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LOCAL NOTES. THE CHUBCH DEFENCE MEETING. In another column will be found letters from two correspondents who seem to think that B.N.C.'s article on the Church Defence Meeting at Barry Dock was somewhat unfair. H Fair-play" complains that we did not give a verbatim report of Mr. Helms' speech. Now, we are always willing to give our opponents a fair hearing, but we candidly confess that we are not prepared to promise a verbatim report to Mr. Helm. It is not so much that we fear that aur dissenting readers would be converted, as that we are afraid that even our Church friends would not read it. A resume of all Mr. Helm's salient points was however given, and we challenge anyone to prove that the report was not strictly correct. It is significant that in some reports of Mr. Helm's speech a long quotation from the Archbishop of Canterbury's speech at Rhyl was inserted, which bad never been used by the speaker. This illustrates how hard it was to give Mr. Helm a tolerably long and full report without eithai- repeating oneself or making quotations which the speaker himself never cited. FBEEDOM OF DISCUSSION. Our friends are also wron; in presuming that we are opposed to the Church question being discussed at all in the district. Nothing is further from our thoughts. We believe with the Chairman of the Church Defence meeting, that the question should be thoroughly thrashed out. It is not against discuss ion that we protest, but against acrimonious discussion. The Dean of St. Asaph once said that the spirit in which the controversy was carried on was