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FOOTBALL. FXOTES BY FREE KICK."l Ifceports for this column must be received not later than Wednesday afternoon to appear in the current week's issue. Secretaries of local clubs wishing to have their list of fixtures inserted under the football heading are requested to forward me one of their fixture cards. BARRY v. COATBRIDGE. Barry wits again successful on Saturday, and that in the face of great disadvantages, including a partial referee. I don' for a moment say the result was a surprise to the visitors, for the success with which the Barryites have been attended this season has given some of them the Impression that they can not be beaten. Acting upon this idea they enter into a match with the satisfied air of people who feel themselves superior, and it is very rarely they are disappointed. So mUlolh for a good opinion of oneself. The referee was not a referee. He was utterly unfit for the post, and brought nothing but discredit upon those whom he represented, and wished to be victorious. The visitors acted in a most becoming manner in not allowing any squabbling on the field, which would certainly be the case with many teams if they had to put up with the unfair decisions of such a reree. As it was, the Barryites pulled through beauti- fully, and came off with decidedly honourable success, which their opponents would not be able to do even if the result were in their favour. The match was played at Cowbridge in splendid football weather, before a large crowd of spectators. Cowbridge winning the toss, Barry started operations against a strong breeze, the oval being returned by E. Davies to half-wav touch. After the line-out scrim- mage after scrimmage followed, through the homesters being rather fond of laying on the ball. T. Davies here secured and, after a bout of passing between the visitors' quartette, T. Jones made a desperate attempt to score, being brought to earth near the line. Soon afterwards J. Jones, eluding his opponent, got over the line, but not knowing this through the awkward shape of the ground, transferred to T. Saunders, who certainly scored but the referee, saying that he did not see it, ordered a scrimmage five yards out. Half-time was soon called, the score bt"ing-Barry, 3 minors; Cow- nil Re-starting operations, Fitzgerald and Warren following up, stopped the vmtors custodian from ro- turning One of the homesters, with a wild kick, lauded the oval in touch in goal. Dropping out, the visitors again warming to their work, compelled the homesters to act on the defensive., J. Davies playing a most magnificent game,again experienced hard lines in not adding to the score. S Hay ton kicking into touch near half-way relieved his i\nes for a shoru period. J. Davies from a scrum, showed his trickiness, and, after a splendid dodgy run. made op for the hard lines he experienced previously by g^mng a really good try, a goal resulting. Soon after ihe homesters re-starting, the opponents' for wards, with a combiner rush, carried the leather to the Cowbridge quarters. The game here was hotly contested but J. Davies .getting away from a scrum, gave to J. RecIO, the latter dropped what appeared to be a grand goal but the referee stated it was a poster, a minor heing the result. After the drop-out, Saunders and Jones, through good pass- irig, again took the leather to the old place, near the homesters's goal, where a stubborn defence was shown by Warren, Fitzgerald, and Williams, who brought down the visitors time after time, when withm an ace of scoring. Nothing noteworthy occurred afterwards, and the referee's whistle sounded no siue, leaving Barry winners bv 1 goal and 6 minors to Cowbridge 1 minor. Referee; Mr. S. D. Evans, Cowbridge. ST. HELEN JUNIORS v. I'EXASTH JUXIORS. The Penarth Juniors came down on Saturday to try conclusions with the St. Helen Juniors, and a very interesting game was played, witnessed by a fair num- ber of spectators, in real football weather. The teams vere very evenly matched, and showed up well in the scrums, but the visitors ought to have attended more to heeling out than they did and the half-backs would do well to improve their passing. Out of seven matches that the St. Helen's have played, they have only been beaten once. If they continue to be so suc- cessful throughout the season they will not have much reason to be dissatisfied with the state of things. For the homesters T. Hughes, R. Sheppard, A. Jenkins and T. Walsh played an excellent game at three-quarter, and at half Slocombe and his colleague did some smart work, and showed considerable im- provement in their passing tactics. It is always safer for a. half to pass to a three-quarter than to play a selfish game and be floored every time the half gets the ball into his hands. There was not much to complain of in this respect in Saturday's match yet there is room for a little improvement now. The forwards are showing up to good advantage, and on Saturday they played in very good form. The one fault about them was that they did not. lineup at all smartly, and, if they were playing with a better team this lackin" would have bean taken advantage of, and the result would be poor for the Saints. In the scrum, too they must not forget that it is in getting the ball ontthe most good can be done; but, on the whole, they played a. very good game, and the result of the match was a. good proof of their efficiency. The first half was of a very exciting nature, both teams playing a hard game, evidently -with the inten- tion of winning. The visitors besieged their opponents for a considerable time in their own 25, and, after a series of desultory scrums, the visitors forced the ball over the goal-line, and the homesters had to concede a minor. From the kick-out the ball was again returned to the Saint* 25, and before the call of lemon the visi- tors h"d Rcoted another minor, while the homesters had th^ir work out to defend themselves. In the „ li. if tlic Saints had the advantage of playing hSiiib «« »ind in .th.ir favour, ami; uicler down the visitors stood a very poor these circums^ gQOie#' But, nevertheless, they chance of gaining ai* -dmiriiblo manner, and for defended their ground in a* -.othing more than a longtime the homesters could get i. testers a minor. From a scrum Slocombe, for the ho. ». -passed to a three-quarter, who missed the pass, bu„, after some scrambling play, the ball was forced oyer the goal-line, and resulted in another minor for the Saints. Nothing more interesting occurred till Walsh picked up and passed to A. Jenkins, who after a smart, dodgy run, carried the ball over the goal-line but the kick at goal failed. From this point to the call of time nothing occurred worthy of mention; and the final score stood :-St. Helen's Juniors, 1 try, 2 minors; Penarth Juniors, 2 minora. CADOXTON DISTRICT 2XD V. CONWAY (CARDIFF). The Cadoxton District 2nd journeyed to Cardiff, minus six of their best men, to try conclusions with Conway, and were defeated to the tune of four tries to nil There is no doubt that if the full team had turned up the score would have been far different. For the visitors, J. Evans, J. A. Phillies played up well. The latter having had hard lines in not scoring two or three times. At half Tylor showed up well, and with a taore piftc-ice will prove a good man. The Awards Tot in it with the opposing pack. BARRY 2ND y, qATTIA): A matdI bfctwe&tt. fe'.Ty 2nd and the Cathaya E.cd- siors was played w .tie Buitrills Ground, Barry, Wore n. irond spectators. Bart}7 won tho teas, and OfttenBlfttte feoked off for tho Excelsiors. Fully half tJhp devoted to scrum and scrambles. No tooitft Ws scored on either side. During the second hal £ fcox for Barry, who played &. good game t-hrough- 'oa%. 'pvuited the bail from tho visitors' 25, and, with a rftsh. touched down, securing a try, which was con- by Clemence. Barry scored two minors before the call of time. Final score Barry, 1 goal and 2 minors Cathays Excelsiors, ml. Uv. J. Rees, Cardih, was referee. CADOXTOX JUNIORS V. ST. HELEN'S 2ND. The above teams met for the first thne this season on Saturday last on the Recreation Ground, Barry- road, and play resulted in favour of the Juniors by 1 goal, 1 try, 4 minors, to nil. The Junioia played a lood "ame. The passing of the three-quarters was splendid D. Griffiths, on tho wing, was the best man, and ought to have scored on more than one occasion Of the half-backs, Woodfield was the best, and played a very tricky game. The forwards oaght to oe a little smarter in following up the ball. The Saints were not in it ah all. The wonder is that they got off so cheaply. J. Radcliffe and B. Hartnell, at three-quarters, did very well, whilst the forwards did not seem to know the way to form a proper scrum. On Saturday Tondu paid a visit to Llantwit to play the home team. The match was stoutly fought out to the end, when the result was a draw. Forward the visitors were cleverer than the home men, but behinu the scrum the home men had the pick, but did not get many chances. Indeed a more uninteresting game has never been witnessed on the Llantwit ground, trie whistle being in frequent request, and scrum followed scrum with tiring monotony. A remark passed by an onlooker at the close of the game very aptly hits oil the play, 11 That referee is a fine player it was a grand game of whistling." On Saturday next the Cadoxton District will meet Penarth A on the former's ground. It ia expected that the visitors will be successful this time and such a result is heartily wished for. or I am afraid the Dis- trict will lose heart and give up match-playing till g they gain more experience in the game. However, let us see how they will conduct themselves on Saturday. For my own part, I wfshthem every success. ASSOCIATION. BARRY DISTRICT V. ROGERSTONIi. The following are the team selected to do battle for Barry :—Goal, H. Jones right full back, H. Ashton left full back, G. Williams; half-backs, right, G. Parry; centre, H. Roberts (capt.); left, T. Jones; forwards, outside right, John Woodfield inside right, J. McLintock centre, Jos. Woodfield inside left, W. Hood; outside left, S. Sheldon. Reserves, goal, J. King; backs, Sheldon and Doyle; forwards, Barrett and Goodyear referee, Dr. Livingstone. SOUTH WALES LEAGUE CUP COMPETITION.— BARRY DISTRICT V. TRELEWIS.—These teams met at Trelewis on Saturday last for the South Wales Challenge Cup competition, both teams were strong, and a good game was anticipated. Precisely at 3.30 Joe Woodfield set the ball in motion for the visitiors. The home back relieved by a long kick, and John Woodfield secured the ball, by a grand pass sending to Sheldon who put it through, three minutes from the start. On resuming play the ball travelled from end to end in quick time. McLintock gained possession, and passed to John Woodfield who, making a quick sprint up the field, was well met by the homesters who weie playing in fine style. Play at this stage became fast and exciting, both teaths playing with great vigour. Joe Woodfield getting the ball, passed to Hood, who in turn passed to Woodfield, who shot it through. Play now assumed a. rough character Sheldon being censured by the referee. T. Jones secured the ball, and with a long shot scored again for the visitors. When the whistle sounded half-time the score stood :—Barrry, 3 goals Trelewis, nil. On restarting Trelewis played with more vigour than dur- ing the first half, making things lively for the visitors' backs, and the home centre forward sent in a hot shot, which fairly beat the barry custodian. The visitors now began to wake up, and some pretty play between Sheldon, Joe Woodfield, and Hood brought the ball well up the field. Hood with a quick shot scoring goal No. 4 for the visitors. Both teams now tvarmed to their work, and John Woodfield secured possession, and made a splendid dribble nearly the length of the field, fairly beating the backs, but when near the goal fell owing to the bad state of the ground. Play was now in the hands of the visitors, who had matters pretty well their own way, and Parry, Roberts, Williams, and Ashton truckled in splendid form. John Woodfield and McLintock passed ex- ceedingly well, and scored goal No. 5 for the visitors. John Woodfield and Hood upset the goal-keeper, and John Woodfield, with a good shot scored a sixth goal. Sheldon scoring the seventh with some first-rate play. When the whistle sounded the play was on the home territory, and after an exciting game tho total stood Barry 7, Trelewis 1. The Barry team was composed as fottowa :—Coal, Jones backs, Ashton and Williams; half-backs, Parry, Roberts (capt.), and F. Jones forwards, Woodfield, Sheldon, McLintock, Woodfield, and Hood. The Barry District team (Association) journeyed to Trelewis on Saturday last, and, after a splendid game with the Trelewis team, came off victorious. The Trelewis team seemed much surprised at their defeat, as, this being the first year of the Barry club's existence, they anticipated an easy victory. Very pleased am I that the game turnod out such a credit to the Barry team, and I think I may, judging from their play on Saturday, predict that they will take and hold a high position amongst local teams. There is no doubt that the Barry team are a set of smart all-round players. Jones, for the half-backs, played a plucky game, and Williams (back) seemed a sure kick, whilst, of the forwards, Sheldon, Woodfield, and M'Lintock showed first-rate form and good pby. I must touch upon one thing, which, I am sure, the forwards will see the force of, and remedy—they require to play with more combination. Indepsndent play ofter brings disaster to tho whole side. CADOXTOX V. PENARTH "A." The following- will represent Cadoxton in the above tussle on Saturday on the Recreation Ground :—Back, Morse three-quartor back, W. Prothero, Jack Rvans, T. Williams, and D. Lewis; half-backs, T. Morgan (capt.) and C. Lane; forvrards, J. Tobin, W. Powell, R. Lewis, E. Howells, H. Ekers, W. Walters, J. Parry, and A. N. Other. BARRY 2ND V. CADOXTON 2ND. The following will compose the Cadoxton 2nd in the above match to bo played on the Buttrills :—Back, G. Ridlor three-quarter back, P. Ryan (capt.), J. A. Phillips, A. Jenkins, and A. N. Other; half-back, G. Taylor and Venning forwards, P. Trigg, T. Hopkins, S. Hussey, T. J. Evans, T.Morgan, W. Simpson, J. Elk, and J. Goodman. Barry 2nd: Back, G. Clemenco; three-quarter backs, W. Brown (captain), A. Dunn, H. Cox, F. Thomas half-backs, E. Ford, T. Griffiths forwards, C. Trathern, H. Roberts, S.Shires, T. Evans, T. Howells, E. Guest, G. Slocombe, G. Garrett; reserves, S. Williams, C. A. Thomas, W. Piper. Kick off at 3.30 p.m. BARRY V. TONDU. To be played at Tondu on Saturday. Team :—Back. G. Giggs three-quarter backs, A. J. Medcroft, J. Rees, J. Jones, T. Saunders: half-backs, J. Davies, T Davies; forwards, T. Williams, J. Williams, John Porter, Jas. Porter, A. Williams, D. Letter, S. Attwell, G. Williams reserves, D. Lewis, C. Trathern. Team to leave Barry by 11.55 a.m. train. FIXTURES FOR NEXT SATURDAY. On the groundlof the first-named olub. Cardiff, v. Llanolly. Cheltenham College v. Cardiff A." Penarth T. Newport. Newpoi"* A." T. Clifton. Swansea, t. Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital. Swansea A" T. Brecon. Neath v. Londotf Caledonians, Aberavon v. 'Quins'. Leeds v. Penygraig. Morriston T. Pontypridd. Tondu Y. Barry. St. David's v. Bridgend. Cardiil Stars v. LlanaafF.- Newport Harriera v. Cogaii, Cardiff Rangera Y. Granget#\vn Dinaa Powis. Ponartb 'Ouins.' Cadoxton Uiateict V. Penarth '< A." Barry -nd r.^C?,doxton District 2nd. I -Aik Llar^wit-Msppr Y. Cowbridge.



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