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DRE J. COLLIS BROWNE'S !«f«|!CHLORMYNE THE GREAT *ins medicine than ColH^Browne's, ft CHOLERA. public, as we are oFopinion that the C^^S, 1 tklARRHCEA.DYSElJTJiK.. j}row~ne'sisadeliberatebreachoffaitli i /HOLDS, JL GENE IIA L B O A K.D o. J:1 A1 j on the part of the chemist to prescriber (I A STHTHA London, Ki-PU-L.r that it ACTb as a ttndpatient alike.—We are, Sir, faith- A -^TXAtt n^r-rrrrr a CHARM,one dose generally sufiinient. f uUy yours, SYMES & CO., Members of U^~ liftSOJCHrilS. Dr. GIBBON, ArmyM«aicw Stall. ■C.J- t;le Pr,arm. Society of Great Britain, Ilis JO Excellency the Viceroy'* Ctuwists. DE J. COLLIS BROWNE'S riYMES Co Pim^euuciljl^B. J. COLLIS BSOWKF3 C ;iLOivOi)\NE. 13.. > >- C. Chemists, Simla. Jan. 5,1880. K 1* CHLOaODYNE IS the IB JE BROWNE ;iate Arn>v j.eciical btBti; f0 J T. DAVEKPOET, London. PALLIATIVE m DISCOVEaED alljillEJJl to denote CEAp Sii;,—We congratulate you npon:~]^TEURALGIA. GOUT, CAKCEF,, ■which hj coined the word -JIE widespread'; rei^utation this j ustVy- TOOTKACHK, KHEUMATISM. DYNE. Dr. Browne IS the feOLc, IN- esteemed medicine has earned ror| „„x T TC. Y1-NTOll, end. as tae composition of itself all over the Kast. As a remedy; g §Epf/T M°ODYXE?S^. houid rnf- <Jhlorocy!te cannot possiDly by disco- of Ken,,rai utility, we much question A- ljy\TN" o* vere.lby Ana:ysisvoivanicsubs;.ant-o< whether a better is imported, and we di^ne^v hfJi ia^sua^s r°t dtefj'ingelutusitttionKaiidsincj!;tteto.- ghaU be „iad t0 hear 0f its linaiiicr a £ V-?;K* KIND. Rhord a taim, r muiah:isueyerbeenpuD,ishe.. ;,isevi-| piacoi,ieveryAnslo-Indianhome. The the ner- dent that, any stiiternent to the efl«:ctj *ther bran<is. wn ar,. happy to say, are V-w,xhautud tnas a compoiiac » u.e!inc»l wita Di., I10w related to the native bazaars,> o ^?_S> 85L,.n_? nenexhausnn. l;roTi-:ic'« OVil-'rou.nie m»st vc wi*e. ana iudiring'lroin their r=aie, we fancy; "Epvp,. j. COLLIS BROWNE'S Ca'timi: luviessarr, as^njany their sojourn there will be but evanes-j CHLOKODYNE rapidly cuts -prjr-'>:i« <- p:r. t:iii;sers Dj lalsei cenT Wee mid mnl:ir>)y instances mi, >uort all attacks of r-v,-<m-.io: »a^»i'V»ni of rhprsryi"l'>t^r^OPII,EPSY. SPASMS, COLIC. -.COLM5 BSOWNS'S! of DR. COj.pIS BEOWSZ » Si. PALPITATION, HYSTERIA. -O" 'Ln^l-Vfr^?\voOD 2IPORTANT CAUTION. The Y/V^H f-°V°rn\'¥$. SvoS» of l^ncy, ar.d al a; 3_DIMENSE SALE of this REMEDY rrv'TT'iSf Vnp! ire"]oral sodauve, that have occurred! Jims siven ri^to jnany IFl- ^TiiSourporsora!obscrrationd'rnig 1/>US IMITATIONS. Be oarefii! to -irtFre«-i ina-iv-rears. In Choleraic D.an-coea.i oojrrve xra'-e Mr.rk. Ox all G^enuhU, -.iPwhOies. .i>e«.nt^l re terrible fonnsi Is. lid.. 2s. 9d„ arid4s. €u. '"I to ^pgl^onlyS^T,I)AVaK^^ I! Mayberry Williams, 70, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD IS NOW SHOWING Tp YE|Y LITEST NOVELTIES TN MILLINER f, MANTLES, I j JACKETS, CLOAKS, ULSTERS, MACKINTOSHES, DRESS GOODS, FIJES, &c. ALSO Extraordinary Value in Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Y', u Flannels, Skirtings, Umbrellas, Gloves, &c. .0- NOTE THE A D D P, E, S: 134 "IT r" 79, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. STUDY YOUR HEALTH, BY DRINKING LEWIS'S WV 8 JLJtJLJi DANDELION COFFEE, It is a most Delicious Beverage. HEALTHY! REFRESHING and INVIGORATING -a. J, For persons snffeiing from Weak Digestion. Bilious and tiper Complaints, ImpurS z;1 Blood, Hvsleria, &C., it is the best Beverage, and should be Used by everyone. in preference to Tea, Cocoa, or Ordinary Coffee. IT IS NOT A MEDICINE! BUT A DELICIOUS ARTICLE OF DIET. Patronised and recommended by the faculty. Sold by all Grocers in Tins, 6(1., Is., Is. 6d., and 2s. each. Be sure to ask for LEWIS'S, and do not take any other. R SOLE PROPRIETORS AND MANUFACTURERS— [37 JAKES LEWIS & CO., Ld., CARDIFF.





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