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SUMMER | I VERSUS ( WINTER. THE question is often asked:—" Are diseases or Ailments more prevalent in Winter than in the Summer season. The testimony of Medical men, as well as our own observation, clearly shows that there is a greater amount of sickness in the former season than in genial summer. We naturally associate winter with a low state of vitality. Persons of weak and delicate constitutions soon feel the effects of frost and snow, sleet and rain, cold winds and fierce storms. These have a depressing influence upon all persons, and various ailments, such as indigestion, nervousness, palpitation, bronchitis, low spirits, and several other forms of disease, are apt to attack us at such times. To resist these attacks successfully, it is necessary that the body be protected with warm clothing, and nourished with more or better food. It is evident then, that they who are most liable to, and suffer most from winter ailments, are those who are least able to procure the means of withstanding them, or to obtain medical aid to combat them, viz., the working classes and the poor. It behoves these, therefore, to endeavour to fortify -the constitution to enable them the better to cope with the dangers to which they are exposed. This can best be done by the use of good Vegetable Tonic. It is unanimously admitted that the best and most effective Vegetable Tonic known at present is that renowned preparation- G-vVILYM EVANS' BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. This opinion is confirmed by the testimony of eminent Physicians, Analysts, Chemists, and thousands of others in all stations of life, who have given it a fair trial. Its efficacy in cases of exposure to winter storms is briefly and concisely shown by the following testi- monial. AN EXCELLENT MEDICINE- Plas-dovey, Aberdovey, January 26th, 1892. Dear Sir,—I find that Gwilvm E vans' Bitters is worth its weight in gold in cases of fatigue and exposure in all weathers. I have also found it an excellent medicine to regain strength when recovering from In- fluenza.- Yours truly, HENRY JONES (Lifeboat Institution.) GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. For Liver Complaints, Use Gwilym Evans' Bitters. For Nervousness and Weakness, Use Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. For Depression of Spirits, Use Gwilym Evans' Bitters. For all symptoms of Indigestion, Use Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. 14, Montague Street, Edinburgh, December 1, 1892. Gentlemen.-Please send me by return a 4s. 6d. bottle of Gwilym Evans' Bitters.' I took four bottles last winter, and derived much benefit from it.—Yours truly, S. JAMES. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS, THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE. im* LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS. The number of small imitators of these Bitters throughout the country is one of the best proofs of their virtues for Imitation is the sincerest form-of flattery." Do not be persuaded to take any of these imitations which are offered under similar names, but which are entirely devoid of the virtues of this re- nowned preparation. BE CAREFUL. See thatthename "Gwilym Evans'Quinine Bitters" is on the label, Stamp and Bottle, without which none are genuine. Sold by all Chemists in Bottles at Is. ljd.,2s. 9d., and 4'8. Cases containing three 4/6 Bottles at 12/6 per case; also sent, carriage paid, for the above prices, to any address by the proprietors. QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED. LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. American Depot: Mr. R. D. WILLIAMS, Plymouth, P.A. [61. THE BEST PUBLIC HOUSES FOR WORKING MEN. THE METKOPOLE TEMPERANCE HOTEL (Opposite the Taff Vale Railway Station, Cardiff), Dining Rooms, Smoke Room, Assembly Room, Cloak Room, and Lavatories. FORTY BEDS. GORDON rjlEMPERANCE JJOTEL, AND RESTAURANT, -ft- 281 AND 282, BUTE STREET (Corner of Custom House Street), 256, BUTE STREET, AND 3, CUSTOM HOUSE STREET. CARDIFF. THE NEPTUNE, (Corner of PATRICK STREET) will shortly be opened. BAKERY WHARF STREET. Specialities by an Experienced French Cook, Directories for use of Customers. JGREAD AND Q OXFECTIONERY OF ALL KINDS. < WHEATEN BREAD-A SPECIALITY. BEDS FROM ONE SHLLING PER NIGHT. Visitors leaving Town by early Boats or Trains, please note—these Hotels are Open every Week- day Morning at Four o'clock. NIGHT PORTERS. E. THOMAS (Cochfarf), 371] PROPBIEXQR. HARRY Winstone, JUNIOR, SILVERSMITH, Dealer in "Works of Art, 54, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT I am prepared to Buy for Cash any of the follow- ing :—Antique Silver and Plate, Old China, Coins, Cut-Glass, Battersea Enamel Boxes, &c., c. Hav- ing a large connection amongst collectors, &c., I am prepared to pay the highest prices for the above. BACKERS: LLOYDS, LIMITED, CARDIFF. [210 LINUM CATHARTICUM PILLS agreeably aperient, 9!d., 1s. lid., 2s. 9d. Of all Chemists. 2 KA.VS TIC PILLS, specific in Neuralgia, Face ache, 9ld. and 1321Ld. postage, Id. Of all Chemists „ There is no remedy in the world equal to Lawis PECTORAL BALSAM for Coughs, Colds, and all Dis Amilt" of the Loup."—ls.l^d. and 2d. 9d. per bottle- < J. E. JONES,! DISPENSING CHEMIST (From Hooper & Co., Chemists to the Queen), HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. Jones's Glycerine Cougii Elixir. Glycerine distilled, condensed, and purified, for Internal use, is highly recommended by many emi- nent Medical Practitioners for the relief of obstinate and irritating Coughs. Its solvent power has enabled the Proprietor to combine in this Elixir the active principles of the most approved expec- torant and soothing drugs of the Pharmacopoeia, including: Ipecacuanha, Marshmallow, Squill, Tolu &c. Jones's Palatable Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil, As prepared for the Chief Sanatorium in England and Members of the Medical Profession in the District. This Cream is almost entirely free from the peculiar taste and smell of the crude oil, is much more readily digested and assimilated, and can fre- quently be taken when the patient has an aversion to the ordinary oil. Combined with Hypophos- phites it will be found an invaluable medicine in diseases characterised by debility, impoverished blood, and loss of brain and nerve power. In con- sumption and diseases of the chest, nervous depression, debility of delicate women, and for weakly children, especially when cutting their teeth, &c.—Jones' Neuralgic Powders for the Im- mediate Relief of Neuralgia, Toothache, Head- ache, &c.; Perfectly Harmless.

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