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NOTICE. Owing to pressure on space," Local Notes have %een held over. < 0$- RODHDraTTOm rBY Mil. GADABOUT.] 'r' Another club has been. started in the district. During List year the shares of the Barry Graying Dock remained at £ 11. Those of the Penarth "Shipbuilding Company, however, fell from 439 to £38. I am sorry to see that the agitation for earlier hours by the shop assistants doesn't seem to have resulted in much practical good. A loca.1 lady is described by her friends (?) as the old geeser." # Advantage has been taken by a good many people of the severe frosts we have had. to indulge in skating on the Moors, and by the gas works. One gentleman went skating on Sunday and fell •down, giving his leg a twist, which caused him .excrucia.tlng pain. A young lady for whom I feel a great respect fell ■down, nearly smashing her cranium. She declares she nevt r had any idea that there were so many stärs about as she saw that night. ::¡c Another young lady, who was supported by two attentive cavaliers, as she took her first lesson in skating, says it is splendid fun, and that she regrets not having learnt to skate before. £ Skates could not; he got for love nor money on Mondaymght. Inquiries were made at all the ironmongers in the place, and only one pair was for sale, and it proved to be a pair that would not suit the would-be purchasers. tie Going down the Weston Hill on Monday night I heard two young girls loudly boasting of being -drunk the previous night! Next Sunday will be the last on which Mr. Ton Evans will preach before taking his departure to Hayti. V Dogs are now lees noticeable than formerly. Horses and fowls are now to be met with occasion- ally taking walks down Yere-street. ,¡, General Lee has a most persuasive tongue. He can talk a, man over very quickly. On Tuesday at the Finance Committee he used his powers of per- suasion to an interviewer of the committee, and. the old chap went away with the idea that the General was the nicest, man he had ever talked to. aft The smoking concerts now held are not quite so orderly as they might be. How is it ? An illuminated address will be given to the Rev. Ton Evans on his departure for the mission field. So Iain told. A Mr. M unday, our respected town crier, enjoyed his visit to London very much. He did not care much for the fogs, though. 3* An exciting burglar story is told by Inspector Leyshon. Ho is almost as good a, burglar-catcher as he is a nuisance-finder. His mild blue eyes can cast a very fierce look on a body sometimes. # A man for begging was sentenced at the Penarth Police-court on Monday to fourteen days' imprison- ment, wkilst the case against a man who took a bag of clothes belonging to a fellow-sailor was dis- missed, and he was given the benefit of the doubt." because it was probable that he had had a drop too much. Take the evidence of the butcher, your Wor- ships," said a woman at the Penarth Police-court; "he would not tell a lie." A The butcher gave his -evidence, which went ayainst the woman, who then remarked. "Ah, you bad old man that is because I don't buy my meat at your old shop." JJC Here. I want you," sa.id a policeman to a wit- ness at the Penarth Police-court on Monday. The witness went to* the constable expectantly think- ing he was to be paid for his evidence. Here's a summons for you. ray friend, for being drunk and disorderly," said the courteous constable with a suavity of manner that did him credit. A grocer of Vere-street. of an economic turn of mind, bought up a stock of the previous year's almanacs at a high-sheriff's sale in Yere-street, and has had slips bearing his name printed and pasted over the calendar, and name of the baker for whom they were intended. Sharp work that! # Mr. William Thomas has come to the front again. At the next meeting' of the Public Works Com- mittee he is to move that steps should be taken for the holding of a weekly cattle market and a monthly fair. ':)11 This is a step in the right direction, and Mr. William Thomas is to be complimented on being the promoter of the movement. # I should like to be a vendor of concertinas in this neighbourhood. Judging by the number to 1Ie met with in the evening there must be a con- siderable band of players hereabouts. But why, oh! why, do they make life miserable by playing Maggie Murphy's Home ? On Monday evening some splendid skating took iplace on Barry Island. x fT\ A One young" swell" was performing some very graceful evolutions, evidently showing off his skill to about 40 ladies, who were gazing admiringly on him. All of a sudden he "came a cropper," and as his legs shot upwards a hearty laugh was in- dulged in by the spectators. Another swell" amused himself on the ice on Barry-road by tripping up the small boys who were sliding thereon. When remonstrated with by the boys the "swell" boxed their ears. On leaving the ice the young man was pursued by the boys to Barry, the boys hooting the swell" and throwing stones, which the latter returned. On Friday night much amusement was caused to the spectators of a scene at Barry. A young woman had stayed out with her intended 'longer than suited her mother. She, with maternal solicitude, searched the streets.' stick in hand, until she found the object of her quest. The -celerity with which that damsel kept out of the reach of the stick was hiost amusing. fThe Religious Eclitor hopes the gill will not keep such Sato hours in future.] :;> A gentleman connected with the dock wished .a friend The complaints of the season." Did he mean influenza, indigestion, or what ? The competitive meeting which was to have been held at the Welsh Methodist Chapel, Barry, on Saturday night has been postponed. Watch Night services do not seem to have a soothing effect on all who attend them. One young man was seen to leave a place of worship, proceed down the street, kicking an old tin can before him. Another young man, who had attended mid- night service at a place where they use two- handled prayer-books," proceeded through Queen- street and Princess-street, Barry, followed by several women, the young man beating a tin. Saturday night a local Jem Smith sbood at a corner of a street at Bairy and offered to allow the young men of Barry to try their strength on his cob-web at a penny a try I am glad to learn of the success of the Barry Ambulance Class at the recent examination by Dr. Griffiths. The certificates will be distributed shortly, I hear. Dr. Kelly gave gratuitous instruction to the class, and they are determined to show their apprecia- tion of his services in a substantial manner. Over 90 gallons of soup were given away at the Buffalo Institueon Wednesday to 233 children. The local Starr-Bowkett shareholders will be pa.id at Mr. Jones-Lloyd's Offices, Pembroke Chambers, Barry Dock, on Saturday next between 6 and 8 p.m.