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FOOTBALL. — Reports for this column must be received- not later than Tuesday afternoon to appear in the current week's issue. PENARTH V. ABERAVON. This match was played at Penarth before a small number of spectators in dull, raw weather. The following were the teams:—Penarth: Back. J. Tanner three-quarterbacks, H. Kirby, R. M. Garrett, H. E. Morgan, and H. G. Alexander half-backs, G. W. Shepherd and W. G. Lambert forwards, G-. Matthews, 43. Ellis, P. Jackson, J. Lawday, W. Gibbs, R. W. Stoddart, G. Brown, and T. Hutchings. Aber- avon Back, Rees Lewis three-quarter bocks, T. S. Roberts, D. S. James, Rees Howeiis, and J. Hey wood: half-backs, R. D. Seaway and R. H. John; for- wards: Ivor C. Bansey, W. Howeiis, T. Jones, T. Rees, D. Rowlands, E. Evans, and E. A. Thomas. Referee, Mr. W. E. Jarman, Cardiff F.C. Abcravon kicked off against the wind, and, no return being, made, scrambling play at once took place in the Pcnal.th half. By dint of hard work the visitors took the ball up to the home line, but the home forwards broke away and somewhat relieved the pressure. Abcravon ob- tained a free, and Lewis made an excellent attempt at- goal. Garrett got away, and, passing to Alexander, the latter placed the visitors on the defensive in their own 25 by kicking into touch. Exciting loose play followed, in which the Aberavon boys worked back to the centre. Penarth here obtained a free, and the return having failed, the bail was sent into touch at the Aberavon 25. Kirkby, after some give-and-take play, got well away, but a forward pass spoiled the home teams chance of scoring. After a smart run by Alexander. Penarth was awarded another free. Lewis returned into the hands of Garrett, who passed Kirby. The latter handed back again to Garrett, but Garrett was unable to get through. A series of marks enabled Aberavon to place their opponents once more on the defensive, but Kirby got away in fine style and the game was resumed in the visitors' 25. Half-time was shortly afterwards called, neither side having scored. After changing ends play for some time settled down in the .Penarth quarters. Kirby got away, but he was promptly grarsed, and John saved ar. ugly rush by punting into touch. Penarth worked back to the centre, and here for some time scrambling play ensued. The ball once more drifted to the Penarth 25. Lewis made a free, which Shepherd smartly returned past the centre. A rush by the Aberavon forwards transferred the venue to the home 25, but Kirby relieved by a. brief sprint to the centre. Several long kicks were exchanged, and the Aberavon custodian failing in one of his attempts the bail went out of play at the visitors' 25. Shortly afterwards Selway relieved by a well-judged kick down the line, and scrimmages were once more the order of the day near the centre. Lewis, from a mark by Selway, attempted a drop at goal, but the ball was too heavy to rise, and the return of Alexander sent the leather out of play at the half way. Shortly after- wards Tanner having failed, Alexander stopped an ugly rush by some of the visitors' forwards. Shep- herd handed to Garrett, and the latter looked like scoring, but the excellent defensive play of the visitors proved too much for him, and he was grassed at the Aberavon 25. The game ended in a draw, neither side having scored. PONTYPRIDD V. PBNYGRAIG. The third encounter this season between these old rivals came off on the Taff Vale Grounds, Pontypridd, before a fair crowd. Aek Llewellyn started operations for the home team, and, no return being made, play settled down before the visitors' posts, whera, a few moments afterwards, Jimmy Lewis emerged with the leather in his possession, and crossed the line amid ap- plause. In crossing, however, Lewis knocked down the corner flag, and the visitors claimed a foul, which the referee disallowed, the kick at goal being abortive. Lloyd kicked off for the visitors, who at once invaded the Pontypridd territory. Their sojourn here was but of a ehort duration, for the homesters, contesting ground iuch by inch, forced play into the visitors' quarters, where the ball was confined for the next ten minutes, a free kick' conceded the visitors bringing them no relief. A splendid kick put in by Davies, one of the visiting three-quarters, preceded a rush to the home territory, but the return was prompt and effective. The home backs soon afterwards secufed poossession, and gave a pretty specimen of pas- sing in front of the visitors' citadel. Jack Murray, how- ever, was collared when on the point of crossing, when half-time was called, Pontypridd leading by a try to nil. On the change of ends the home team continued their aggressive tactics, and, but for the splendid defence of D. Lloyd at goal, the line would often have been crossed. Alun Morgan once looked like scoring, but, being tackled, transferred to Ben Lewis, who un- happily missed the ball. Dan Lloyd relieved with a. long punt, landing the leather in touch, but a second afterwards the pressure was renewed, and the visitors' back was compelled to touch down. From a line out at the 25 flag Harry Williams picksd up, and the leather was smartly transferred to Ben Lewis, Stead eventually securing and planting the oval between the posts. H. Williams took the kick, but failed to con- vert. A rush from the home forwards was neutralised by Reynolds, who gallantly saved almost on the line. Here a stubborn assault on the visiting citadel was witnessed, Penygraig eventually rushing the ball to neutral ground. Benny Lewis started a dribble, but was effectively stopped by Tom Morgan but with a determined rush the home team again invaded the hill- siders' territory, and Alun Morgan, with a couple of opponents collaring him, scored what appeared to the spectaton to be a try. The ball, however, was brought five yards out, and a series of scrums ensued in front of the Penygraig goal, where play remained until the call of time. Final score:—Pontypridd, 2 tries 1 minor Penygraig, nil. CADOXTON v. CARDIFF CREST. Tire Cadoxten team journeyed to Cardiff on Satur- day last to try conclusions with the Cardiff Crest. Cadoxton were four men short, and had to pick from "subs" on the ground. Only three were available, and therefore they had to play one short. The match was played on the East Moors, which was in a very sloppy condition. The crest won the toss, and kicked off, the ball being returned well into their 25 by Morgan, where a scrum was formed. Tylor passed out to Lane, and he in turn passed to Morgan, who put in a good kick over the line, which resulted in a minor. After the drop out the visitors' forwards worked the ball back on the line, and experienced hard lines in not scoring on many occasions. Two minors more were got before half-time. The score being—Cadox- ton, 3 minors; Crest, nil. After the re-start tae home team tried hard to break through the defence of the visitors, but it proved to. be too good, although only playing three three-quarters agninst four. Just about two minutes before the call of time one of the home. backs scored a corner try, which was not converted Final sCJre :-Cardiff Crest, 1 try Cadoxton, 3 minor. BARRY v. CANTON. Played on the Buttrills, Barry, in grand weather, and in the presence of a large attendance of spectators. Barry commenced play, a return being made to mid- way. Play was waging near the centre when M. Cheek, securing a pass from Jones, notched a try, the Barry men being apparently asleep at the time. The point was not improved upon. Barry dropped out, Jack Rees and J. Jones darting away, the latter trans- ferring the ball. Brown missed a certain chance of scoring. Afterwards the homesters rushed over the line, and a minor was allowed Barry. On the restart Canton pressed severely, and made repeated incursions into the home territory. Two frees were allowed Barry in succession, and Johnnie Davies kicking far into touch near the Canton citadel, Tommy did the trick, Rees failing to improve matters, the score now being equal. The battle was very evenly fought, Medcroft saving dangerous rushes on two occasions. Ernest Jones shortly afterwards made a splendid run, and had extremely hard lines in not dropping a goal. From this point Bennett had to retire, and call of time was announced in a minute or two afterwards, the final score reading :-Ba.rry, 1 try 1 minor Canton, 1 try. COGAN v. CWMBRAN. This match was played at Cogan on muddy ground. The teams were pretty evenly matched, although the forwards of the Cogan team were perhaps a little weaker than their opponents. The play in the first half was of a very uncertain nature, the visitors per- haps getting the best of matters. The fact that there was no scoring in the ifirst half will, however, shew that there was very little difference. Cogan was in very great danger twine or three times in the first half, as the visitors pressed 'them very closely. In the second half Cogan seemed to get the upper hand for a time, but this continued only for a brief period, for the visitors brought the ball up to the line, and in a scramble which took place almost on the line touched the ball behind. Cwmbran failed to convert their try. A minor only was scored after the try. Final score Cwmbran, 1 try and 3 minors to 2 minors. BARRY 2ND V. CADOXTON 2XD. The above teams met at the Sophia Gardens on Saturday last. As both teams hold a clean sheet so far this season, a. good game was witnessed, and ended in a draw, neither side scoring. Barry were minus five of their men, and hud to make up a team on the field, PENARTH HARLEQUINS V. CATHAYS JUNIOFIS. There teams met at Penarth on Saturday, and a very- interesting game ended in a win for the Harlequins by three tries to nil. COUNTY POLICE V. DINAS POWIS. These teams faced one another on the Dinas Powis Ground on Wednesday afternoon, the ground being in a sloppy condition. The number of spectators was quite satisfactory. Dinas Powis kicked off sgainst the wind, and desultory played ensued in mid-field for a. considerable time, after which play waged in the County's 25. From here the Police forwards, owing- to their superiority in strength, rushed matters up to the home goal-line, where a scrum was formed. From this stage till the call of half-time miserable play was witnessed on the part of the County, two minors being exacted by them. In the second half the home men, with the wind in their favour, showed up grandly, the whole pack doing credit to the club. About five minutes from the call of time Sam Hussey scored a try, which was unconverted, thus leaving Dinas Powis victors by three points to nil, ASSOCIATION. SOUTH WALES ILEAGUE. NORTH v. SOUTH GLAMORGAN. A match between representatives of the North and South portions of the county of Glamorgan wa,s played at Mountain Ash on Monday afternoon in aid of the South Wales League Fund. The Northern team had been selected from the Mountain Ash, Trelevvis. Cwm- bach, and Treharris Clubs, but the latter club was not represented owing to the clashing another fixture. The Southern players had been chosen from Cardiff, Barry District, Biaina, and Pontypridd, and were cap- tained by W. Walker, of Cardiff, the North team being skippered by i1'. Miller, of Mountain Ash. The South won the toss, and North kicked oS. It was soon seen that both sides were very evenly matehed, and for some time no material advantage was obtained by either team but eventually the South succeeded in forcing a corner, from which Parry, of Barry, rushed the ball between the posts. No further scoring was done up to half-time and on resuming after the interval the play was characterised by kicking and rushing, but the defence of both sides was too good to allow of scoring, and the game ended witn a win for the South by the goal obtained in the first half. The game throughout was of a very pleasant character. CARDIFF V. BARRY. These rival teams met in a rricndlv match on the Witchill Ground, Cadoxton. The game proved fast and exciting. The visitors obtained the first goal got by Thackeray. Soon afterwards Davies scored far the homesters. Cardiff obtained another point, and just before the call of "No Side" Barry equalised. Crichton, Deiney, Thackeray, and Farthing were hard working for Cardiff, and Sheldon, the brothers Wood- field, Roberts, and Jenkins were undoubtedly the most useful of the home crowd. Final score: Barry, 2 goals; Cardin, 2 goals. CARDIFF RESERVES v. PENARTH SWIFTS. These teams met on the Cardiff Association ground, Tynycoed, to try conclusions under the Association code. The Swifts won the toss. Play w.s very evenly balanced, and at half-time neither side had evenly balanced, and at half-time neither side had scoreU. On resuming both sides seemed fagged—aa- doubtly a little out 0 £ form. If anything the Swifts were on the aggressive, but Cardiff defended fairly well. Sessions piayed a good game, but not up to his usual form, owing to a sprained ankle. Tiie ma toil was most pleasant throughout, and ended in a draw, neither side having scored. FIXTURES FOR NEXT SATURDAY. On the Grounds of the first-named Clubs. Cardiff v. Newport Newport" A" v. Cardiff A Swansea v. Llanelly Swansea A v. Aberavon Llanellv" A" v. Cardiff T.C. Pontypridd v. Neath Nea.th A v. Pontypridd A Old Edwardians v. Cardiff 'Quins Penygraig v. Newport Harriers Barry v. Cathays. Bridgend v. Ogmore Dowdais v. Brynmawr Cogan v. Porthcawl Cwmbran United v. Tredegar Pillgwenllv v. Grangetown Mountain Ash v. Morristown Whitchurch 2nd v. Barry 2nd Llantwit-Major v. Cowbridge Treharris A.F.C. v. Barry A.F.C.


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