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MW DISTRICT NEWS. ,"v', .1" BARRY. SCHOLASTIC APPOINTMENT.—Misa Wood, of Barry, was, at the meeting of the School Management Committee on Tuesday night, appointed head-mistress of the Barry Girls' School. > Take care that the occasional headache or loss of appetite that you complain of does not become con- firmed indigestion, but resort at once to Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, which is a specific tor all forms of that malady. See advt. page [3 IS YOUR WATCH WRONG? IF SO, and you wish it put in reliable order, why go to town when you can get any class of Watch, repairs done equally well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall Buildings, late with Mr J Hettich 60, Queen-street. Cardiff [301 BARRY DOCK. FAILURE OF A TAILOR.—The first meeting of the creditors of John W. Ainscough, trading as Kelly, of Holton-road, Barry Dock, lately trading in co-partner- ship with John Kelly, as Kelly and Co., at Barry Dock. (Jommercial-street, in Newport, and Market- buildings, Ebbw Vale, Mon., tailor, hosier, and hatter, will be held on the 11th inst., at eleven a.m., at Bankruptcy-buildings, London; public examination January 24th, at ten a.m., at the Town-hall, Cardiff. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.—The partner- ship between S. W. Richards and J. Gethin, trading as Richards and Gethin at Cardiff and Barry Dock, archi- tects. surveyors, and land agents, has been dissolved. S. W. Richards retires. DANCIS AT THE BUFFALO INSTITUTE.—On Monday night a monthly dance took place at the Buffalo Institute. There were present about 140 visitors, including Sir D. W. Jenkins and Mrs. Jenkins. Primos J. Taylor, F. Melviri, Whitehead, J Melvin, W. Lyle. J. Stroud and Mrs. Stroud, W. Morris and Mrs. Morris, W. Hood, and Bros. Whittle and Mrs. Whittle, Clarke, W. Clarke, and Mrs. and Miss Clarke, Freeman, Edwards, A. F. Clarke and Mrs. Clarke, W. Macclonald, Piddell (2), Sidney Thomas and Miss Thomas, George Casmwell. and Mrs. Carnwell, Mrs. Cousins, &c. Mr. W. H. Thomasproved an efficient chairman, and the duties of M.C. were ably carried out by Bro. James Edwards. At intervals songs were sung by Sir D. W. Jenkins, and Messrs. Piddeil, Thomas, Barry Morris, and W. H. Thomas. The music for the dancing was supplied by Messrs. Kaiser, Hill, and Powell. The comforts of the guests were looked after by Primos Lyle and Stroud, and the company broke up at an early hour of morning, after spending a very enjoyable time. A NEW POST OFFICK WANTED.—The Chamber of Trade have appointed a deputation, consisting of Mr. Lewis Lewis and Mr. Smith-Jones to meet the Postmaster of Cardiff, and impress upon him the fact that the present office does not meet the requirements of the district. CADOXTON. QUARTERLY MEETING.—On Sunday evening last the Sunday School scholars of the Welsh Baptist Chopel held their quarterly meeting. The Rev. Morris Isaac presided, and Mr. T. Walters, of the Crown Stores, conducted the choir in a praiseworthy manner. There was a large attendance, and the meeting com- menced by singing Dechrell canu, dechreu canmol," after which Mr. Robert Spickett Thomas recited the third chapter of Genesis, following which Mr. Isaac engaged in prayer. The following programme was gone through in an excellent manner:—Singing, "0 agor fy Ilygaid" recitation, Miss Mary Jane Squires recitation. Master Thomas Jones; recitation, Yr byfryd lais," Mr. Thomas Walters recitation," Mae Daw yn caru'r un," Miss Mary Lewis; recitation, Y babau yn cysgu," Miss Mary Thomas; singing, Bywha dy waith," Choir; address by Mr. Benjamin Bamford recitation, Tynu at drugaredd," Miss Nellie Lewss; recitation from Milton, Mr. R. Hughes solo, The beautiful land of rest," Mr. R. S. Thomas; reading by Mr. William Lewis; recitation by Miss Lizzie Ann James; recitation, lachawdwriaeth gymaint," Mr. Benjamin Davies; singing by the Choir. A collection having been made the meeting was brought to a close by the audience singing, "Du W mawr yrhyfoddadau maith." FREE TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT.—A free tea and entertainment was given to the poor of the district on Wednesday evening, at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Chapel. About 200 children and adults sat down to a substantial tea, provided by the Hev. L. Ton Evans and friends. The following ladies and gentlemen assisted at the tables:—Mrs. Dennis, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Dewar, Mrs. Trelivyan, Mrs. Parry, Miss George, Miss Holloway. Mrs. and Miss Bert; Messrs. Fido, Brownjohn. J. L. Jones, E. Passant,1 Dewar, and Bert. After tea a service^ f song, entitled The Desire of all Nations," was g^n by the choir of the Mount Pleasant Chapel.-A vote of thanks was passed to the Rev. Ton Evans for the active part he had taken in getting up such a good tea. This was carried with acct..mmation.-Prayer was then offered up by the pastor, and a most enjoyable evening terminated. MARRIAGE.—On Wednesday morning a very pretty wedding was witnessed at St. Mark's Church, Wolverhampton, the contracting parties being Mr. ■ H. f Whitehouse, the head assistant master at the Cadoxton Board Schools, and Miss M: E. Richardson, of Wolverhampton. There was a large number of spectators, some of the dresses worn being of a rich and tasteful character. As the bride and bridegroom left the Church the Wedding March was played, and rice was plen- tifully bestowed upon them. The wedding breakfast was partaken of at the residence of the bride's father, f¡i.nd in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse left for Cadoxton. Mr. Whitehouse, during his residence at Cadoxton, has earned the respect and esteem of a large circle of friends, who all wish him and his bride a long and happy wedded life. Mr. and Mrs. White- house have been the recipients of a large number of handsome and useful presents. PENARTH. CHANGE RINGING.—On Monday, January 2nd, at St. Augustine's Church, Penarth, a complete peal of 5,040 changes was rung in two miuor methods/being one 720 of grandsire and six 720 of plain Bob minor, each called differently by tho following:—John Vinnicombe, treble William Bisi, 2; Charles Lloyd, 3; David Thomas, 4 F. Bartlett, 5 Charles Smith (conductor), tenor in 2 hours and 54 minutes. Weight of tenor, 14cwt., in A flat. The above is the first peal ever rung in South Wales by a local band, also the first by all the band, except the conductor. ACCIDENT AT PENARTH DOCK.—A singular accident occurred at Penarth Dock on Monday to a youth, aged 18, named Arthur Havord, who fell off the jetty into about 40 feet of water, and but for the promptitude of one of the gatemen, would probably have been drowned. It appeared that the ss West- bourne was coming on the Windsor Slipway for re- pairs. Hovord was walking down the jetty, and whilst attempting to get under a rope, running from a stanchion to the vessel, he slipped, falling first on to the edge of the small boat and thence into the water. A gateman immediately let go the guide and pro- ceeded to the boy's rescne, which he happily effected. The lad fortunately sustained only a few slight brnises and a wetting, though it was thought at first his back was broken by his falling on to the boat. The effect of the" guide" being let go made a difference of three hours to the vessel's being properly cradled. PROPOSED FREE LIBRARY.—A movement is on foot (and is likely at an early date to be brought to a successful issue) for establishing a free public library and reading-room for Penarth and district. The subject has been brought forward with considerable energy by Mr. T. Bevan, Mr. Lewis (Garth), Mr. J. M. Jennings, and other gentlemen. Information for Y the guidance of the promoters is being obtained from the controlling bodies of free libraries in other towns and at the next meeting of the Penarth Local Board a proposition will be submitted in favour of the adoption in the district of the Free Library and Museums Act. It is not apprehended that any great difficulty will be experienced in causing the Board to pass the necessary resolutions; and it is felt that the meeting of ratepayers which will be convened to dis- cuss the question will confirm the resolution in favour of the Act being put in force. The income from tho penny rate will amount to about £ 300 per annum, and this will, in all probability prove sufficient, if kept for a year, to purchase about two thousand volumes. The circulation of such a library averages the lending of each book fifteen times a year, and at this rate the Penarth library should mean a total circulation of 30,000 books. The news-room, it is intended, shall contain newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. The income will, it is probable, allow of about one- third being set aside,to replenish the library from time to time. In other towns substantial gifts of books have been made to such institutions by gentlemen interested in popular education, and no doubt a similar experience awaits the Penarth library. A PENARTH-BOUND VESSEL ABANDONED.—The British ship Vancouver, from St. John, N&w Bruns- wick, for Penarth, with wood, was abandoned water- logged on the 22nd December, in latitude 47 N., longi- tude 35 W. The crew were landed at Amsterdam by the Dutch steamer Chester, from New York. SEASONABLE PHILANTHROPY.—On Thursday the children of the poor in Penarth were entertained to tea in the St. Andrew's-hall in celebration of the festive season, Mr. Rees, Mr. Frank Mason, Mr. J. M. Jennings, and a number of ladies having inteies-jed thamselves in the work and arranged for a very suc- uessful gathering of juveniles. PRESENTATION FOR BRAVERY.-On Saturday evening, at the Penarth Boat Club, a silver watch and chain was presented to Mr. T. M. Searle, of the Penarth Boat Club, who, it will be remembered, in September last went into the sea at Penarth Beach and assisted Mr. F. Vyvyan and a drowning man, and succeeded in bringing them ashore. Mr. Vellacott, on behalf of Mr. C. W. Kingdom, made the presentation, and Mr. Searle suitably responded. The testimonial was got up by Mr. Kingdom, who witnessed the accident. BOARD OF TRADE EXAMINATION — At the examination of candidates for masters' and mates' cer- tificates held at Cardiff during December, Leonard Hunter, of Penarth, succeeded in getting a mate's cer- tificate. THE LATE MUSIC EXAMINATIONS.—The fol- lowing were the successful candidates at the recent examinations of the Cardiff Centre of the London Col- lege of Music:—Theory, elementary, pass:—Bessie Edmunds (Mr. G. Howell, Penarth), Maud George, Mina Morris, Flora Lewis, Mary M'Raith, Garnet Liscombe, Annie Morgan, Elsie Rees (Miss Frost, St. Audries, Penarth). Theory (junior honours): Alice M. Williams (Mr. George Howell, Penarth), Sarah B. Morgan (Mr. Spencer Jones, Penarth). Violin (ele- mentary), Lilian Francis Steer (honours). Violin (in- termediate), Cecil C. du Santory, Maggie Guthrie, and Flora Lewis (Miss Frost, St. Audries). Pianoforte (intermediate), pass: Delia Thompson, honours (Miss Frost, St Audries). Pianoforte (senior): Ellen A. Thomas, Sarah Brown (Miss Frost, St. Audries). PRESENTATION.—The gentlemen of the choir of All Saints' Church, Penarth, hare presented Mr. R. Gould Thome, the organist and choirmaster of the Church, with a costly baton and an address, beautifully illuminated 'by Messrs. Walkey, Thomas and Co., and elegantly foamed. The following is the text of the address :—K,4Po R. Gould Thorne, Esq. We, the under-signed, representing past and present members of All Saints' Choir, desiring to recognise our appreci- ation of your valuable services as first organist and choirmaster, beg your acceptance of the accompanying expression of our esteem. The way in which you have succeeded in maintaining an efficient and sympa- thetic choir during a period of six years under the many difficulties which always surround voluntary choirs is a proof of special qualifications for the honourable position you occupy, whilst your advance- ment in the musical world has been a matter for hearty satisfaction and congratulations. We earnestly hope that the same success will continue to characterise your efforts, and that we may long be associated with your work. Signed, Samuel A. Brain, W. A. Hughes, William Edwards, John E. Backhouse." The address and baton will, for a few days, be in the window of Messrs. Thompson and Shackell's music warehouse, Penarth. RHOOSE. SOCIAL MEETING AND TEA.—On Tuesday even- ing, the 3rd inst., a tea was given at the Jubilee-hall, when about 80 persons, young and old, were regaled with the good things provided. Besides the inhabitants of the village a considerable number from the near neighbourhood were invited, and partook of the Cup that cheers, but inebriates not." The edibles were supplied by Messrs. Thomas and Co., Barry, whose catering gave entire satisfaction. The after meeting consisted of addresses, readings, and singing, which latter was rendered by a portion of the Wesleyan Choir, Barry. The programme included the following: —Hymn, Sunday School; prayer scripture-reading hymn, Sunday School; duet, Misses Parry and Meager; reading, G. Ratford; anthem, Choir solo, Mr. Radciiffe recitation, Miss Meager solo, Miss E. J. Hopkins, Rhoose; chorus, Choir; fife duet, Messrs. Garrett; solo, Miss Ward. The programme was inter- spersed with addresses by Mrs. Butter, Messrs. Linton, Stapleton, and others. A hearty vote of thanks to the choir and those who waited at the tables, together with a aimilar acknowledgement of Mr. Cory's kindness in giving the tea, was proposed by Mr. Hard- ing, who in so doing alluded to the readiness with which Mr. Cory always responded to every request made to him, that would tend to promote the social, moral, and religeous condition of the district, and added that in connection with the hall a lending library had been established for snme years of books calculated to diffuse knowledge in that direction. Prayer concluded an enjoyable and well-attended meeting. LLANDOVERY. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE.—Mr. Cripps, late open scholar of Brasenose College, Oxford, has just been appointed to take the place of Mr. Edwards as fourth form master in the above school. Mr. Cripps gained a first-clas3 in classical honours in Moderations and a second class in Literal Humanores. For six years pre- vious to his going to the University he was educated at Winchester College. BRIDGEND. LOCAL BOARD SURVEYOKSHIP. — The Local Board on Thursday evening appointed a new surveyor. There were about 120 applicants, and the following three appeared before the Board: Mr. F. R. E. Willoughby, Cardiff Mr. E. C. Jones, B.Sc., Neath and Mr. Morgan Williams, Bournemouth. Mr. Williams was eleeted. Tho salary is £ 150 per annum THE RECENT EXAMINATIONS IN MUSIC.—The following are the successful candidates at the recent examination in Cardiff held under the auspices of the London College of Music:—Pianoforte (Eleincnt.,try)- Annie Evans, Frederick C. Browning (Mr. E. J. Bevan, Bridgend). Pianoforte (Interrnediate)-Mary Bailiffe, Alice Jane Davies (Miss Westwood, Bridg- end) Pianoforte (Senior.)- Charity Lewis (Miss Rose Evans, Bridgend). LLANTWIT MAJOR. AN INTERESTING PBESENTATIOJST.—As announced last week, a testimonial was presented to Mr. William Winwood, Excise officer, on his departure from the district for Southwold, Suffolk. The presentation took place at the Town Hall on December 29th. Mr, D. J. Jenkins occupied the chair, and tho hall was well filled with the numerous friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wiuwood. Mr. Jenkins said it gave him great pleasure to occupy the chair on such an occa- sion, though the pleasure bore with it the regret at losing one from their midst who bad done so much for the town and district. Mr. Mr. Illtyd B. Nicholl, on behalf the committee, then made the presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Winwood of a splendid tea and coffee service and a purse of gold. The service bore the following inscription:— "Presented to Mr. Winwood by his many friends on leaving Llantwit Major, Christmas, 1822." Mr. Nicholl paid a. high tribnte of praise to Mr. Winwood for his services in founding the institute and library, and for his labours in regard to many parochial matters. Ho regretted that the time at the disposal of the committee prevented them from getting the illuminated address ready for presentation that evening, but when ready it would be on view for a few days prior to its being forwarded to Mr. Winwood.— Mr. John Thomas, Tile House, Boverton, also bore testimony to the many services of Mr. Winwood as did also Mr. William Andrews and tho Rev. Owen Davies. —Mr. Winwood, ih returning thanks, was greatly moved. He said he rose to speak with difficulty. Their kind token of respect should always be one of the most cherished objects in his possession. Tho ser- vices which he had been privileged to render to the town and district were, however, only what he owed to humanity at large.—A vote of thanks to the chair- man concluded a very pleasant evening. MISSION SERVICES.—Sergeant Barker, late 61st Regiment, commenced a 14 days' mission on behalf of the Wesleyan District Committee, on Sunday last. The services were well attended. SKATING.—Through the kindness of Messrs. R. Thomas, Boverton Place, and R. Jenkins, Lower House, Llantwit, the tenants of Colhugh Meadow, in allowing the culverts to be stopped, the meadows are now a sheet of splendid ice, and afford grand skating to numerous visitors.


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