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Umbrella Manufactory. u {TitST "A B L SH FiTl 0 3 1867. j £ £ 1,1 iAf^l li 0 Es w >■ t, 1 i ► I || !| Jgl. HW g; rn H 1 ^SSli; § £ W REPAIRING AND RE-COVERING. Gent's Alpaca Umbrellas 2s. 6d. to 6s. 6d. Gent's Laventine and Glorias" 4s. 6d. to 7s. 6d. Gent's Superior Silk Umbrella 6s. 6d. to 30s. Ladies' Alpaca Umbrellas Is. Gd. to 5s. 6d. Ladies Laventine and" Gloria" 3s. 6d. to 6s. 6d. Ladies Silk Umbrellas 8s. 6d. to 20s. ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS. W. PEDLER, 34 R0YAL ^rcade' NOTICE ACCURATE TIME FOR LITTLE MONEY. From 10s. 6d to 75s. a IATERBUBY WATCHES. These World-famed Watches are now made in Nickel, Silver, and Gold filled Cases, are Jewelled, Dust-proof, and are withoub doubt the best value ever offered. REPAIRS MODERATELY AND PROMPTLY EXECUTED. Watches sent Post Free on receipt of Postal Order A. MONTGOMERY, THE WATERBURY WATCH DEPOT, 44, Royal Arcade, CARDIFF. C24 COAGULINE.—Cement for Broken Articlee 6d. and Is. postage, 2d. Sold everywliere, hom and abroad. A*& r% 'a THE FINEST BUTTER Money can procure, or Dairymaid Make, Per Is. 3d. Lb. AT THE THE WESTMINSTER STORES, WHARTON STREET, CARDIFF. GOOD VALUE IN OTHER BUTTERS, At Is., Is. Id., and Is. 2d. per lb. GRAND VALUE IN TEAS, At Is., Is. 2d., and Is. 4d. per lb. OUR Is. 8d. BLEND IS THE Most Popular Tea in Cardiff, and. the-, Best Value in England and Wales. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO ORDERS BY POST.. ADDRESS- David Jones & Co., LIMITED. Westminster Stores, Wharton Street, Cardiff. Telegrams—"Premier," Cardiff. Telephone—No. 621. [464 "RING. OUT THE OLD, RING IN THE NEW." VENOYA T5!w TEA, THE TEA OF TO-DAY, SUPREME IN QUALITY, UNIQUE IN FLAVOUR. The Best Tea the World has ever seln. EVERYBODY CAN GET IT FROM— D. 1. JONES, EMPORIUM, BARRY. R. O. JONES, BARRY DOCK. CARDIFF (DOCKS): F. URELL, 37, STUART-STREET. „ J. B. FLETCHER, WOODVILLE-ROAD. „ UNIVERSITY STORES, 106, QUEEN-STREET. VERNER & Co., 2, LLANDAFF-RQAD, CANTOJT ABERDARE: F. W. MANDER. MARSHFIELD BODMEN & CO. BRIDGEND J. & C. SANKEY. MUMBLES: J. EVANS, BELMONT HOUES. TREORKY J. CURTIS. MORRISTON: THOMAS & GREEN, Tanygraig Stores. Wholesale only from Proprietors of "VENOY A" TEA, 19 and 20, Camomile Street, London, E.C. 1 D. IESTYN JONES, FAMILY GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, THE EMPORIUM, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, IS THE ONLY AGENT FOR TTYE ABOVE TEAS IN BApY. NOTED FOR THE FINEST ENGLISH BACON, and the CHOICEST DANISH BUTTERS, Direct from the Farms Weekly. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR ALL KINDS OF PROVISIONS. QUALITY NOT TO BE EXCELLED. [4t8 —————————————— ———————— I THE BISHOP OF MOTOR | v Speaking recently at his native place, said that among the many eminent notabilities who had been born > J in that locality, might to be mentioned the author of •' LEWiS' RHEUMATIC ESSENCE," the well- J known remedy for Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica and Lumbago. 1 N.B.—OUR NATION is now convuiced that external applications are useless, as it is impossible for V tuch to strike at the root of the evil, and "LEWIS' RHEUMATIC ESSENCE" is declared to be the j only reliable remedy yet discovered. It is impossible to convince everybody through an advertisement; J but aJair trial will be sufiieent to convince,teven in the wsrst possible old standing eases. jj Of all Chemists and Medicine Vendors throughout the World at 2/9 per Bottle; or Post Frtjt from. J JOHN LLOYD LEWIS, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, ABEKAYIiON, S.W. v L S disorders, such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick rVnti w ^ddme,?sT'TFulnrc^ and Swelling after meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold ag £ .°f "^at, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Blotches d Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling R THE FIRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. This h £ tlon- Every sufferer 15 earnestly invited to try one Box of these Pill-, and thev W^TRBR^NC°-HD5ED, TO BE WORTH A GUINEA A BOX." hpnifTr nV ,1 taken as cltrcclcd< wil1 quickly restore females to complete ■Sr remove any obstruction or irregularity of the system. For a .JS&sJSS&j, pare o y toy THOMAS BEECHAM, St Hoienst Lancashire, bold everywhere in Boxes, 9id„ Is. ljd., and 2s. Qu. umk..