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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. THE HEALTH COMMITTEE. A monthly meeting of the above committee was held on Frid&y night. There were present Dr. O'Donnell (in the chair), and Messrs. Benjamin Lewis, Wm. Thomas (Barry), John Robinson, J. A. Hughes (clerk), Dr. Neale (medical officer), Mr. Pardoe (surveyor), and Inspector Leyshon. THE MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORTS. The Medical Officer read his reports for the months of September and October. In the month ending 22nd of September there had been 76 births (39 males, and 39 females), and 24 deaths There wero 11 deaths from zymotic diseases, and 3 deaths from accidents. In the month ending October 20th there had been 50 births recorded (24 males and 26 females), and 16 deaths. One person had died from scarlet fever. The following cases had been notified :-Scarlet fever, 60 typhoid, 2 and erysipelas, 3. THE SCARLET FEVER OUTBREAK. The Medical Officer, in his reports, drew attention to the very severe outbreak of scarlet fever. In 1890 scarlet fever broke out, and there were from August to December 55 cases. In the year 1891 there had been 187 cases, and this year 205. They had had as many cases brought into the district as broke out there—during the last week there had been 3 cases brought from Cardiff.-The Chairman said the outbreak at present was raging in the Holton district—The Clerk to the Medical Officer Cannot you account for the outbreakThe Medical Officer I try to. We know how a great many of the cases occur.-The Clerk read out the section of the Act dealing with the matter, which stated that all persons infected exposing them- selves, or other people causing them to be exposed, were liable to a penalty not exceeding £ 5—The Medical Omeer There were cases in which people admitted that they had had scarlet fever, but would not take the precaution of being disinfected. -The Clerk It is one of the chief objects of the Act to stop that kind of thing.—The Chair- man suggested that prosecutions should be instituted against any person violating the Act in that manner aga.in.-The Medical Officer said no children who had ha.d scarlet fever ought to be allowed to go to school for six weeks, or until a certificate had been granted by a medical man. There had been four cases during the past month. It was said there was a great number of tpyhoid fever cases. That was a great error. There were only three cases during the month one of Joseph Hurman, 30, "hesterfleci-street, who worked at Caerphilly, where there were many cases, and now there was another outbreak of fever in the same house another that of William Davies, Greenwood-street, and that of William John, 26, Regent-street, boiler-maker, at whose house the surface drains were choked up, which had since been remedied. That was the only case in which the drains had been in an unsanitary' condition. Precautions were still in force to prevent the entrance of cholera, and now vessels were ex- amined in the basin, but pilots had instructions to stop vessels outside the dock with illness on board. He should be glad to have the inspector's office entirely renovated, and tap and basin put in. The general aspect of the office was anything but clean! He also asked that shelves should also be fixed there.—On the proposition of the Chair- man it was decided to carry out the required im- provements, at a cost not exceeding £ 10. With regard to the scarlet fever it was decided to ask the School Board to make a rule not to admit any children who had had the scarlet fever under six weeks, and it was decided to write to all the medical men in the district on the matter. THE INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES' REPORT. Owing to the cholera outbreak and the neces- sary attendances of the Inspector on board the ships, the house to house inspection had not been made during the last two months. For the month ending 23rd September 59 nuisances were inspected, 59 notices served, and 52 complied with. The scavenging had been carried out satisfactorily. The 16, Robert-street nuisance, a defective drain nut having been remedied, it was decided to take proceeding against the owners, the Cottage Co. -It was decided that proceedings should be taken in the matter of the nuisance at 144, Barry-road, and also with regard to the closet at 12. Basset- street. — Three applications were made for registration under the Dairies Act during the moath. 278 visits had been paid to infected houses, and 28 houses disinfected; 138 ships had been inspected, and 20 nuisances ordered to be remedied. During the past month 65 nuisances had been inspected, 65 notices served, and 41 notices complied with. There were four applications for registration under the Dairies Act. 211 visits had been paid to infected houses. and 29 had been disin- fected. 159 vessels had. been examined during the month, and out of that number only three were found with dirty forecastles. MISCELLANEOUS, ] The Medical Officer reported that it was twelve ] months since the last order for the inspectors' < clothes. He also reported that Inspector Leyshon 1 had a mackintosh, and Inspector Summerfield was anxious to have one also.—It was decided to give an order for new uniform, and also for a mackin- tosh for Inspector Summerneld.—The Clerk re- ported that the County Analyst had analysed a sample of water from, a well on the road at Beggar s Well In his opinion, the water, although a little turbid, was not unfit for domestic purposes, and the water could not justly be termed unfit for drinking purposes.-The consideration of the offer of Mr. Robert Thomas, of ColdbrooK Farm of A10 for the sewage collected was again adjourned.-It was decided to fix 8 gas lamps be- tween WestonBridgeand Mill Cottage, on the Barry road, at a. distance of 50 yards apart.—A letter was road from the secretary of the Local Government Board in connection with the importation of rags. The Clerk of the Bridgend Rural Sanitary Authority wrote stating that Messrs. Williams (Castleton). Rees Williams (Boverton), and John Hopkins (Dean's Cross), had been appointed to confer with the committee appointed by the Local Board, and asking when and where they should m-eet.-It was decided that the two com- mittees shauld meet at Llantwit-Major on Wednes- day.-A letter was read from the Cardiff Rural Sanitary Authority stating that they were prepared to support the Board's application for the estab- lishment of a joint infectious hospital on the Flat Holm by the Cardiff Rural Authority, Cardiff Town Council, and the Barry an<f Cadoxton Local Board. -A. letter wis read from the secretary of the Barry Railway Company, stating that the company could not consent to hand over to the Local Board the sewer for which the Board had applied.-The company had also given instructions to their ser- vants to remove all nuisances on their property. THE PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. A meeting of the .above committee was held on Monday evening, Mr. George Thomas presided, and there were present Dr. O'Donnell, Mr. John Robin- son Mr. Wm. Thomas CBarry), Mr..Barstow, Mr. J C Pardoe (surveyor). and Mr. Hughes (clerk).- Tenders were opened for the scavenging, hauling stones, &c., for the four divisions of the district until the end of May, and Mr. Ruckfey's tender was selected for the 1st division, Mr. F Griffiths' for the 2nd, Mr. John John's for the 3rd. and Mr. S Eyle's for the 4th. Mr. David Love sent in a tender for hauling and crushing stone from the auarry where he has a tender contract from the board already.-The matter was left to the surveyor, to report on at the next meeting.-The Surveyors, report was read, and it was decided to leave the opening of the applications for the post of sur- veyor's"clerk to the surveyor, he to select, a few and submit them to the Board.-The boiler of the steam roller had been repaired and sent back, and fixed and the roller was now at work. As a large quan- titv of oil was used for the roller, he suggested that it should be got from the Barry Dock Oil and 11 Colour Company.-It was decided that the surveyor should ask several other local tradesmen their prices, and report on them to the next meeting.— The Surveyor complained that the chimneys at the Surveyor's Offices would not act, and asked that he might be allowed to get two gas stoves—It was decided that the surveyor should get one, and try the first before a second was got.—xhe Surveyor asked for instructions for carrying oat private improvements in front of the places of worship.- It was decide* to carry these out at the same time as the other private improvements were carried out. -The repairing of the Porthkerry-roadwas re- ported on bv the Surveyor. He asked for instruc- tions.-After a discussion,'it was decided to carry out a suggestion made by the surveyor, and Messrs. Robinson, Meggitt, William Thomas, and the Surveyer were appointed a committee to go over the road before the repairs were carried out. — The Surveyor recom- mended that a site for a depot for depositing stone, be rented, and a siding formed on the dock from the Barry Company. Had they had such a depot during the past week they would have been able to get 478 tons of hard stone from Limerick, which a. ship brought as ballast. The stone was alto- ether harder than that which'they procured from local quarries-It was pointed out that the erec- tion of a siding would be a very costly affair, and it was decided that the Surveyor should see the General Manager of the Barry Company, and ask whether he would allow them to rent a depot near a siding. And if so, what would the charge be. Should any stone arrive in the meantime which it would be advantageous for the Board to purchase Mr. Robinson and the Surveyor were empowered to purchase the same-The Surveyor reported that although he had written to Mr. Robins re the scantling of a house he was erecting in Station- street, he had not taken steps to remedy the same. —[t was decided to take proceedings.—The Sur- veyor suggested that the boiler at the Slaughter- house be insured for £100 against explosion and accidents in the same company which had insured the steam roller. This was agreed to. tile surveyor and clerk to see thau the insurance effected carried covered accidents, &e — The Surveyor begged to submit that Chesterfield, Glebe, Fairford, and Herbert-streets, Barry Road- lane, Glebe-lane, Llewellyn-street, Dock View- road, Gueret-street, and Travis-street be declared public highways. This was agreed to.-Plans were submitted for house in Pencoitre-street, for Morgan Jenkins, and a warehouse to be turned into a cottage for Morgan Bros.-Cheques were signed for private improvements, estaolishment charges. and at the conclusion or the business the committee viewed a sample of the tree-guards which it is proposed to erect.—it was decided to recommend the Board to erect wooden steps lead- ing from the Common to Main-street, at a cost not exceeding £ 30.. Mr. C. A. Walker (the Board's engineer) wrote that he would complete the plans of the Ba.rry Harbour sewerage scheme in the course of the week for the Local Government Board, and which he was preparing fresh plans for submission to the Board of Trade. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The monthly meeting of this committee was held on Tuesday afternoon. There were pres en General Lee (in the chair), Messrs. John Robinson, Benjamin Lewis, J. J. Williams. Inspector Leyshon, Messrs. Howe (collector), and J. A. Hughes clerk). The following bills were passed -Lewis fcvans, 300 copies bye-laws, £ 1 14s.; ditto, minutes, £ 4 14s • Mr. Townsend, advertisement tender. £ 3 3s.School Board, 14s. 4d. ditto. 14s. 9d ditto, surveyor, Is. 6d.: Barry Dock ftews, print- ing, £ 1 ditto, £1 4s. for in inserting resolution ditto, application surveyor's clerk, £1 ditto ad- vertisement, £1 Is.; Miss Bray, 8s. 3d.; Mr. Pardee's department, 12s. 6d. D. W. Thomas 3s. Morgan Bros., repairs, t- 4 Os, 7d. Waterloo Bros, (London), 91 Os. 3d.; Knight and Co., 17s. 6d. Mr. D. Owen binding two books, 9s. bd. Mr. Wilkie, cabinet and! surveyor's department, £, 1 6s. 2d.; Mr. Milner, advertisement 1 extern Mail, 6s. 6d. Isaac Thomas, 4s. John Johns, 2s. Id. Griffiths, E 3 5s. 6d. T. Ruckley, 4 4 4s. 7d. Barry Co. for ships ballast, 12 10s. Barry Town Syndicate. P.20 6s.; Barry Dock iY¡:ros, 188.; Howell and Co., blankets, &c., £ 7 3s. St. John's Ambulance Society for Ashford litter complete with stretcher. £ 11 10s. J. Johns, for scavenging, f9 12s. Griffiths, ditto, £ 10 12s.; Ruckley, ditto, ig 12 Is'- Tvarck and Co., sewers. 6s.; Wood and Co., CardifE,"books. £ 4 9s.; Gas Co., street water- ing £ 2 5s. 8d. Gas Co., for gas, £ 227 15s. 5d.; ditto, for moving lamps, LE4 12s. 5d. ditto, slaughter-house water, 4-1 Is. 8d.; Sarah Jones, caretaker, £ 2 2s.; Inspector Rees, year's salary, £5; P. and A. Davies, caretakers, £1 5s.; Thomas Ruckley, hauling stones, &c., £ 3 3s. 9d.; Griffiths, ditto, 16s.; John John, ditto, 15 12s., repairing road roller, £ 8 10s. 8d. South Wales Star printing, advertising, &c., £ 12 6s.; infectious hospital. £30; Mr. H. J. Owen, disinfectants, £ 14 9s. 3d. Mr. Blackmore, librarian of the public libraries, £ 280 Mr. Chartris, wages, £ 12 12s.; Mr Rutter, private improvements, Mr. David Love, ditto, £ 100 Mr. Jenkin Brock, ditto, £52 13s. lid. Mr. Ince, ditto, £120; Mr. Ince, lavi-no- foundation of slaughter house, 135 1 Messrs. Kite and Co., for iron work, £50; Messrs. Dagnall and Co., for negotiating loans, tl53 8a. 4d.; Downing and Handcock, for preparing agreement, £ 2 2s. 9d. Mr. George Rutter, retentian money, £ 150 Dr. Powell, for certificates, £ 3 7s. 6d.—The clerk's, surveyor's, inspector's, collector's, and medical officer's books were examined.—The Clerk read his estimate of expenditure for the ensuing half-year amounting to £ 6,144, and they had over- drawn their account with the treasurer to the ex- tent of £ 1,848, making a total of £ 7,992. It was advisable, therefore, to recommend the Board to made a rate of Is. 9d. in the pound for the ensuing half-year.-A long discussion ensued, in the-course of which it was stated by the collector that there were quite 1,000 uninhabited houses in the district, about 500 being in the Cadoxton district. A num- ber of houses now assessed would be vacant during the coming half-year, and therefore he should not be able to collect rates from them.—Mr. Benjamin Lewis pointed out that instead of over-estimating for the expenses of the last half-year they had under-estimated. He was opposed to that; if they had over-estimated they would have had a balance on the right side, but instead of that they would be obliged to lay a burden on the ensuing half- year's estimate. It was thought advisable by the committee that the Board be advised not to per- form any unnecessary work, and that a striot revision should be gone through the books to see if the expenditure could be lessened in any way. It was decided that the Collector should take steps to enforce the payment of money due for private improvements, in all £1,200, at once.




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