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INAUGURATION OF THE LLANTW IT-MAJOR AND DIS- TRICT LENDING LIBRARY. On Thursday, the 20th inst., the above library was opened, Mrs. Nicholls, The Ham, kindlyper- formingtthe ceremony. The Library is utw^offshooT of the Llantwit-Major and District Institute, which was established about "ix years ago through the energy of Mr. Winy/ood. That gentleman, wher lie first came to the town, seeing the need of providing some meetings, where the young men of the district could improve their talent for public speaking and to foster an inclination for reading and studying classical writers, established the Institute. The Parish officials kindly met the membersof the Institute by granting them a lease on a room under the Town Hall, which the committee at a cost of over C30 converted into a splendid room for their purposes, and fitted it out with tables and chairs, &:c. For eeverul sessions the Institute flourished, and several able papers were read by the late Dr. Redwood on Water." Mr. T. W. David, Cardiff, on the Land Question." Mr. Winwood on" The Waldenses." The Rev. E..Ten- kins, the Rev. D. Evans, and the Rev. O. D^vies and others readable papers on interesting subjects. Several interesting debates took place, and a marked improvement was observed in the speaking abilities of those who attended the meetings. Last session was not so well attended, but we are glad to think that efforts are .about being made to make the coming winter session more successful than any of the past. About six months ago we announced that Mr. Bevan. of Cow bridge (who now lives in Italy) acquainted the hon. sec. of the institute, Mr. Winwood, through Mr. John Thomas, Tite House. Bovertoii. tlilt he, wasdesirous of doing something further for the district before his death, and the result of negotiations was that Mr. Bevan placed £ 50 in the National Provincial Bank, Cowbridge, to be used at the discretion of the committee. The members determined to found a library. Other sums-the proceeds of a con-cert, &c.—have since been added, and the committee hope to materially increase the fund during the coming winter. We could not help sivitig a short rrxumc of the events that led up to the establish- ment of the Lending Library but, to return to the proceeds of the opening ceremony. The chair was taken by Mr. Illtyd B. Nicholl, the president, and among those present we noticed Mrs. Nicholl, The Ham; Miss Nicholl (daughter of the late Mr. William Nicholl) Mrs. Thomas, Boverton Place and Miss Patterson the Misses John, Ham Farm Miss Williams and Miss Fisher, the Schools: Miss Bucknell, Mrs. Standfort, Miss Rees. Mrs. and Miss Arnott, Tite House, Boverton Miss Valdetta Woodford. Dr. and Mrs. Simmonds, Mrs. Pastiea, Mr. Anderson, Rev. O. Davies, Mr. R. Thomas, Boverton Place; Mr. John Thomas, Tite House, Boverton Mr. William Andrews, Post-office; Mr. Win wood, Master Frank Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Dunstan, Board SchQols Mr. D. John, Mr. T. Thomas. Great House Farm, Lanmaes Mr. John Deere. Mr. T. Morgan, &c. The Chairman, in his opening remarks, referred to the interest shown by Mr. Bevan in every movement which was for the benefit of the dis- trict. Mr. Bevan, said the speaker, was largely instrumental in getting the new road made to Colhugh Beach, also in getting a good water supply for the shed; in furnishing the numerous seats along the sea shore in starting the lamps to light the town of Llantwit, the villages of Bover- ton. and Lanmaes; and. lastly, in furnishing the neucleus of a fund which enabled the Institute to start the library. Mr. Nicholl called upon Mrs. Nicholl to open the Library. Mrs. Nicholl, in her speech referred to the pleasure it gave her to perform such a pleasing duty,and said that she hoped that both young and old would avail themselves of the advantages of the splendid collection of books which was at their disposal,; and that the members of the Library would not only read the works of the authors with their eyes, but would strive to read them with their mind's eye. without which all reading would be worthless. Mrs. Nicholl then opened the book- cases, and the collection, which already numbers nearly 200 volumes, was viewed by the com- pany. The Rev. O. Davies, in a neat speech, proposed a vote of thanks to the lady members of the com- mittee for their services in covering the books and classifying the same.—Mr. Andrews, in seconding, said that he trusted that the efforts put forth to start the Library would be appreciated, and that our young men who hitherto were, for want of something better to do, spending their evenings in our streets would now avail themselves of the opportunity of making themselves conversant with the thoughts of the great thinkers of our country and other countries. Mr. Thomas, Tite House, proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Nicholl for her kindness in showing her sympathy wilh the movement by her presence, as, indeed, she did to every worthy object.-This was seconded by Mr. Dunstan, and enthusiastically carried. Mr. Thomas. Boverton Place, in proposing a vote of thanks to Mr. Winwood, said that although Mr. Bevan had provided the sinews of war, without the practical experience of the hon. sec., it was certain that the project would not have been started with such promising prospects. Mr. Andrews, in seconding, bore testimony to the untiring efforts of Mr. Winwood since he first started the Institute. The Chairman proposed that the thanks of the meeting be conveyed to Mr. Bevan with a wish that his life of usefulness may be long prolonged. The vote was ably seconded by Mr. Thomas, Tite House, and received with acclamation.—A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought a very pleasing meeting to a close. The committee have fixed the subscription at a figure which is within the reach of everyone, namely—two shillings per year.


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