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I ROUND THE TOWNS. rBY MR. GAD-ABOUT.] .LI> A Barry Dock tradesman tells a very good story about a pair of clogs. # Inspector Leyshon has a mackintosh, and Inspec- tor Summerfield is ambitious to have one also. f Mr. Lowdon was absent from the School Board meeting on Monday, having gone for a trip to London. ♦ To fill up the interval," said the chairman at the Foreign Missionary meeting at Barry, we will sing 559." » It is satisfactory to know that the west end of Barry has fewer unoccupied houses than it had in February. # A Cadoxton gentleman has shaved off his moustache, as he says it interfered with his drink- ing powers. A girl of seventeen had to write to the School Board on Monday to explain that she was too old to attend school. Out of 2,356 children on the school books. 2,201 attended. Once more, good old Seig You de- served all that General Lee said of you on Monday. 's Mr. Ephraim Harris's election card went the round of the solicitors' table at Penarth Police Court on Monday, and was exceedingly well received. The Local Board members who went to Llantwit on Wednesday enjoyed themselves immensely, and one of them was heard to boast that he didn't get tight there Dr. O'Donnell drove over the Barry Com- pany's road last week, when the toll-gates were abolished. This is the first time he has used the road for a very long time. I hear that the Rev. Llechidon Williams is coming out as a School Board candidate. A con- test is, therefore, inevitable, as both Dr. Treharne and Mr. W. Thomas are also coming out. Mr. Henry Chappell was the only Barryite who contributed towards the presentation to Sir Morgan Morgan, the defeated Conservative candidate for the division. So much for local Toryism » » That prudent man, Mr. William Thomas de Barri, stated at the Health Committee that he did not care to be out late at night Did he mean that as a hit against certain other members ? i Judging from the way the clerk on Monday read a letter from a certain local schoolmaster to j the School Board, it would be a good thing if the master in question took a few lessons in punctua- j tion. • The outlook as set forth by the members of the Finance Committee on Tuesday was an exceed- ingly gloomy one. One of the members declared his life would be in danger did he recommend a rate of Is. 9d. Mr. Thomas de Barri cannot forget his now his- torical trip to the Flat Holm. He, at the Health Committee on Friday, asked whether a deputation of which he was a member could go to their desti- nation by sea ? A professional'man gave some very candid advice to a new-comer the other day. He advised him to go to South Africa. Fine place that," he said to an energetic young man. And all the other medical men-except the new-comer—agreed with him. Wonderful tales are told of the last dance at the Barry Hotel on Wednesday morning. It is also rumoured that a long-standing breach be- tween two local gentlemen was closed at the bar by a few b. and s's in the early hours of the morning. Who says the times are bad at Cadoxton ? A dance was held this week, and 7 new dresses were ordered (and paid for, too) at Miss White's. dressmaker. Barry (who has a" court dressmaker in her employ), and seven others at Messrs. Parry Bros., Barry Dock. There was something about the appearance of the committee room at the Local Board Offices on Monday evening which puzzled me. All at once my eye caught sight of a very handsome carpet which graced the floor around the clerk and chairman's seat. ♦ When' the members of the Public Works Com- mittee feel in need of a stimulant in the course of what is often a dry, monotonous discussion, resort is always made to the little black box, and after partaking of "a pinch," they return to their labours with renewed energy. Mr. Thomas de Barri can't give up tempting Little Josh." At the Public Libraries' Committee he said that he wouldn't like to have to fight a Local Board election when the rate was Is. 9d. But Mr. Barstow pretended not to hear, and talked serenely to Mr. John Robinson. On Wednesday morning a large rat ran across Vere-street, and hid in a water-pipe. The trades- men of Vere-street immediately organised a rat hunt, and aft3r some tremendous excitement, the rat was killed. The stick which dealt the first blow ean be seen on application to our office boy. The Medical Officer disclosed a rather startling state of affairs at the Health Committee. The aspect of the inspector's office, he said was any- thing but clean, whilst several members character- ised the late condition of the urinal as a. disgrace. People who live in glass houses should'nt throw stones. A local solicitor is said to be yearning for the time to come when women will be emancipated, and he can send Henrietta to the office, instead of going himself. He only hopes he won't be expected to get up at two in the morning to open the door if Henrietta has forgotten to take the latch-key. » Dr. O'Donnell had promised to be present at the Young Wales Society meeting on Tuesday night, and is a firm believer in the teaching of Welsh. Unfortunately, he was, however, prevented from being present on account of Mrs. O'Donnell's serious and sudden illness. I am glad to hear that Mrs. O'Donnell is progressing slowly but favourably. At the inquest held on Barry Island last Friday one of the witnesses took the Bible in his right hand, and the sergeant, who was facing the witness and therefore had his left hand opposite the wit- ness's right, said very sternly, Take it in your right hand The same process was repeated with the other witness, to the suppressed amusement of the jurors. <* The shop assistants have my warmest sympathy with the efforts they are making to procure shorter hours. As one of the speakers remarked, at pre- sent their condition is that of white slaves. Did people but think, I am sure they would show their sympathy with the movement in a practical manner by doing their shopping earlier, so as to give the assistants a chance of physical and mental recreation. Miss Fletcher, who has just arrived from the Calcutta Missionary Station, gave a very interest- ing account of her experiences on Tuesday evening last and referring to the abject deference paid by the women of that country to their husbands, remarked that this in a great measure was the reason why men in general were so bumptious and conceited." Mr. Beloher," I will now call Mr. Davies, an expert in nuisances, as witness." Mr. Davies. the expert, happened to be of the Tichbornian type, and was assisted into the witness box with a gentle remark from .Mr. Belcher, "Can you get in, Mr. Davies ?" The magistrates coald not forbear smiling, and one of them winked the other eye at the learned counsel. At one time during the meeting of the Public Works Committee en Monday night I feared ructions would occur between two. members of the committee, one of whom,. u Little Josh," felt con- fident upon a point which the Chairman of the Health Committee knew was wrong. After a breeze, however,li Little Josh," with true Christian humility saw his mistake, and thanked Ms correc- tor for his correction. Mr. William Thomas de Barri, with that sublime simplicity of his, put a very straight question to the Chairman of the Local Board. Which." said Thomas de Barri with intense earnestness, "• will you serve best, the Barry Company or the Looal Board," referring to the appointment of the Chair- man to purchase stone for the Board. The Chair- man of the Board was, however, enabled to give Mr. Thomas de Barri a satisfactory answer. ♦ •* Miss Morant, late of Newnham College, Cam- bridge. made a very good impression at the Young Wales meeting on Tuesday night. Miss Morant is an accomplished linguist, and is well acquainted with almost every German dialect. She is down in this district organising a- Women's Liberal Association. A public meeting will be held on Saturday night at 8 o'clock, at Harry's Restaurant, Barry Dock, when addresses will be delivered by Miss Morant. Miss Katie Jenkins (vice-chairman of the Llangadock School Board), Mrs. Inglis, of Barry, and others.



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