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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Public Works Committee of the Local Board wa" held at the Board Office on Tuesday evening. Mr. Alderman Meggit-t pre- sided. and there were present Mr. William Thomas ("Barry"), Dr. O'Donnell. Mr. Joshua Barstow, Mr. .T. C. Pardoe (surveyor), and Mr. J. A. Hughes (clerk). DEPUTATION TO THE COMMITTEE, Messrs. Jenkins (chairman), L. Rees. and L. Jones (secretary") appeared aa a deputation £ rom the Gadlis Cottage Company. Aberdare, to objec. to an apportionment of private improvements costs for their property in Lombard-slrecst and Recent-street. Barry Dock.—Before the deputa- tion were admitted the f^eyor explained the case. The company had had some curbing and channelling done by their contractor, Mr. Hird, which had had afterwards to be done by the Board. Work also which the Board had done had been paid for by the company to their contractor, and the company now disputed the apportionment sent in by the Board.-The de- putation said the work had been done to the satis- faction of the Board's surveyor, and they had paid their contractor accordingly. The kerbmg and channelling re-laid by the Board had been damaged by the Board's road-roller and, therefore, it was the Board's duty to put it right. They claimed that a sum of Z20 7s. 9d. should be taken off their apportionment coaba.-The Clerk said the Coni- mittee had no power now to alter the apportion- ment. It was made in January. 1891, and if the company wished to object they should have done so before the end of three months in accordance with the bye-laws of the Board.—The deputation retired whilst the committee discussed the matter. and, on being recalled they were informed by the Chairman that the committee could not alter the sum lecallv due ito the Board for principal and interest. If they did so they had no means of re- covering the sum from the other householders, and. therefore, they must ask the Compony to pay the whole amount. APPLICATION'. OR THE ROAD ROLLER. An application was read from Mr. Morris, clerk of the Dinas Powis Highway Board, asking rhether the Barry Local Board would lend out leir steam rollers—The matter was deferred to ie next meeting. THE PUBLIC CHINALS. A letter was read from Mr. Forrest in reply to the application of the Board for a B ite opposite the l&yal Hotel, to place one of the urinals. He thought the occupiers of the Royal Hotel might object to its being placed so near the hotel and suggested that it should be placed nearer the lane. -Alderman Meggitb said that at the Standing Joint Committee the application of the Board for a site behind the Barry Dock Police-station was read, and the matter was left to the Surveyor to report upon. MISCELLANEOUS. An application was read from Mr Sydenham, builder. for permission to erect some scaffolding in Thompson-street-The Surveyor was deputed to see Mr Sydenham in the rnatter.-It was decided to give the employes of the Surveyor's staff and workmen a holiday the day after Christmas. The Surveyor said that on going through tho private improvement plans he found be should be able to get them ready in two months. i lfilS ALLEGED gSB-LETTlxG. A letter was read from Mr. George Thomas, chairman of the committee, stating his reason for being unable to attend, and, further, expressing an opinion that with reference to the letter of Mr. Bees, secretarv to the Trades' Council, there had been no sub-letting of contracts by purchasing the iron-work at Cardiff. If that principle held good, it would apply to the purchase of the other mate- rials, such as glass, ironmongery, &c.-Another letter was read from Mr. Rees, stating that the contractor had acted contrary to Clause 3 in having iron-work done at Cardiff instead of locally, and the firm of Messrs. Lite, of the Atlas Foundry were not regarded as fair employers.- The Chairman couldn't see how the agreement between the Board and the Trades' Council had been broken. THE NEXT MEETING. It was decided that the next meeting of the Committee should be held on January 3.






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