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PENARTH POLICE COURT. .0- MONDAY.—Before Mr. J. S. Corbett (in the chair), Mr. J. Duncan. Mr. Howells, and Col. Guthrie. NON-ATTENDANCE.—Mrs. Buckland, Penarth, was summoned for not sending her boy regularly to school.—The Chairman said that if the case same before them again the boy would be send to the reformatory school at the parents' expense.— Fined 2s 6d. DBUNK AND DISORDERLY.—Joseph Daake, an Italian, was ifined 5s. for being drunk and fight- ing on the 21st inst.—Police-constable Evans pro- ved the case.—Daniel Burke and Catherine Burke were both charged with being drunk. Fined 5s. each.—Jeremiah Lynch was summoned for being irunk and using obscene language on the 19th inst. in Maughan-street. Psnarth.—Fined 5s. STEALING A RING.—A woman named fhosbe Roberts, Cadoxton. was charged with stealing a gold ring, value 30s.. the property of William Upperton, sailor. The evidence showed that about 11 p.m. on the 22nd inst., a police-constable saw prisoner in company with prosecutor. He said the girl had stolen his ring from his finger, and refused to return it. The prisoner gave the constable a brass ring, and said that was the one. The constable was called to quiet a disturb- ance, and when he returned prisoner had gone. He afterwards saw prosecutor in company with Mrs. Shell, prisoner's landlady, and acting from information given him he went to prisoner's house, 14, Hunter-street, and charged her with stealing prosecutor's ring. She had marks of blood on her arm, and said prosecutor had ill-used her. She admitted taking the ring, and said it was hidden in a heap of straw in the yard. Mrs. Shell found the ring the next morning, and took it to the police-station. The case was adjourned to the Barry Dock police court to be held on Thursday. STEALING SWEETS.—Mrs. Mary Venables and her daughter, Mary Jane, 9, Treharne-road, Cadox- ton, were charged with stealing and receiving a. 41b. bottle of chocolate lozenges belonging to Mrs. Mary Thomas, tobacconist and confectioner, Cadoxton.—Prosecutor stated that on the 21st. inst. Mary Jane Venables came into her shop between one and three o'clock in the afternoon for a box, and in the evening about seven o'clock she missed a 41b. bottle of sweets value 2s. 6d. She at once gave information to the police.-The con- stable who made the arrest stated that from in- formation given at the police-station he went to 9, Treharne-road. and charged Mary Jane Venables with stealing a bottle of lozenges value 2s. 6d. The girl denied having done anything of the kind, and her mother, Mrs. Mary Venables, said she knew nothing at all about the matter. There was a. large bottle on the window-sill containing onions, which resembled the bottle stolen. The woman refused to say where she had procured that par- ticular bottle, but said she had had it a long time. He took the girl in custody, and brought her to > prosecutor's place, where she admitted the offence and said the sweets were hidden upstairs in her father's room between the bed and the mattress.— The prisoner Mrs. Mary Venables said she did not know anything of the matter, and that her daughter had brought in the bottle without her knowledge. -After due deliberation, the Chairman said the girl would be dismissed upon her own recog- nizances to appear when called upon and that the charge of receiving stolen property against the mother would be adjourned to the Barry Dock Police Court. A DRUNKEN FREAK.—John Tobin, Penarth. was charged with stealing a duck, the property of Mr. Oliver Williams, farmer, Lavernock. It appears that on Sunday, the 23rd inst., prisoner was seen chasing a number of ducks on prosecu- tor's farm, and after chasing them for some time he killed one of them, and wrapped it up in a handkerchief. When charged with the offenoe, deiendant denied all knowledge of the matter.- Inspector Rutter proved the arrest.—In answer to the question whether he wished the case to go f 'r trial, he said he would prefer it being decided then.-Fined 30s. or ten days. DEFECTIVE SANITATION.—The adjourned case of the Penarth Local Board r. Mr. Roberts, builder, Penarth, was heard.—Mr. Maizey, inspector of nuisances, and Dr. Nell, medical officer to the Board, gave evidence for the prosecution, and Dr. Aitken for the defence.—Mr. T. H. Belchei de- fended.-After a lengthy hearing, the magistrates dismissed the case, subject to the matter being rectified to the satisfaction of the Board's Surveyor within a fortnight's time, or Mr. Roberts would be fined the full penalty.