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ROUND THE TOIHS. [BY Mil. GADABOUT.] Mr William Thomas must be a proud and happy man this week. The Local Board have adopted his resolution in favour of a weekly cattle market at Cadoxton. and the members have moreover thrown out kindly hints for him to work upon. This is fame, & Holton-road is positively dangerous after nine o'clock at nisrht. The dearth of lamps aoiord splendid opportunities for tramps—who wish to seizes and take possesion of other people s belong- ing- £ Think of it ? Mr. Gadabout was himself stopped this week by a burly itinerant. And he has not got money to throw away in this fashion if other psople have. That tramp caught a Tartar! It is positively pleasant to find the members of -our local public bodies beaming- upon each other with smiles. They have been this last week a happy family indeed. In one instance, however, there was nearly trouble. Mr. George Thomas was the innocent cause. He only suggested that the Local Board should await pronouncing a decision upon the Welsh Intermediate Bill until the School Board had had its sav. But Mr. William Thomas (Barry) thought differently. However, the storm was lulled, and peace again reigned supreme. The members of the School Board must be fond of speakino-. Each one had a turn at the last meeting. The Local Board, too, were not far behind. « Has the Board of Trade a funny man on its staff 7 It would seem so when he asks the Local Board to give a definition of the word seamen." Why cannot the Barry Dock police court be held on a Wednesday ? It is inconvenient to business men to hold it on a Thursday. The Barry and Cadoxton Local Board were ersrao-ed discussing public matters from three o'clock to six o'clock on Tuesday They had a private-special meeting to consider the Bill for the purchase of the Gas and Water Company's under- taking, and also the Barry Railway Company's Bill. But the press were sternly ejected and even at its conclusion there-was no news forthcoming. How many appointments were lost on Tuesday through the special meeting of the Cadoxton and Barry Local Board ? Who is the best speaker in the district ? Don't all answer at once comedy was enacted in Barry this week. Scene Robert-street, Time: Two o'clock Mon- day morning. Persona A man, 5ft. 2in. in heisrht 1 2 stone in weight; and another, whose height'was 5ft. ll £ in., and weight, 8 stone. At the^hour mentioned the above-named gentlemen were travelling through the snow in search of a plumber, the slippers worn indicating that they had been suddenly wrenched from the arms of Morpheus. Moreover, the "long lun" had his suspenders flapping behind. Having encountered and gained victories over a dozen dogs, the plumber's residence was reached. Owing to the 5ft. 2in. man wearing a Volunteer cap, the dis- turbed one for a time refused to obey the summons to come to their aid, the cop evidently having brought to his mind scenes of bloody struggles. Eventually the plumber, determined to do or die, ieined the strange couple. The mechanic having accomplished his task,the "long and short of it once more returned to bed. The bursting of a water pipe was the cause of the tumult. A certain young lady who, but a short time since was transferred from the Holton Schools to a similar institution in the district, utilised her holi- days to good advantage by getting married. The old adage of Killing two birds with one stone," or combining duty and pleasure, is here fully verified. All's well that ends well!" I congratulate Miss Woods on her recent promo- tion. May time prove the selection to be a wise one. I am glad that in future the proceedings of the Barry and District Trades' Council will be re- ported in the local Press. This is a step in the right direction. The lodges will now be able to know with what regularity the various delegates attend to the Council business. I sincerely trust that all the lodges will demand from the absentees tangible xeason for their non-attendance. Says the Western Mail, There is a man living at Penarth who drinks so much water that when he leaves the plase for a season the rates are reduced a penny in the pound. On coming down Barry Hill last Monday night, a policeman, 18 stone in weight, suddenly missed his footing and fell on the ice. Thanks to. his helmet, no damage was done to his cranium. The victory of Wales over England on Saturday was celebrated in style in the Barry district. It was '"a gratenite The din in some places was deafening; while the return journey from Cardiff was entirely occupied in discussing the various points of the play. It is very probable that the ears of the resi- dents at Barry Dock will never again listen to the odious donkey-braying row from the hooter of the Cookham, that vessel having gone ashore at Long- cove, between Hall Sands and Start Point on Sunday. Tne crew were saved. •J The dinner at the Ship Hotel on Saturday night was a most enjoyable one. The conductor of the Barry Brass Band (Mr. Rees) keeps the members well up to the mark, and the state of efficiency attained under the late con- ductor (Mr. De Boer) is well maintained. General Lee is a model chairman. He possesses a dignified presence, does not bore his audience with dry speeches, but is terse and to the point. His remarks at the Brass Band dinner anent the pleasures of music were cordially acquiesced in by those present. Messrs. Bonn and Co.'s diorama having met with such flattering receptions, the proprietors are pre- paring a larger and finer one with which to delight the neighbourhood. W Vere-street, I am sorry, has latterly been filled with vile punsters. At the office barber's the following dialogue took place :—Barber (to cus- tomer who has made some keen remarks): You seem rather cutting to-day.—Customer: Yes; 'Tis rather clever don(e).-Barber: Let'soap so. Some towns become noted for the cries of the vendors of fish, watercress, &c. Barry is noted for the cries of the news-boys. Of an evening, the district is filled with South Wales Star-yer," South Wales Echoier." And the Cadoxton boys are not far behind. The dramatic entertainments held at the Barry Dock Public Hall this week have not been so well attended as they might have been. ♦J4 Local charities ought to be in a very flourishing state, considering the many concerts, fetes, and entertainments got up for their benefit. :>(<> ..J¡: Our local fiddler looks quite a "masher" in a dress suit. Several of the musical pieces played were his own composition. At the end of the farce on the first evening I looked around to see what damage had been done by" Alexander the Thin-legged." Earl Beacons- field lay fiat on his back, whilst General Gordon looked serene with a broken neck. Funny times these ? The teachers of the Cadoxton School have pre- sented a handsome case of spoons, and a silver ink- stand, to Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse, on the occa- sion of their marriage. Why spoons ? is there a a covert meaning. V The costs of the recent School Board election have just been sent in by the returning-officer, Mr. A. J. Harris. They amount to £57. There was but very little business at the Penarth Police Court on Monday. One well-known face was absent. Mr. Belcher thinks the Penarth magistrates' clerk an authority on tobacco. Was it," said he to a witness, tobacco that Mr. Morris would call hard tobacco ? The farewell services of the Rev. Ton Evans on Sunday evening were well-attended. The Religious Editor was very much affected, and it is said that tears streamed down his reverend countenance. Still he was not the only one so affected. But why was it Mr. Evans was so late ? ;r.. Several females present had time to discuss all the latest news, and sing a hymn before the rev. gentleman made his appearance. I am glad to learn that the wife of the respected Chairman of the Local Board (Mrs. John Robinson) is gradually getting better. :p It transpires that the price offered the Gas and Water Company for their works was £ 130,000. A gentleman calculates that if all the new works of which there have been rumours were to start at Barry, there would be dozens, and the population would be at least, 150,000. >fc Rumours are, to say the least, very unsatisfactory, even when exclusively indicated." tfc For a full report of the Local Board and School Board proceedings see another page. Marriages sometimes do not always turn out well. A few weeks since a local widower with a family married a widow with a family. A business was taken, but the second morning after the wedding, ructions took place, and by mutual con- sent the parties separated. What a short dream of wedded bliss ig Some extraordinary affairs have taken place at Barry Dock lately. ;.¡c :r- The latest is neither a mysterious robbery, savage assault, nor a moonlight flit. It is alleged that a wife has put in the bums on her own husband, and that it does not prevent their living amicably together. People are wondering why the burns" were requisitioned. # On Saturday evening a farewell meeting will be held at the Mount Pleasant Chapel, when the Rev. Ton Evans will be presented with an illuminated address. It is hoped that there will be a large attendance. I am sorry to hear that Mrs. Ton Evans is in a very indifferent state of health. c .? A short time ago John Dowding and Charles Turner were sent away to industrial schools, the School Board authorities and their parents being unable to get the boys to attend school. Last week they were on a visit to Barry, and their appearance betokened that they were now in the right place. ? a I am glad to learn that Mr. Walter Stradling (from Mr. J. H. Hosgood's office, Barry) read aJ very masterly paper at the Congregational Bible Class, Barry, recently, and so much was it appre- ciated that he has been requested to read it at another meeting shortly. :( On Wednesday, February 1st, a conversazione will be held at the Barry Parish-hall. I am assured that a good evening's pleasure will be enjoyed: therefore I hope to see a good number present. The first annual dinner in connection with the Barjy Cycling Club will be held on Wednesday next at the Ba.rry Hotel. The dinner will be followed by a smoking concert, at which some good singers have promised to sing. Tickets may be obtained from the hon. sec., Mr. W. Stradling. At the recent conversazione held at the Barry Parish-hall, the collection amounted to £ 2 18s. 0 On Sunday, the 18bh ult., the Rev. John Le Geyt Duf Heaume was ordained a Presbyter by the Bishop of Llandaff at Llandaff Cathedral. s The Bishop of the Diocese purposes to hold a confirmation at the Mission Church, Holton-road, Barry Dock, on the 10 bh of March. J The Congregational services at the Assembly- room at the Shaftesbury Hotel have been dis- continued. # 1 am beginning to feel just a little bit jealous. I see I have a rival at Barry, and this is what he says in the Congregational Magazine :—"If anyone wants to know why the chapel wasn't warm on Christmas Day in the morning, and where all the young men were in the afternoon, and how the envelope system causes people to attend only one service instead of two, and who gave the brass reading- desks and pictures in the class rooms, and when our grand new chapel with a spire and peal of bells will be finished—write and ask the Editor." I congratulate Mr. Smith-Jones on his appoint- ment as secretary to the Barry Chamber of Trade. He should liven matters up considerably. sk il. Heard at the Barry Chamber of Trade. Mr. Davies (Cardiff) There is not yet a Zoological Garden at Barry, so the special rates by the rail- way companies will not affect traders there. The President They say there is a Zoological Garden here. (Laughter.) 5k It is not often a journalist is insulted nowadays. But to offer him a bribe to keep out anything is impertinent. If he accepted he would not only lose his situation, but be discredited for life. Yet it has been attempted by a Barry Dock man this week. He wanted to bribe the editor, but was promptly shown the door. Well done, Barry Thou art again to the front. Liverpool, far-fam-'d and great, does not scorn to follow in thy wake. The authorities of the Barry Young Wales Party z, have received a communication from Liverpool, asking for particulars of the constitution of the Society, as it is contemplated to start a Young Wales Society on similar lines at that place.