half played was confined almost entirely to the visitors' territory. They, however, played a good defensive game, and it was not until shortly before the call of time that Edington got over. The attempt at goal failed. At the call of time Penarth were the winners by a goal and a try to 2 tries. Mr. W. E. Jarnian acted as referee. BARRY v. PENARTH "A" to "be played on the Buttriils, Barry, on Saturday next. Team Back, G. Giggs three-quarter backs, J. Rees, J. Jones, T. Saunders, and A. Lewis half-backs, J. and T. Davies forwards, A. J. Medcroft (capt.), T. Williams, W. Davies, j. Dooley, Sattiwell, W. Bees, J. Porter, and A. Williams. Kick off at 3.30 p.m. BARRY "A" V. CARDIFF WANDERERS.—To be played at Cardiff. Toarn—Back, G. Clemence; three- quarters, W. Brown (capt.). A. Dunn, J. Hughes, and J. Dunn halves, T. Griffiths and W. Handcock; wards, H. Roberts, C. Trathen, G. Slocombe, T. Evans, J. Evans, Clatworthy, G. Garrett, W. Piper, Team leave Barry by 2-48 p.m. train. CADOXTON JUNIORS V. UNIVERSAL STARS — To be played at Cardiff on Saturday next. Kick off at 4.0 p.m. The Juniors will be represented by: Back, W. Davis; three-quarters, D. Griffiths (captain), O. Frampton, E. Llewellin, and W. Gore; halves, F. Woodfield and J. Hortop; forwards, W. Lewis, W. Evans, M. Evans, J. Davies, E. Bowells, D. Thomas, D. Trigg, and A. Hoddinott. Reserve, D. Griffiths. Juniors leave Cadoxton by 3 p.m. train. FIXTURES FOR SATURDAY. (To be played on the grounds of the first-named Teams.) WALES V. IRELAND (at Llanelly) Cardiff v, Aberavon Cardiff A v. Abergavenny Press Bristol v. Gloucester Penygraig v. Cardiff Star x Pontypridd v. Morriston Barry v. Penarth A" Bridgend v. Taibach Cogan v. St. David's Canton Harlequins v. Grangetown Stars Mardy v. Penygraig 2nd Caerphilly v. Mountain Ash Cardiff Wanderers v. Barry 2nd Whitchurch 2nd v. Dynas Powis Barry A.F.C. v. C wmbach. A.FC. Universal Stars v. Cadoxton Juniors .UL