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CULLEY'S BARRY DOCK HOTEL, OPPOSITE RAILWAY STATION AND DOCK OFFICES. SPACIOUS COFFEE-ROOM. PUBLIC RESTAURANT. SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, ADJOINING THE HOTEL. CARDIFF ESTABLISHMENTS: THE EXCHANGE RESTAURANT, CARDIFF DOCKS THE PHILHARMONIC RESTAURANT, ST. MARY STREET. R. P. CITLLEY & Co., ■ WINE MERCHANTS, THE EXCHANGE, CARDIFF. ——T141 PAPURAU. QENEDLAETHOL CYMRU Y GENEDL GYMREIG Bob Dydd Mereher. Pris Ceiniog. Y PAPUR MWYAF A GOREU YN YR IAITH GYMRAEG. Yr UNIG Bapur yRo, NGHYMNI sydd yn talu yr un sylw i'r De a'r Gogledd. YR unig Bapur jug Ng'hymru SJDD yn Cyhoedai ARGRAFFIAD ARBENIG I'R DEHEUDIR. Yr unig- Bapur YNG" Ifghyniru sydd yn rhoi bob wythnos t-I 0 ERTHYGL ARBENIG I'R GLOWYR A'R ALCANWYR. LLYTIIYRAU O'R SENEDD, gan T. E. ELLIS, A.S., a LLOYD GEORGE, A.S. LLYTHYRAU I'R GWEITHWYR, gan MABON, A.S. ERTHYGLAU GAN BRIF LENORION CYMRU Y WERIN. « Bob Dydd Sadwrn. Pris Dimai. Y PAPUR DIMAI LLAWNAF 0 NEWYDDION CYFFREDINOL A DYDDOROL. Y GENEDL A'R WERIN YW Y PAPURAU GOREU I'R CYMRO, I'R GWEITHIWR, I'R TEULU, I BAWB. YN EISIEU, Dosbaithw yr a Gohebwyr ym mhob ardal. Ymofyner trwy lythyr- 1002 BERIAH GWYNFE EVANS, SWYDDFA'R GENEDL, CAERNARFON. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S |H|§M|0DYNE COUU-HS, I IARTIHCEA. DYSENTERY substitution of any other than Collis /P^OLDS, JO GENERAL BOARD of HEALTH^ JLJ) cutta,states:" 2 DOSES COMPLETE- Hf' M'arm. Society of threat Britain, Hut rt. J COL1.TS BROWNE'S LY CURED ME It DIARRHOEA." A*cellethe .Viceroy's Chemists. OHLOKODYKE. — Dr. J. C. •0'» SY'UKS & Co., Pharmaceutical J. COLLIS BEOWHE'S BROWNE (late Army Medical Stafi) TA R JMK 5' 188°" IS TFAE MALA DISCOVERED a REMEDY to denote IFRJD?N- „ „„„„ PALLIATIVE M •WHICH HO COINED THE WORD CHLORO- + ^1\TEUKALOIA. GOTJT, CAUCEB, DYNE. DR. BROWNE IS THE SOLE IN- TLLLS JFTI3R" I3L TOOTHACHK, RHEUMATISM! YENTOB, AND, AS THE COMPOSITION OF I X? EARNED FOR RNTTTQ NW RIHLORNRITRNP /»NRMNF. R»N«SAIHLV C\I*ON. XTSELF ALL OYER THE EAST. AS A REMEDY 8 E S VERED BV ANAFYSTS FORRANIC BUBSTANOES OF RENERAL UTILITY, WE MUCH QUESTION JLJ CHLORODYNE IS A LIQUID ME- DP?V^HM?NATION'AND«INCE TSTFOR- WHETHER A BETTER IS IMPORTED, AND WE DICME WHICH ASSUAGES PAIN OF SHA11 GLAD TO HEAROF ITS FINDING A EVERY KIND, A FIORDS A CALM, RE- DENT ?HAT AL,Y ^ACKE^D^M^ATRS THF^ TNO* A NNMNMITID IDPNTIOPL WITH DR OTLIER BRANDS* WE ARE HAPPY TO SAY» ARE ALXIL, LW VLVYULVALLS THE H6RW TEO^E^^IWODRNE^FSI ISTWSE. ?2Y &DRN^ THIS CAUTION IS NECASSARV, AS MANY J- COLLIS BROWNE'S S^NTA^NS PURCHASER3 BY CENT.^ WECOULDC1SHORT AULNACKFOFDL7 °UTS REPRE^NTATIO^^ INFINITUM, OF THE EXTRAORDINARY EFFICACV TRRVDTT A |\A. J.COLLIS BEOWNB'S OF DR. COLLIS 3KOWWE'S SBASM^COLIO, FIJ' CHLORODYNE. VICE CHAN- CHLORODYNE IN DIARRHOEA AND JL^_J^A.LPITATIOY, HYSTBHIA. CELLOR SIR W. PAGE WOOD STATED DYSENTERY,SPASMS,CRAMPS,NEURALGIA ~WIIIPORTAJTT CAUTIOTT. — THE publiclv in Court that Dr. J. COLLIS the vomiting: of Pregnancy, and as a JL IMMENSE SAIE of this REMEDY jBROWNEwaaUNDOTJBTEDIjYthe general sedative, that hare occurred has sriren to many UNSCRUPT7- lNVENTORof CHLOBODYNE.t.hat underonrpersonalobBervationduring LOUS IMITATIONS. Be careful to the whole story of the (lef'-iiidant Free- MANY years. In Choleraic Diarrhoea, observe Trade Mark. Of all Chemists, man was deliberately untrue, and he and even in the more terrible forms Is. lid., 2s. 9d„ and 4A. 6d. regretted to say it had been F.^ORN to. of Cholera itself, we have witnessed MANUFACTURIVB, ^-SEE The Times. JNLR 13T.h. 18B4. ita flurprisinriy controlling power. J.T. DAVENPORT, 33. &t.5agife-flt.,W.a TRADE ADDRESSES. HEATH'S PIANOS. Special Designs for this Season. HEATH'S PIANOS At the lowest possible prices. JJEATH'S PIANOS Cash or Hire System. HEATH'S PIANOS From 10s. monthly. Node- posit. pjEATH'S PIANOS By all Makers. FIEATH'S PIANOS By Broadwood, Collard, JLJL Erard. HEATH'S PIANOS By Kirkinari, Brinsmead, Stein way. HEATH'S PIANOS By Mornington and Weston, IL IL Allison, Challen. LIEATH'S PIANOS By Justin Browne, Cramer, JjL Chappell. HEATH'S PIANOS By Bord, Neumayer, Rom- hiklt. JJEATH'S PIANOS By Schiedmayer, Schreiber. HEATH'S PIANOS By Winklemann.Waklemar, Ac. HEATH'S PIANOS Try the Empire Model, 32 11 Guineas. HEATH'S PIANOS The Henry Model, 30 Guineas, is excellent. HEATH'S PIANOS Vanderbilt Models for 18 to -&-A- 26 Guineas. JJEATH'S PIANOS Do not fail to call at once. HEATH'S ORGANS From 5 Guineas. 7s. JLJL monthly. HEATH'S ORGANS By Mason and Hamlin,Bell and Smith. HEATH'S ORGANS Bv Karn, Farrand and Yotey. HEATH'S ORGANS Sole Agents for the Doherty 11 Organ. HEATH'S ORGANS With Mirrors or decorated Pipes. TT EATH'S ORGANS Immense Variety to select J.1. from H EATH'S ORGANS Do not fail to call at once. TT s R. J. HEATH & SONS, 51, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND 34, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS, AND REPAIRERS. All parts of South Wales visited periodically by Tuners of long experience. CANVASSERS WANTED. LIBERAL TERMS. Catalogues Post Free. Special Discounts to Schools, Places of Worship, &c. J^ECKITTS gTARCH. JfcECKITT'S BLUE. JJECKITT'S BLACK LEA D. [19 EADE'S PILLS. ■Era « T\"S7"CJ "DTT T' C AU who suffer from Jllil-iJiis O ITiliiJwi Gout or Rheumatism Trf "DTT T G should immediately UjlAjUiii O i J.JjJLSlD. have recourse to p A TJP'C TJTT T Q EADE'S PILLS. jQl O JrlJLlJLlO. Hundreds of Testi- TJ» A TMT'J'C' DTT T Q monials have been O JTJ. 111 lO« received from "all TP A TliWO DTT T C! sorts and conditions ibiiiiia O JL iililU. of men" testifying to the wonderful power these Pills have In giving relief In the very worst eases. These Pills are purely vegetable and perfectly safe In their action, INSTANTLY RELIEVE AND RAPIDLY CURE THB WORST FORM OF eoUT, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE, AND LIMBS, And have the largest recommendation ever given to any Patent Medicine of its class. r« ATTrn A VOICH FROM llU Ui PLYMOUTH. RHEUMATISM "KV«. /TITTUP Saint Jude's, LrU U I Jan. 28,1890. RHEUMATISM subject to Gk»ut for f ATTT twenty five years. UUUX Previous to 1887 I ■RTITPTTTVT ATTQTWT suffered with very JLliXlJu U lflxl 1 i&Ju frequent attacks of ri A YTrp Gout three or four uUU X times a year. I IP TTI"'TY1W A "PTQWr heard of your Pills liriJlj U Mil11 XDlfl early that year, and P HTTT tried themithey gave UvU 1 me almost instant RHEUMATISM the swelling soon passed away. Since then, whenever an attack comes on, one small bottle will put me right. The effect of the pills Is really marvellous—not suppressing the disease only, but clearing tt out of the system, You eau make what use you like of this.—YouM truly. WILLIAM ACUTT. Mr. George Eade, 72, Goswell road, London." EADM'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC TILLS Are sold by ail Chemists, In Bottles, ta. l £ d. and 2s. 9d.. or sent post free for Postal Order by the Proprietor, GEORGE BADE, 72, Goswell-road, R.C. Ask for and be sure you obtain, EADE'S GOUT AND RHEU MATIC PILLS. EADE'S PILLS. G. J. ROBERTS & gON, CARTERS AND GILDERS, plCTURE JpRAME J^J-ANUFACTURERS p ARTISTS' COLOURMEN, AND FINE ART DEALERS, J>OYAL ^RCADE, ^JARDIFF. HAYES END. THE OLDEST FINE ART ESTABLISHMENT IN WALES. NO BRANCHES. 1209 THE BELGRAVE DYE WORKS, 36, Adam Street, Cardiff. Noted for First-class Workmanship in the follow- ing Departments LADIES' DRESS, GENTS' CLOTHING, STRAW, CHIP, LEGHORN, FELT and FANCY HATS and BONNETS, SKIN and WOOL MATS, and OSTRICH FEATHERS. ORCHARD'S 35, ADAM STREET, CARDIFF. "THE SOUTH WALES STAR. WEEKLY, ONE PENNY. Hearl Office: Vere Street. Cadoxton, Barry. Scale of Advertisement Charges. SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Houses to Let. I Apartments Wanted. Houses Wanted. Apartments to Let. Situations Wanted. Miscellaneous Wants. Situations Vacant. Articles Lost and Foun Words 0u? Six" Insertion. Insertions. Insertions*. 20 WORDS 0 6 1 0 X 6 30 WORDS 0 9 1 3 2 3 40 WORDS 1 0 2 0 3 0- EVERY ADDITIONAL 10 WORDS. 0 3 0 6 0 9 GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS. Parliamentary Notices, Addresses to Parliamen- tary Electors, and Notices in connection with PARLIAMENTARY Elections, &c. 12s. per inch per Insertion. LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS. Prospectuses of Public Companies, Addresses to Local Board, School Board, and Parochial Electors and Notices in connection with same, &c., 6s per inch per Insertion. AUCTION SALE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Auction Sale Advertisements 3s. per inch. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 to 4 insertions Is. 9d. per inch per insertion 6 to 8 „ ls.6d. „ „ 9 to 13 „ Is. 3d. „ 52 Is. „ PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS. 13 INSERTIONS 6d. per line per insertion.- 26 „ 4d. 52 „ 3D. Paragraph Advertisements under 4 lines charged 41inea. ILI il% b Soutq Wales Star PRINTING WORKS, CAD OXTON. CHEAP JOBBING PRINTING. FOR ESTIMATES APPLY TO- THE MANAGER, SOUTH WALES STAR, vths, Ii VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. r T" c, •■■■•